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Mahabharat - 12th February 2014 Written Update

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video Mahabharat - 12th February 2014 Written Update

Mahabharat 12th February 2014 Written Update, Mahabharat 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 12th February Written Update
Episode begins with Drupad, Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumn returning to Kampilya. Drupad calls off the wedding arrangements and tells Dhrishtadyumn to inform the servants of this. Draupadi sees the wedding mandap and remembers Arjun.
Shikhandini arrives and Drupad tells her what has happened. Shikhandini consoles Draupadi, and Draupadi tells her that the brahmin was Rajkumar Arjun. She explains that the Pandavas are in hiding and requests Shikhandini not to tell Drupad.
Shikhandini says that after what they did we shouldn’t bother thinking about them, and leads Draupadi to the palace.

Next we see the Pandavas listening to Vyas’s advice. Vyas asks Yudhishtir who will rule Hastinapur if you take sanyaas. Kunti says they have no ambition for the throne as they have given up their rights. Vyas asks Kunti whether they had thought about the citizens of Hastinpur when making this decision. He asks her if she realises that if Duryodhan is made King, how many generations to come would be ruled over by adharma.
Vyas explains that to make decisions from the heart and to love from the mind, is the first step on the path of adharma. Kunti decides to stop hiding and says they must return to Hastinapur.
Vyas agrees to this, but says that if Yudhishtir or Bhima take sanyaas then Duryodhan will definitely be made the next King. He explains that since Arjun is younger he would have no right to the throne. Vyas adds that if the 4 younger brothers take sanyaas, then who will protect Yudhishtir?
Sahadev interrupts Vyas, asking if it is correct to be debating on politics at this present time. Arjun asks why they are weighing the decision of marriage on political scales, especially when Draupadi is facing such a dilemma.
Vyas explains that politics is as important as dharma when it comes to making difficult decisions, as it would not be proper to think only about one’s self and forget about society. Arjun agrees with Vyas but says that his heart does not agree when he thinks of Rajkumari Draupadi.
He voices how terrible it would be to be the wife of 5 husbands, and how would they be able to give such a life to a woman? Vyas agrees that Draupadi’s life would be difficult, but he tells the Pandavas they would have to make their life into a tapasya as well.

The scene continues (going round the houses a little)…Bhim asks how he can think of his younger brother’s wife as his wife? He asks how he can think of his elder brother’s wife, who should be like a mother, as his wife?
Vyas explains with an example of a murti surrounded by 3 kalishes, belonging to them all, and none at the same time. Vyas asks the Pandavas what they plan to do now, and Yudhishtir says they must go to Kampilya. Vyas blesses them saying that this is how dharma will be established.

In Kampilya, Drupad is standing at the balcony of the palace. He spots the Pandavas and Kunti walking towards the palace and he shouts for Dhrishtadyumn. Drupad tells him that those 5 brahmins who dared insult Panchal’s Rajkumari are heading this way.
They organise the army and tells the soldiers that there is no sin in killing adharmi brahmins. Drupad fires arrows at the Pandavas feet to warn them not to come any closer.
Drupad asks how they have dared to step foot in Kampilya.
Drupad aims another arrow at them, but Krishna arrives and stops him. Krishna explains that the brahmin who won the swayamvar is Arjun and that they are Pandu’s sons the Pandavas.

Precap: Krishna promises Draupadi that whenever she will need help in life, her friend Vasudev Krishna will be there.
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