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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 17th December 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 17th December 2012 Written Update within the Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 17th December 2012 Written Update Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 17th December Episode Written Update ...

Old 12-17-2012
Transmit Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 17th December 2012 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 17th December 2012 Written Update
Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 17th December Episode Written Update
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jeep comes and stops the car of nana ji and avantika...
avantika and nanaji are shoked about there car stoped by goons and trying to capture them both... they try saving each other but there effort goes in vain... just then pankhuri comes and tries to save them and shouting and goons cant understand whats haopening as they didnt thought of pankhuri there and then one of them tries to stop pankhuri form interfaring and nanaji and avantika also trying to get away and in between one of the goons tries to hurt nana ji and avantika and pankhuri comes in between and she is injured badlyy and blood woozes out of her head...seeing this goons runs from there and nanaji and avantika rushes pankhuri to hospital immediately and on the way calls adi...

adi hears and is in shok and phones slips from his hands and he runs towrds his car in pain and worry and...there preeti get infrom about pankhuri and the attack and hairsh also gets information and they all paniks... harish rushes to hospital on time...

pankhuri family is worried about evrything happening and dadaji consoles his sons and gives them life teaching not to be worried and in past they have tackeled more big big issues so not to worry nwo as they will overcome this too in no time and have to keep on moving and have faith and believe in god

adi is in car and he is stuck in traffic jam and he tries to go by but long jam and he leaves his car and starts running towards the hospital... and there pankhuri in hosital bed and avantiak worried and crying...she sees harish and asks him will she be alright...and harish says see this is the girl you kept on hating and see what she has done for you and your papa...avantika is in tears and jsut then nanaji comes out with bandage in hsi hands and tired and worried about pankhuri...harish and nanaji are in little shoked also k why attack them..they dont have any enemies or have done anythign such ke goons need to attack them...harish says there sis soem thing else they missing out coz this is not some aweee attack..there is soem thign going on which they dont know and need to find outt...avantika says to harish about adi knwing and worries about hsi reaction...

preeti too is crying badly and rushes to the hospital and shanky askes her how is pankhuri ? and how was she injured...preeti says she only knows she is injured and is in bery critical position... as preeti is about to rush to hospital mami stops her and says she too wana join her and preeti says lets go and mami stops her saying she forgot to bring purse so give her mintue...preeti says be fast and mami rushes in her room and relexes and says whats the big deal evry thign was going right pankhuri wasnt suppose to reach in the spot of nanaji and avantika and goons would ahve done little bit of harm to nanaji and her sweet son would have save them and become hero and from where this stupid come from...but good she now cant go to court and no case...ther preeti shouting come soon...and inside mami thinks what went wrong sudenly and how...

rubel frnd is sititng and rubel came and shouts at them for creatign the situation so critical...his frnds tries to justify but rubel shouts ke what type of goons they hired and now he is nto involved in thsi situationa and his friends too has to remember this or else ...and his phone rings and its mami...

adi is still running and avantika nanaji and harish talking and just then nurse started shouting and dr. and nurse rushes inside room and stops nanaji and avantika from entering the room and advice them to stay out...they watch from outside ... pankhuri is rushed towards otti and adi is seen runing and runing and runing and runing and reached hospital finally while avantika and nanaji and hairsh walking along the streacther...avantika in tears and waching pankhuri all the time...and adi runign towards otti asking the way and accidently crushing ppl who are in his way to reach pankhuri...and as pankhuri is taken inside otti adi is seen reaching and shouting pankhuri and only her part of head and hairs is seen by adi ...

precap(coursey @ f.s.m) as i forgot what it was - adi in tempel..priest saying your wife is in grave danger ..and might die...so maha mrituyunjay shloka chant and god shiv will grant your wife the life (its a short line which has to be chanted inside one self without anyone hearing and if one do it will full concentration and with pure heart then the life for whome you are doing it is always granted back to the person via god shiv as he is the creator of this shloka and power was input in it for the grant of life by lord shiva)
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Old 12-18-2012

Thanks for the update
Old 12-18-2012

it was like adi was running in a marathon....

am waiting for the day everyone comes to know that it was rubel who has sent the goons.....
Old 12-18-2012

good that pankuri got into trouble atleast avanthika started caring for her
Old 12-18-2012

i cant bel AVANTHIKA... she s a cat on wall... now she may care later she may not... till i see her really caring for PANKU i ll not bel her....but i'm really glad that PANKU got into trouble... CV's TREND.. lets see if this TREND plays here.. i mean if ADI leave his anger...

agree with u MUKU... i felt like ADI was runnin MARATHON...

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