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Jeannie Aur Juju - 9th August 2013 Written Update

This is a discussion on Jeannie Aur Juju - 9th August 2013 Written Update within the Jeannie Aur Juju forums, part of the Sab TV Archive category; Jeannie Aur Juju - 9th August 2013 Written Update Part 1 : Today’s episode starts with Juju asking Jeannie to ...

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Podcast Jeannie Aur Juju - 9th August 2013 Written Update

Jeannie Aur Juju - 9th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1 : Today’s episode starts with Juju asking Jeannie to take himself and Jhunjhun back home , Jeannie agrees and she takes them back home . Vela is loitering around Gia asking today’s date and day as he want to write it in his heart’s diary . Gia is annoyed and she says that whatever she said was due to someone’s magic , Vela is not budging and he is acting romantically silly with her . Gia finally does magic which makes Vela to romance with a chair and he even lifts it later and walks out from the cafeteria . Chatur babu is trying to check whether Rahul can see normally or not and Rahul replies that he can see him as well as his golgappa (Stomach) . Rahul also says that what ever strange things he did may be due to some influence . Chatur babu realizes that Juju was lying all the time and he says a plan to Rahul is fast forward . Jhunjhun is making Juju to run under the pretext of playing and she is vanishing from one place to another . Juju is desparetly tired and Jeannie comes there and she taunts Juju again and says that it is only 11 still which is not a time to sleep . Juju says her that she is forgetting that he is her Juju and he even apologize to her for that . Jeannie after some time agrees and she says that she will convince Jhunjhun , who was again not agreeing to go to sleep but after a stern look from Juju and Jeannie , she agrees and in the bottle Jhunjhun says that she cant sleep unless she feels sleepy , Jeannie takes it as a challenge and she does magic . Jhunjhun again is in mischief mode and she does magic and a feather tickles Jeannie’s nose which causes her to sneeze . Jeannie wakes up and she realizes that it is Jhunjhun’s work . She also does magic and Jhunjhun’s side light is on . Jhunjhun is now snoring too loud for Jeannie to sleep and she wears earphones and she fell a sound sleep and even Jhunjhun gives up and she also sleeps , The next morning Jeannie is confused about what she should make for Juju as breakfast , Juju comes there moaning for Jeannie . She again asks him tauntingly that Jhunjhun the innocent girl did something again ? Juju says that she made him to do skipping from 6 to 8 . The scene shifts to Chatur babu in the office trying to create suspicion about Juju and Jhunjhun in Priya’s mind by saying that he dint came to office today because of Jhunjhun , but he fails and Rahul comes there and he also talks his usual lines and he also tries to does the same thing like Chatur babu and Chatur babu leaves from there .

Part 2 : Juju is coming down the stairs and asks Jeannie to send him to office before Jhunjhun comes there . Jeannie is about to send him but before that Jhunjhun comes there and says to Juju that they will play School-School and she does magic and Juju is dressed in a school uniform with Jeannie and Gia laughing on him . Juju gets angry on Jhunjhun and she says that for back answering the “Teacher” and she brings a long stick and asks Juju to give his hand forward , first he refuses then due to her threatening of beating him on his legs , he gives his hand forward and she cans him very hard and Juju yells . The door bell rings , Jeannie and Gia disappear from there and Juju pleads Jhunjhun to vanish and even promises her to play School-School with her later . She agrees and she goes from there . Chatur babu is unusually behaving with Juju by shouting slogans “Long live Vicky Babu” Then he calls a man who is a agent whose work is to hand lost children to their parents with the surname Mathur with Priya coming behind him and Chatur babu says about Jhunjhun and Mr Mathur asks Juju to hand over Jhunjhun to him , Juju is not agreeing for that . Meanwhile Jeannie is irritated by Rahul as he is being a sidekick of Chatur babu now-a-days and she even says that she will turn him in to a mosquito , Gia is bewildered and asks her to keep calm .

Part 3 : Vela is coming there still carrying the chair and romancing with it , Juju asks him why he is romancing with a chair ? Chatur babu says to Mr Mathur that since these kind of people visit this house which is not a right place for Jhunjhun . Juju again refuses and says that he has found out her parents and he is going to “Make” them but later corrects it to “Bringing” . Later he reveals it to Chatur babu that he said “Make” only and he runs away from there with Jeannie and Gia watching him and the episode ends .

Precap : Juju , Jeannie and Gia are talking about food and Jeannie says that she will make Priya a chilli . Juju again says “Oh Hellooo” and surprisingly Jeannie blushes while looking at Juju and Juju wonders about it .

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