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Beintehaa - 30th December 2013 Written Update

This is a discussion on Beintehaa - 30th December 2013 Written Update within the Beintehaa forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Beintehaa 30th December 2013 Written Update, Beintehaa 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Beinteha 30th December Written Update The episode starts ...

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Ruby Beintehaa - 30th December 2013 Written Update

Beintehaa 30th December 2013 Written Update, Beintehaa 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Beinteha 30th December Written Update
The episode starts with phone ringing and a boy was sleeping but he thought that alarm clock was ringing. He sleepingly said that whose call is this in early morning. He picks up the phone and suddenly said Shaadi... no no no.. he is just coming...
Another place, the girl was shown on the terrace, picked up her dupatta, and ran away with a bag with slow steps making beautiful sound of her payal. Someone was talking on phone that boy;s side will come to see Aliya.

Beintaihaa song played in the back ground.. Aliya was on a cycle and Zain was running. Both were at different places..

In mumbai...
Doctor was checking Usman, and told him that his BP is normal and he replied that he told the doc before that he is all ok. A lady(seems to be his wife) came and told doctor that he was not well some days before... Doctors suggest that he should not do so much work but Usmaan told him that its new year so there will be work. Phone rang and the lady picked up the phone. Other side, a lady informed her that there will boy's side in the evening to see Aliya but the she cuts the calls. Usman asked if it was Shabana but she replied cleverly that may be signal was week so connection got disconnected.. usmaan got something weird but he asked her to tell Fahad to get ready soon.
Fahad comes to his wife who was sleeping and said he loves her and she too replied the same. But their kids entered and started doing mischeif for not getting school if their mom will not dress them. A lady named chand entered and said that theses kids are very naughty and took both the little girls named sana and Aru.
OMG fahad entered in another room and said to another lady that he loves her so much. the Lady told him that there is a good news and told him that there is an appointment with the doctor at 12 noon. He got scared as he told the first lady that he will come with her to the designer at 12 noon. They started fighting. and their sound was so loud that usman could hear it while having breakfast. He said to his wife that this is the resut when kids dont listen to their elders. His wife tries to conviced him by saying that both the girls are mature enough and knows that he is their husband.

Usmaan was told by his sister about Aliya that gus side will be coming and she asked him to pray that everything will go well.

Then Usmaan gets a vedio msg from some faculty of Zain, Mr. Watson.

A giel and a girl near lake was ready to get married. Preist ask whether there is a problem? The guy said no, Then zain said i have a problem. he was on a helicopter. he jumps. He says that the one you are getting married is my love. He said to the guy that we have so many plans and he too have there pyar ki nishaani...

Then his phone rang and it was his dad. Usmaan ask him where is he. Zain answered a lie that he is in the college. Usman asked him to come on skype but he denied. it was shown that Mr. watson was also saying that Zain never seen in the college. Zain said that he topped in the college, wheras Mr. Watson said that he failed in examination. Usaam asked him to come to India as he is missing him s much.

Dad gets a package which have Quran stand..(sorry i didnt get it fully). there was a letter form Aliya..
Aliya was shown in a Majaar with covered face and making dua. She said that her mom said that her life is going to change. Zain is shown in a party. Episode ends with both shown on the screen..

Precap : She said she would like a smart and intelligent guy, he sees her on a bus and come face to face in the college.
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Old 12-30-2013

Thanks for the update dear

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