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Punar Vivah - 10th May 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Punar Vivah - 10th May 2012 Written Update within the Punar Vivah forums, part of the Zee TV Archive category; Punar Vivah - 10th May 2012 Written Update Epi starts with yash telling his brother that we shld go to ...

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Star Punar Vivah - 10th May 2012 Written Update

Punar Vivah - 10th May 2012 Written Update

Epi starts with yash telling his brother that we shld go to school to find ansh and aarti says i will also goes but gayatri tells why will u go and aarti says i am his mom and tehy all leave and yashs dad leave to meet commissioner and then gaytris sis says u hears her son has lost and gayatri says thank god paridi is nt like this ansh on road side crying mom he is very sad he says i wanan go home and asks mom where r u and a lady comes there she was sitting in the tea stall and she asks what happened child and he says i wanna go home and she asks where do u live he says with my mom and new dada and she asks where si ur house he shows the dairy and she says i cant read eng and she asks a ner by pan shop guy and he says its scintya house add tehy r rich and u are poor u will get money alsoa nd she says ok ok i will go ...then we see aarti stopping rickshaws but she does not get any and yash says cum sit in car and aarti does not listen but he forces and then she sits aarti sad and yash says we will find ansh

[aartis house]
Aartis mom dad worried for yash and they say lest go to search him and they r abt to leave jst then yashs dad calls and says relax we all r finding ansh and we r also worried and then he says u all stay there only maybe he cums aartis father says k we also found him pls inform us after all its matter of our grand son and yashs dad says he is our grandson also and then we see yash dad worried and gayatri asks what happened and he says aartis mom dad are worried and then she says i hope weget ansh other wise we will be blamed and then we see ansh walsking on road and he says my legs are paining can we go in rick and then she says i am poor and i wash utensils and jst tehn he sees yashs car and recognises it but he does not find aaryan anywhere and the lady says maybe its some one elses car as there can be many cars of same colour and aarti yash on the other hand are showing his pics and searching 4 him

[radio station]
pari laughing in studio and talking with frnd and she is happy and then pratik calls but she cuts and her frnd asks is it some enemies call and she says no ts pratiks call and i know he will tell talk abt mom and cum home early and cook something tasty and i will have to sweat in kitchen and then her frnd says if he gets angry then and she says he never gets angry...then pratik says pari we will be in prob pick up the ph and even dad is at home if he cums to know abt ur job we will be in prb and he txts her all this and pari si abt to read the msg but her sir calls and she keeps the ph and goes away

[road scene]
Aaryan still searching for ansh and suddenly yash sees his water bottle and they reach the pan shop and enquire abt ansh he says yup a lady had cum she didnt know eng i read the add and she said she will leave him home and aarti calls home and informs abt the same thing to gayatri and yash asks abt the lady and pan shop guy gives details


ansh in that ladies house she give him food to eat and he eats it hurriedly and it gets stuck in his throat and she give shim water and feeds him and tells eat slowly suddendly there is a knock on the door and its her husband and he says i am tired and sees ansh and asks abt him and she says i was returning and i found him he was lost and i got him home and was feeding him and will leave him to his house he says yup do that other wise his parents will complain and we may be in prob and then she asks where is scyntai house and he asks why and she tells details on the road arti still searching for him at that ladies house she gets up to leave him but her husband blocks her road and he says he is a golden hen and we will get lots of money and on the road a boy recognises ansh and says he was with manju aunty...

precap:- aansh crying and aaryan banging manjus house door


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Old 05-11-2012

pari's non caring attitude will backfire on her one day bigtime...

i hope this incident of ansh being kidnapped (am sure he will be found).. will bring aarti n yash closer...
but, whats more important is tht one of the girls shoudl accidently spill out that they scared ansh ... n yash should tackle it diplomatically...

2 little girls.... and they have already started behaving like their dadi/ bua... OMG>... so now we really dont need grown up ppl for typical saas bahu action... kids will do the needful...

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