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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 23rd January 2013 Written Update

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Star Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 - 23rd January 2013 Written Update
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 23rd January Episode Written Update
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Nanhi outside the office building, Mohan arrives on the other side of the road. Both walking and miss running into each other. Nanhi gets on her scooty and Mohan walks towards Awaz times office. A guy is shown riding a bike carrying a box with TV, he comes and collides into Nanhi. They both fall. They both get up. Nanhi shouts at him and scolds him. Mohan watching all this. The guy lefts the cover of his helmet and both try to stare each other down. Nanhi calls him lafanga and deaf. There is a crunching noise and the guy realises his TV is broken. Mohan is amused and he turns to leave. While walking towards the office he picks up Nanhi's bike and keeps it correctly. Just as Nanhi turns Mohan walks away. Nanhi thanks him but Mohan just waves his hand while walking.

The guy is talking to someone (Dada) and telling him that his TV is broken. Dada is apparently a politician. Dada scolds the guy for being careless. Dada says if the TV is not delivered then no will put up my posters and you won't become youth leader. Dada asks the dude to go back. The guy keeps mumbling.

Anu talking to Mohan asking him what has he got against Indore. Mohan says he wants her help. He talks to her about the lost boy and says there is something behind it. He says I want to find out the truth behind it. Anu says what is so special about. Mohan says this might give an answer to a big question in my life. Anu looks at the newspaper clipping and says my reporter took an interview today. Mohan remembers watching Nanhi. Anu shows the interview of the father and while watching Mohan says this man looks nervous, his smile is fake. Mohan says he is lying and he is hiding something. Mohan leaves.

Mohan in a taxi has a FB of the interview with Raghu and his father. The taxi stops and Mohan asks the driver what happened? The driver says this is a short cut can we go from Juna Mohalla? Mohan looks at the street and lost in FB( shayari going on the background) Mohan looks out and he sees a young Megha buying vegetables and Mohan comes and holds her and teases her. Mohan realizes he is imagining all this but still looks lost. He asks the driver to reverse the car. Just as the care reverses Megha's comes out and she senses Mohan's presence. She turns to look but there is no one.

Tanu is looking at a girl (Priya?) with a smile on his face (Chalao na naino se baan re playing in BG). Tanu calls her and tells her that he is Tanu from sting operation. The girl calls him Papa and asks him why he called her? Tanu says I wanted to meet you as I am worried for you. The girls says even I am worried about myself as someone is following me these days. Tanu says who and the girl taps him from behind. She questions him and Tanu says he just wanted to meet her on a date(implies)

Mohan goes to the mohalla where Raghu(the lost and found kid) lives. He finds the kids house locked. Mohan asks someone why there is a lock in Janardhan's house(Raghu's father) and when will they return? The man says they will not return as they have gone after selling everything and won't come back. Mohan asks why did they leave? The man says he doesn't know. The man says they did not even pay me and Mohan says they must have forgotten. Mohan pays the man. Mohan thinks to himself that my doubt is correct that man was hiding something. He thinks that he needs to find out the truth as it may lead him to his Addu

Precap: Nanhi in tears recounting how the boy's father did not rest till he found him. Nanhi says that man(Mohan) made a promise before he left but never came back. FB of Mohan's promise to Megha shown. Mohan talking to Rimjhim and Guru via internet. Rimjhim tells Mohan that when you are confused listen to your heart over her head. Mohan says then pack your things. Rimjhim asks him if they are going on a holiday and Mohan says yes to Indore. All this while Guru looks on worried.
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