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Punar Vivah - 20th February 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Punar Vivah - 20th February 2012 Written Update within the Punar Vivah forums, part of the Zee TV Archive category; Punar Vivah - 20th February 2012 Written Update Finally here is the day we are all waiting for.. The show ...

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Heart Punar Vivah - 20th February 2012 Written Update

Punar Vivah - 20th February 2012 Written Update

Finally here is the day we are all waiting for.. The show started ...I will provide the update soon.. First day na ..no delays .. I will provide the detail update... before that u can enjoy the short one for now

Short update:
Aarthi is shown dancing in a marriage function ..can't wait for Guru's entry
Aarthi gives ice cream to all the kids including her son. A lady is shown who is very much impressed with Aarthi being so good and polite . Aarthi meets dulhan who is her friend and had a normal talk ..are yaar ..when will they show guru's entry
An old lady comes to shobha n talks about rishta for mohan(the same lady's son who is eyeing aarthi.i didnt know her name yet). Mohan's mother asks aarti to take shagun to which aarthi is confused. a small boy comes to aarthi calling Ma. mujhe tho lagtha hai ki no entry for guru today. the lady misbehaves with Aarthi and aarthi seems hurted and crying. Shobha(Aarthi's MIL) comes to Aarthi's rescue.shobha challenges the lady that she will get Aarthi married to a suitable person.

episode ends ...

Detailed Update :

Episode starts with showing lord shiva's murthi and then scene focuses to a wedding banner that shows 'Mansi weds Vijay'.A car stops at shukla's mansion where the wedding is taking place. A lady in red saree comes out of the car with her son mohan. She proceeds towards the entrance and greets the man who is standing at the entrance. she convey's her wishes to the man for the occasion of his daughter's marriage.she praises the decoration done for the wedding. Also she expresses her enthusiasm about the special arrangement being made on the occasion of jayamala. Bride's father replies saying you heard right. we have chosen a wedding planner who is very famous in this town and people will remember about this marriage for years. The lady praises about the wedding 'shadi ho tho aisa'. Her son also nodes his yes to her question.Bride's father invites the lady and her son inside the house and asks them to sit. Lady expresses her concern to him where all the ladies have gone. whether he sent all of them to 'vanavas'!!! He replies ' I don't have good fate' and answers her saying all the ladies are at sangeet. the lady
(she doesn't have name yaar ..so far bride's father is calling her bhabhi ji..she is calling him bhai ji ). the lady expresses her concern being late for the occasion and inform the man that she will go and join the sangeet.

A girl is showing dancing at sangeet...(its Aarthi
).. the lady enters and see Aarthi.Aarthi is so beautiful... A song plays in the background 'Jeeja thu kaada'.Another girl in gent's attire dancing with aarthi... Shobha(Aarthi's MIL) is laughing while looking at the dance ..All the ladies are singing the song by playing the drum.

The lady in red saree looking at Aarthi. All the ladies are enjoying while Aarthi continues her dance and singing.the lady seems to be in some thoughts.. Aarthi's lehenga touches the lady's feet who is sitting on the floor while Aarthi is dancing ... Aarthi kneels down infront of her and requests her to forgive with her expressions touching her feet.the lady sweetly touches Aarthi's cheek and smiles and
Aarthi continues her dancing.the lady is quite impressed with Aarthi. Aarthi pulls Mansi to dance and finally there ends the dancing. All the ladies laugh. A woman who is sitting next to shobha tells her that Aarthi is good at everything.The woman requests shobha to 'nazar uthar' of Aarthi as everybody is looking at Aarthi.Shobha nodes her head in yes looking at Aarthi. Aarthi is shown talking to few girls while the lady is looking at her and tries to reach Aarthi.The lady was interrupted by another woman and aarthi moves away from the place where she was standing while the lady looking for her.

The lady goes to a girl and asks about Aarthi. The girl informs her that aarthi is in kitchen.
aarthi is shown in kitchen guiding two ladies to cut potatoes and carrot and goes to check the dish on the stove. She notices the missing cashew nuts and dry grapes in it.. the guy answers he mixed the nuts..aarthi questions him that who will answer to groom side people if they found no cashew in the dish.and she asks the man to put more and more of nuts in the dish.the lady is noticing everything with a smile ..aarthi finishes her work of pouring the nuts in the sweet and questions about the ice cream whether he made it ready or not.else all the kids will come to kitchen.she takes the ice cream bowl and goes to the kid's room and makes all of them in Q. she offers ice cream to all of them..the kid(aarthi's son) who is last in Q offers his other hand for another ice cream. Aarthi kneels down and warns him that if he eat more ice cream his teeth will be spoiled. then kid looks upset.Aarthi clarifies him that she is joking and offers another ice cream to the kid.she questions the kid that for one icecream one kiss ...so for 2 2 ice cream ..!!? the kid answers cutely 2 2 kiss... Aarthi places the ice cream in his hand after getting the kisses from the boy. the boy leaves happily.

aarthi is arranging few gift packs in order that are left on the table. The lady is shown praising aarthi that she knows kitchen work and also she handles kids very well.her son and another old lady is standing along with her. she also praises that aarthi is more active too..aarthi goes to the kids who are sitting and eating ice cream and offers more ice cream if they wants and leaves from there. Shobha comes with a plate of food. aarthi denied it saying she has lots of work and she is not hungry too. shobha insists her to eat and makes her to sit on the sofa.she forces aarthi to eat and tells her she is not concentrating on her and involved in doing work for other since morning...shobha also warns that aarthi becoming child. aarthi blames shobha for making her like that with her love...both laugh.

A girl comes and informs aarthi that mansi didi is calling her.aarthi rushes to mansi's room and bumps into few ladies..she says sorry to them. the lady who is watching aarthi from the beginning asks her son mohan whether he likes her or not.if he likes she can talk about the rishta. mohan replies yes saying as she wishes. the lady informs another old woman asha to fix this rishta and she wants to give shagun in this marriage it self. Aarthi goes to mansi and asks her why did she call her. mansi shows her make up and asks aarthi how is she looking ? aarthi goes near to mansi and tells her she is looking beautiful as she is .. but ur blouse fitting is not proper.mansi answers her that she made like that purposefully to make her husband to be with her all the time..mansi lectures about trapping husband... finally aarthi request her to do all this in her bedroom but not infront of all ... mansi still in denial mode leaves from there teasing aarthi about being shy ...and guys wont look at her . Asha introduces herself to shobha and requests her time to talk with her about her daughter aarthi.shobha questions asha whether she knows aarthi!! Asha answers yes..

Asha explains about vimla(finally i got her name ).. and informs her about the rishta. asha shows mohan who is talking to few guests..shobha is pleased ..asha praises mohan. shobha expresses her concern that he and aarthi has to like each other. ashs brushes off her doubts saying there is nothing wrong with mohan and so as aarthi. so they vl like each other. aarti is shown busy in organizing things. vimla stops her and asks aarthi to listen to her for 2 min without running..aarthi looks confused. vimla tells her that she might have to listen to her for her entire life.. aarthi is puzzled..vimla explains aarthi to sit and asks her to sit aaram se for few minutes and she gives money to aarthi. aarthi questions her whether she need any things to buy for her? that she didnt understand. Vimla forces her to take the money and introduces her son mohan.vimla asks aarthi to take money and get aashirvad from her. aarthi is still looking at her.asha got to know that aarthi is divorced and she immediately rushed to vimla and stops her. but vimla doesn't listen to her. a kis is asking everybody whether they sae his mom any where ..and he goes to aarthi. vimla tells how cute boy he is..aarthi talks with her son lovingly and asks her to go n play.

vimla is shocked to see all this and asha clears the confusion that aarthi is divorced.vimla forcibly took her shagun back from aarthi's hands. and she blames aarthi for cheating her.shobha comes to aarthi and inquires whether she is fine or not ..vimla blames aarthi that her husband left her becoz she might not fulfill her duties properly .. shobha interrupts her..but vimla goes on and on..vimla continues humiliating aarthi.vimla declares that her son's marriage will never happen with aarthi.not only her son,no one will marry aarthi who is ill fated and got a mother like u..shobha stops vimla and tells her she is her mother in law and can never let her rishta happen with ur son. shobha challenges vimla that she will get a good rishta for aarthi as aarthi is a good girl with all good qualities. she further adds that aarthi will get marry again and she will make it happen.episode ends...

PRECAP : shobha informs vimla that she will get such a good and suitable man for aarthi that everybody will
praise him. they shown yash aka gurumeet's rocking entry in sparks..


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Old 02-21-2012

i just love those serials.. wherein MOM in law supports the right.. in this case aarti.... am sure later they will show us that her son i.e. aartis husband was a wrong guy!

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