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Jodha Akbar - 8th August 2013 Written Update

This is a discussion on Jodha Akbar - 8th August 2013 Written Update within the Jodha Akbar forums, part of the Zee TV Archive category; Jodha Akbar - 8th August 2013 Written Update Jodha Akbar - 8th August 2013 Written Episode Video Update here: Click ...

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Question Jodha Akbar - 8th August 2013 Written Update

Jodha Akbar - 8th August 2013 Written Update
Jodha Akbar - 8th August 2013 Written Episode
Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

The episode starts with Jodha -jalal walking down the path, where Jodha throws the rice behind her back, bidaai ceremony going on, Jodha asks for her mitti and puts on her forehead. Jalal smirks. Menavati hands over Kanhaji to Jodha. jalal asks for the permission to take Maan Singh so that he can protect Jodha and also become one of the greatest soldier of the times to come. Bharmal asks if BDas can also accompany MS.MA and AK exchange disapproving looks. Jalal agrees and hence BDas also tags along. Jodha hugs everyone(sisters, brothers, mom, dad, Dadi) and recalls her sweet moments with each one of them. Another beautiful piece of song played in BG. All of them in tears, finally Jodha sits in the Doli and the Doli is carried by all the bros including Sujamal who is in disguise. Jodha holds hand of Menavati and finally she leaves Saambhar. It would take 3 days to reach Agra hence Mughals along with Jodha camped for the night.

Someone comes and asks for the permission from jalal to celebrate the occassion of wedding, when Jalal says that he has heard that Jodha sings very well , hence ets call her and all of us hear her singing.

At Mewar, political unrest was happening and Pratap was thinking of letting down Mughals, Sujamal is brought to the court as traitor, Pratap talks ill of Sujamal, belittles him and asks Sujamal to leave the place. Pratap shows Sujamal some sense and He is very ashamed of himself.

Jalal is waiting for Jodha, courtiers talk among themselves as to how Jodha is keeing him wait. MA comes and tells that Jodha has REFUSED to come. Jalal is furious to know that Jodha has asked for a separate camp. He goes there, removes the curtains, Jodha is sleeping and Jalal just keeps on looking at her and then approaches Jodha when Jodha in a deft way puts a dagger which he takes and throws it. He asks her what happened to the hoolow vachans she took during wedding. Jodha says that he is forgetting his duties of husband, he is supposed to protect her honour before his rights, not to treat her like daasi in bhari sabha. Jalal is a little surprised and happy. He gets up , rubs mitti on his wound and then tells her that next time u wont have to use dagger to protect as he is there to protect her, but to protect from Jalal, no one is going to help her. Jalal also says that he wants to see the fear in her eyes in anticipation of his next move. Jodha is shocked, scared and surprised.(Not to be MISSED scene )

Jalal comes out of the camp smiling, Sharif wonders why dint Jalal react when Jodha hurt him.

Menavati and Dadi are missing Jodha as they are in Jodha's room, Menavati is very scared to think about Jodha's condition amongst Mughals. Dadi says that the 2nd murti of Kanhaji has been brought and Menavati asks how will we get 2nd Jodha.

Jodha does Kanhaji's bhajan(lovely bhajan, some one please download all songs of this show, they are fab) whie Jalal offers namaz and then hears her bhajan.He comes to the place where she is doing puja , looks at his hand when someone comes and informs that breakfast has been laid. Jodha comes and is asked by MA to sit besides Jalal, Jalal goes on looking at her intenly and then helps him with the chicken leg piece but is unable to lift it. Moti tells Jodha to help him, jodha takes the piece and jalal holds her hand and eats , all the time watching her. She then washes his hand. Sharif and MA also eat their food. Jalal comes out , waits for Jodha to also come, and then removes the bandage, holds the sword, wields it, smirks and leaves. Moti tells Jodha that he faked his hurt so that she can help him eat food.

Some common men are thinking how Jalal has married Hindu princess. Hameeda is very pleased and she recalls how Jalal was born in a hindu house. Ruks also gets the same information and gloats about her being the mallika and she knows Jalal through and through, Jodha is just another toy. Someone comes and informs that Jalal is on his way, all ladies rush to welcome him, while Ruks says he will first come to her room as always.

At Agra, Jodha-jalal come and greet Jalal's mother,Jodha touches her feet, Jalal is surprised. Hameeda praises her and introduces her to Bakshi Bano who does Doodh dhuliya rasam. The Hindu ladies sings song in praise of Jodha's arrival as a bride. Jodha is overwhelmed and gets emotional and looks at Hameeda. Hameeda asks MA to make special arrangements for Jodha when Hameeda cuts her short and tells she will introduce the palace to Jodha herself. MA is reminded of the curse by Hindu lady. Hameeda takes her to harem and a small talk happens and tells about all the ladies of the harem. hameeda asks why is she not happy with marriage. Jodha tells Jalal doesnt have a heart and is cruel. Hameeda tells her that she has only seen what jalal lacks, not what he possess and hopefully after her arrival, he will get his lost heart.

There is a small fight between ladies and Jodha gets to know that Ruks is the BOSS of the harem.

Precap--Jodha singing a song in valour of Rajputs, all are surprised, Jalal furious and comes in front of her asks her to STOP.
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