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Madhubala - 18th April 2013 Written Update

This is a discussion on Madhubala - 18th April 2013 Written Update within the Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Madhubala - 18th April 2013 Written Update Madhubala - 18th April Episode Written Update Video Update here: Click Here to ...

Old 04-18-2013
Light Bulb Madhubala - 18th April 2013 Written Update

Madhubala - 18th April 2013 Written Update
Madhubala - 18th April Episode Written Update
Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

Part 1

RK-Madhu are shocked to see Sultan

Madhu rushes out to check on Sultan ... he asks Madhu if she is ok n she looks at him..! RK watches the drama n fumes asks how dare he talk to his wife?

Sultan ignores him.. RK repeats the question..! Sultan says.. Paddo thinks RK forced her.. n RK says.. the names Madhus hubby ... !

Sultan asks him to reply ...only when asked n RK says..where he is there.. he asks n replies..!

Duo bicker on whether Madhu should answer..! RK grabs Madhus hand n Sultan says.. LEAVE her hand! RK says.. wont.then?

RK drags Madhu to the car n Sultan points the gun! RK smirks n Madhu is shocked! Sultan says.. RK is hurting Madhu .. so leave or he will shoot n RK says.. how filmy n Sultan says.. people putting make up on face n wearing kafan r different..all bullets in the gun are real!

RK says.. he doesnt say Action just like that... RK asks Sultans full name n he says.. half is enouf! Madhu says.. ENOUF n asks Sultan to keep gun down..! She holds Sultans hand n makes him put the gun down..! RK fumes..!

Sultan asks Madhu to call him if she feels she is in danger.. RK grabs Madhus arm n puts her back in the car..! RK tells Sultan to not come between Rishbala ever again! RK says he will realise his mistake.. if someone came between his wife. .n him n Sultan says.. if she was my wife.. such moment wont come!

Trish is rehearsing lines when Dips arrives at the chawl Dips asks for Paddo n Trish says..she is out..! Dips gives Shagun thal .. n Trish is confused

Dips says Madhu has returned home.. so Shagun has to be given! Trish says. Madhu is on shoot Dips says. Liar Liar Tounge on Fire..! She says.. RK brought Madhu home n she is there only .. Madhu resisted for 12 mins n relented n went with RK in his ROOM n his LIFE!

Trish is shocked says Madhu hates RK n Dips says.. dil to hai dil ..dil ka aitbar kya keeje.. ho jae usse pyaar kya keeje..! She rubs it to Trish that Madhu lied to them..!

Trish shooes Dips off n Dips says that so much fire? Whole family is like burning Tandoor Trish says .. she doesnt wanna wash her hands else she did push Dips out.. so OUT! Trish tries Madhus cell ...! Paddo arrives ..Trish hides the Shagun thal..!

RK arrives .. he is fuming... Bittu notices ...! RK says Madhu wont do any hair/make up work.. till she wants..! RK storms inside the set! Bittu tries to explain the mess to Madhu n requests her not to leave his chief ever..!

Part 2

Bittu says .. RK cant live without Madhu ... he isnt a normal person to apologise.. his ways are weird

Bittu requests Madhu not to leave RK ... Madhu says.. she din leave .. RK .. he left her..

Bittu admits.. RK has many deficiencies.. but he knows how to love.. n he loves her like crazy ... he doesnt understand his own love.. he cant see anyone near Madhu .. RK loved Madhu n still loves Madhu!

Precap --- Madhu is trying Sultans number.. while in RKs vanity can..! She keeps the phone asie.. n notices.. RK glaring at her ..!

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Old 04-18-2013

Thanks for the written update
Old 04-19-2013

Loved when sultan told rk that had she been his wife then there wouldn't come a time for none to come between them...
Old 04-19-2013

i do want rishbala back together eventually but not by force. Madhu stood up in court and protested against women being ill treated by their husbands but she is allowing the same to happen to her. I cannot stomach this show nowadays. d only part i loved was sultan. he might be a gangster but he respects women as opposed to the superstar. Saw a post that padmini will disown madhu.... maybe this will make madhu realise that its not always about following your heart which can have consequences...

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