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Beintehaa - 3rd February 2014 Written Update

This is a discussion on Beintehaa - 3rd February 2014 Written Update within the Beintehaa forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Beintehaa 3rd February 2014 Written Update, Beintehaan 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Beinteha 3rd February Written Update Aaliya is speaking ...

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Beintehaa 3rd February 2014 Written Update, Beintehaan 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Beinteha 3rd February Written Update
Aaliya is speaking to children. She says she has lots of stories about chudail, princess, etc., and asks them to be her friend if they want to listen stories. They ask her to tell them a story daily and become friends with Aaliya. Zain comes and sees her talking smilingly to children and says she made a drama downstairs and is happy now. Children says they will call her chachi. Zain comes and asks them not to call chachi as it does not look cool. AAliya asks them to call her friend. Children asks her to tell story now. Zain interrupts them and asks them to go now as Aaliya is going out. They go. Aaliya asks Zain to go out as she wants to change hr clothes. Zain says he is not going to orphanage and tries to go in. Aaliya holds his hands and asks why is he not going. Zain says a false relationship does not give true happiness and can’t be shared with anyone. She says if that lie is someone’s life’s truth? Zain is it is at least not his life’s truth and asks her to go and celebrate. He goes in then.

Surayya says Nafisa/Shaziya that after all the incident, I am happy that Zain is not going to orphanage. Usman gets ready and comes. He asks for Aaliya. Just then Aaliya comes. He gets happy seeing her. Surayya and Nafisa give evil smile.

Usman asks Aaliya about Zain. Aaliya says she doesn’t think he wants to come. Just then Zain comes. The whole family goes to orphanage and see reporters waiting for them. Usman asks Fahad who called them, He says they just come without invitation. Fahad speaks to reporters and says it is their family matter and does not want the report to be published and asks them to respect their sentiments. Surayya says Zain why he came if he didn’t want to come there. He says he always liked coming here and now he does not want Aaliya to get all the limelight alone. Usman is shown mingling with orphan children and share a light momenet. Everyone laugh. Usman asks Shaziya to call her father and check when is food coming. Just then her father comes. Usman’s family serves food to orphan children happily. Aaliya is serving food roti to child, but Zain comes and puts rice on the roti. Zain gets angry and goes from their. One child gets pebble in food and informs Aaliya. She eats the food and asks children not to eat it and goes to inform Usman. Nafisa comes and asks her where is she going and why is she not serving food. Aaliya informs Nafisa about the pebbles in food. Nafisa urges Aaliya to go and inform Usman. She agrees and goes to inform Usman.

Surraya comes and asks Nafisa what was she talking to AAliya. Nafisa says about the pebbles in food and gives an evil smile. Aaliya goes and informs Usman about it. Usman asks Chakkiwala why didn’t he take precautions in preparing food. Chakkiwala says he knows how important are th orphanage children and today’s occasion to him and says Aaliya must have mistaken. Surayya asks Usman to check the food himself. Usman checks the food and does not find any pebbles in it. He asks Aaliya to check it again. She checks and does not find pebbles in it. She says Usman that there were pebbles in earlier food, the child informed her and even she checked.

Shaziya gets angry and starts shouting at Aaliya to doubt her abbu, Mr. Chakkiwala. Chakkiwala asks Shaziya to calm down. He says Usman that he didn’t get any complaint in his career till now. Surayya asks sorry to him on Aaliya’s behalf. Even Usman asks sorry to Chakkiwala. Chakkiwala says it is ok. Usman says he will go and sit with children and goes. Everybody disperse. Chakkila starts drama and says he was not insulted like this till now. Surayya asks him to stop the drama and says she knows there were pebbles in that food and he would have been caught if she would not have changed the food. Chakkiwala asks Surayya to forgive him and says he won’t do any mistake from hereon. Shaziya asks her to forgive her abbu. Surayya forgives him.

Zain scolds Aaliya that because of her, his parents had to ask sorry and his sister-in-law cried. He asks him not to tell lie again and goes. Aaliya feels very bad.

Precap: Surayya calls Shabana. Shabana asks Surayya if there are valima celebrations happening there. Surayya says it is mumbai and they have to celebrate according to their status. Though Zain was not happy about the valima, Usman had to keep the function. Zain speaks angrily to Rizwan seeing his and Aaliya’s pic together in newspaper. He says lots of phone calls came to congratulate him, he wished he would have told them the truth. This nikah has become an embarrassment to him.
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