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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 5th July 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 5th July 2012 Written Update within the Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 5th July 2012 Written Update The episode starts with everyone going back in van. Pankhuri ...

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Light Bulb Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 5th July 2012 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 5th July 2012 Written Update

The episode starts with everyone going back in van. Pankhuri is telling Aditya about the different locations in the place and the Background Music is Kuch Baatein Ho Chuki Hain from Vivaah. Pushkar asks him If he can spend one more day here in Kullu, everyone supports Pushkar but Aditya said that he has an important site-visit tomorrow. He then turns and look at Pankhuri and says that He will try. They drop him at hotel and leaves the place. Aditya sees Pankhuri looking at him from window..Aditya smiles and waves her good-bye.

Avantika is standing in her room and remembering her fight with Preeti. PD comes there and ask if she is thinking about Preeti, but Avantika denies and says that there is some important site-visit so she is busy with that. Aditya calls her and is sharing his experience very excitedly but Avantika ignores it and ask him to come back soon. Aditya becomes sad and says Yes, Madam and ask if they can delay the meeting for one day. Avantika agrees and they cut the call.

At Pankhuri's place, everyone is discussing about Aditya as How they misunderstood him last time? Neha tease her saying that Pankhuri liked him then too. Pankhuri blushes and leaves with Neha running behind her. Neha keeps on teasing her saying that Aditya was just looking at her. Have they got married secretly. Pankhuri blushes and ask her to behave. Neha further adds that you have started liking her. Pankhuri smiles.

Govardhan says that we should ask Aditya about this now, as people will start talking. Diwakar wants to talk but Govardhan stops him saying that He will do it and will take Pushkar with him too.

Aditya is thinking about Avantika when Harish calls him. He asks him about Pankhuri. Harish feels like Aditya is confused and he asks him. Aditya replies that he don't want to give any wrong assumptions about his family to Pankhuri. So, they decided to ask if she can come to Mumbai. But then, Harish ask if Aditya likes her or not. Aditya says that he likes her.

Aditya saw Govardhan and Pushkar there and cuts the call. They ask him about the marriage proposal. Aditya replies if he can take Pankhuri with him to Mumbai. Pushkar thinks Aditya is joking, But Aditya says he really wants to as he has seen her in her environment. She needs to know his family too before taking any decision. Govardhan and Pushkar are shocked. Aditya ask him to confirm when will Pankhuri get ready? so that he can get their tickets.

Pankhuri is standing in balcony looking around and thinking about Aditya. Neha comes and ask her is she thinking the way Aditya will say yes...She enacts in front of them and Pankhuri laughs. Pankhuri says that he can say no too. At that time, Govardhan and Pushkar comes and Neha ask if she is not waiting for aditya's answer??

Govardhan and Pushkar walks in. Dadu ask them about Aditya's reply. Pushkar was trying to tell him. But Govardhan replies straight that Aditya wants to take Pankhuri with her to Mumbai.

Aditya is doing his packing, when he receives a call from PD. He calls him Nanaji and he is amused. PD ask him about Pankhuri. He was telling him about her, and also tells him that He will bring pankhuri with him, but PD is not able to listen as Preeti was trying to snatch his phone. Aditya thinks he knows about Pankhuri coming to Mumbai. Preeti ask him about Pankhuri and also add some points just to irritate Avantika. Avantika hears it too. Aditya feels sad.

PD take his phone back. He ask him to come back soon and then, they will discuss about everything. Aditya is thinking.

Precap: - Nanu ask Pankhuri about her decision.


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Old 07-06-2012

nice epi yesterday...
adi spoke with honesty that he too wants pankhuri to what his family is like...

but his mom is really a sad thing!!! ............how can she be so COLD n DRY!

its quite clear that ppl love harish ..... and maybe dont say it on her face, but probably consider her the main reason of separation.

5th, dard, hai, july, ka, pyaar, update, written

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