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Udaan - 11th August 2017 Written Update

This is a discussion on Udaan - 11th August 2017 Written Update within the Udaan forums, part of the Colors category; Udaan 11th August 2017 Written Update, Udaan 11th August 2017 Written Episode, Udaan 11th August 2017 Written Update The Episode ...

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Ruby Udaan - 11th August 2017 Written Update

Udaan 11th August 2017 Written Update, Udaan 11th August 2017 Written Episode, Udaan 11th August 2017 Written Update
The Episode starts with Chakor seeing the goons coming and running inside the jungle. Vivaan makes Imli sit on the swing. He asks her to come. Chakor comes to the temple. A lady asks her is she married. Chakor recalls her marriage with Suraj. She prays to Lord. She thinks where is Suraj, he does not know about me. Imli and Vivaan pass by. She asks him to fill water in a pot and get for her, she has to do that ritual. He says fine, sit here, I will get it.

Chakor does aarti and prays. Imli goes. A lady stops Chakor and asks her to sit on swing. Suraj drives and looks for Chakor. She says Chakor does much mischief, she shouldn’t have done this, I will scold her. Chakor sits on swing. She looks round. Suraj says maybe its something else, did she go haveli. He calls haveli. Kasturi and Tejaswini do
puja and miss children. Tejaswini’s aarti plate falls down. She worries and says its big abshagun. Bhaiya ji answers call and asks what, Chakor is missing. They get shocked. Bhaiya ji says no, she did not come here.

Kasturi asks what’s the matter, is Chakor fine. He says Vivaan called and said Chakor is missing from camp, I will do something, don’t worry, Suraj and Vivaan are there. Kasturi says I will come. He says no, I will go. He goes. Kasturi prays for Chakor.

Chakor thinks goon went other way and leaves from temple. Goon stops and aims gun at her. He gets a call. Ladies tell about sangeet program. Goon hides gun. Chakor goes with the ladies. Goon attends call again and follows Chakor. Chakor asks ladies if they have phone. Lady says who gets phone in Teej puja. Chakor thinks how to contact Vivaan and Suraj, did Bhaiya ji send these goons. Goon follows her.

Suraj stops the car and gets down. He sees Bhaiya ji in the other car. Bhaiya ji asks did you find Chakor. Suraj holds his collar and says you have done this, tell me where is she. Bhaiya ji says she is my bahu, I m also worried for her. Suraj sees anklet and recalls her. He says I got this in camp, is she in danger, I won’t let anything happen to Chakor. He leaves. Bhaiya ji shouts Suraj. He smiles and says he doesn’t know Chakor has gone.

Suraj says you can’t go away, I will find you. Chakor hides face and walks on the road. Goon looks at her and aims. Chakor sees Vivaan and smiles. She shouts Vivaan. Vivaan sees her. Chakor gets shot. Vivaan drops the pot and shouts Chakor. Goon sees him and runs away. Vivaan asks him to stop. Vivaan runs to Chakor. She holds her bleeding hand. Vivaan asks are you fine. He ties a kerchief to her hand. He asks what’s happening, who were they. I will take you to hospital. She says no, I m fine, this man was not alone, there were others with him, don’t know why they want to kill me. He says Kamal Narayan. She says we have to find out if they want to kill just me or all four of us, we have to find out who is playing this game. He says yes, come with me.

Imli looks for Vivaan. She steps on a diya and falls down over her stomach. Ladies help her out. Imli shouts Vivaan. She cries. The lady says you are close to delivery, you shouldn’t have come here, if anything happens to your baby. Imli says no, just call my husband Vivaan. The lady asks her to see doctor, he is nearby, we will send your husband there, you fell down and got stomach ache too. The ladies take her. Chakor says don’t know their car was here. Vivaan says where can they go. Goons come and laugh on them. Vivaan asks who has sent you. Goon asks what will you do knowing this, get ready to die. He aims gun. Vivaan holds the gun and kicks him. He beats the goons.

Goon attacks Chakor with a knife. Suraj comes and holds his hand. Chakor turns and smiles seeing Suraj. Suraj beats the goon. Suraj and Vivaan fight with them. Goons run away. Chakor hugs Suraj and says I knew you will come, don’t know why they wanted to kill me, who has sent them. Suraj sees the blood and asks what happened, how did this happen. Vivaan says they shot Chakor, he got saved, take care of her, take her to haveli, I will get Imli. Suraj worries.

Imli says I will just get checkup done by my doctor. Doctor insists to do her checkup for her baby’s welfare. Suraj says don’t know what would have happened today if I was not with you, I will not leave you alone, all dangers have to face me fast. Doctor asks lady how did she know baby is fine inside the womb. The lady asks doctor not to doubt on her. Suraj says I will not leave Bhaiya ji this time. .
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Old 08-11-2017

Thanks for the update

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