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Saraswatichandra - 8th May 2013 Written Update

This is a discussion on Saraswatichandra - 8th May 2013 Written Update within the Saraswatichandra forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Saraswatichandra - 8th May 2013 Written Update Saraswatichandra - 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update Video Update here: Click Here ...

Old 05-08-2013
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Bell Saraswatichandra - 8th May 2013 Written Update

Saraswatichandra - 8th May 2013 Written Update
Saraswatichandra - 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update
Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Dugba advises Kumud to listen to her heart * A advise which Saras direly needs *, Kumud's Man is faster, before she can even ask, Man replies that The answer is in AFFIRMATIVE !!! and that her heart as already accepted him.. Kumud is having a dialogue with her Mirror Image and both are excitedly talking about their favourite person ..Meethi ka Ladoo Alias Saras ..Kumud is trying ways of proposing to Saras and trying to demand an answer from the puzzle he has thrown ...

Hallways :

Kumari is clutching the diary and is making a beeline to the phone to call up her beau , Kumari calls him up and informs him about the latest find which may help them in their search, Just then , Dugba comes in, Kumari pretends that the phone is from her friend Hetaal and signs away..

Dugba is faintly suspicious at the lame excuse given by Kumari and tries to warn her indirectly against hiding things from Parent..Kumari is not the one to step away, she retorts saying that she has not forgotten the lesson but she also expects the parents to provide the answers to the questions raised by their children..


Kumud is having a sleepless night and is rolling to n fro wondering about his reply.. Unable to sleep any longer, Kumud takes the lantern and goes up to Saras's room...to see him stirring restlessly in his sleep ..Kumud pauses by the doorstep.. moves in softly , places a low stool by his side, fans him with the hand held fan while her eyes drinks him in ...

Saras awakens and is surprised to see Kumud in the room , ..A look of surprise, immediate raising and a questioning look in his eyes whilst asking the reason for her presence ..Kumud , uncharacteristically begins to stammer about the event that had happened a while back but shyness overcomes and she hurries out of the room only to be stopped by the voice of Saras who calls out to her..Kumud stops ...Saras softly asks her what she wanted to know.. Kumud stumbles through what Saras had said earlier, after a pause ... she moves a pace towards him and asks him what does he see in the eyes ... A smile and a pregnant pause later.. Saras, in a charged voice, leans forward towards her whispers,"LOVE" ...Saras poses the same question to Kumud and she too gives the same answer * Xerox copy , Huh* .. Saras tantalizingly retorts, "Maybe" Kumud immediately responds .. "Not Maybe, I really do love you"... A happy smile lights up Saras's face, as if the dark clouds have been dispelled by her words ..He hugs her , Kumud's hands raises of its own volition and circles him too...both stay in the embrace , lost in each other ... when reason comes asserting .. Kumud takes a step back shyly..

All this has been watched in malignant silence by Guman , resolving to bring this alliance to an end soon..

Kumud heads back to her room, pulls out the portrait and keeps it by her aside ..slipping into dreamless sleep..


Dugba is standing lost in thoughts, Guniyal comes , notices the distracted air of Dugba , probes Dugba about her indecisive air..Dugba unburdens herself about Kumari and her past..Guniyal is talking about Dugba's hubby and what a bad news he was and how he was like a curse to the house of Desai's..when Guman adds her own unwanted cent ..

Guman tries to insult Dugba, Dugba is not the one to take it lying down and gives it back to Guman... Guman tries to intimidate Dugba by bringing up the past and connecting it with the present , snidely remarking that Dugba should not attempt to force and subvert Saras's rejection to Acceptance .. Dugba steps closer to Guman, thunders out that a Mom would never try to get her Son to suppress his inner feelings like Guman did and warns her not to meddle in their affairs else she will throw Guman out from the house notwithstanding the friendship of VC and LV ... So saying Dugba walks away ..

Guman murmurs to herself saying that she has her husband's house to turn to, were she to be thrown out whereas Dugba does not appear to have a home of her own... Guman seeks to get to the bottom of the matter.

Dugba goes into Kumud's room to awaken her and is surprised to see the portrait of Saras on Kumud's side , A smile of happiness wreathes her face.


All the members are assembled in the Hall, Guman demands to know where was Kumud at Night ? Kumud does not know how to reply , looks at Saras for cue ...
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Old 05-09-2013

Thanks for the written update

8th, saraswatichandra, update, written

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