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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 23rd June 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 23rd June 2012 Written Update within the Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 23rd June 2012 Written Update - Megs Convo with Jiji continues and ...

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Ruby Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 23rd June 2012 Written Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 23rd June 2012 Written Update

Megs Convo with Jiji continues and she says that she loves Mohan but cant take him away frm his mother and that Saroj still considers her Amar's biggest mistake and she cannot rpt that and that she love Mohan but cant go ahead with her feelings and Jiji tells her not to spoil her life bec of others n to tell Ved abt her feelings and he will agree once he knows Mohan too reciprocates and that by sacrificing her love is she doing the right by taking away sumones happiness frm them and Jiji leaves but not bfore placing the female doll next to the spidey one and nanhi calls out for jiji and asks her abt megs answer and Jiji tells her she refused

-Nanhi asks Megs as to why Mohan cant be their dad and Megs asks her if Mohan said so and Nanhi is like No and Megs tells her not to interfere in these matters concerning the elders and Nanhi says but Dadaji said the new Papa will be our choice and Megs says he will be my choice and asks her not to raise this issue again and walks away and nanhi is like u cant even lie properly

Ved telling manav that how he and Megs went thru similar stuff in life and how she will be lucky to get a guy like hm and asks him to take his time and give his decision and manav leaves and ved is happy that things will work out and nanhi overhears tthe convo and is determined to get MM married

-Indu brings up a match for Mohan and asks him to meet the gurl and he is thoughtful and she is like but u only agreed to get married and says will call the gurl and the family over and this way things can be sorted btw u and yr dad and Mohan walks away and Indu is like will call them to a restaurant and Mohan looks at Vyas house finds Megs on the swing and c's manav and Addu arrive and remembers Megs harsh words and agrees to meet the gurl and says this is how i live and they will have to accept me like this only and Indu is like u wont back out will u and he rpts he will meet the gurl and Guru is mighty Worried and Indu too is kinda shocked

Ved Saroj n Jiji cum to speak to Megs and raise the issue of Manav as a prospective match and Jiji wants to say sumthing but Megs stops her and ved asks Megs to take her time and think it over and Saroj says i always accused u of taking Amar away frm me but now u r my daughter and i wud like to do yr kanyadaan

-Jiji tries to speak to Megs but she walks away and jiji says to herself wont let u lose out on a loving guy like Mohan

-Guru praying for Mohan at the temple and Jiji n nanhi arrive and the trio discuss MM and the latest marriage developments and how they r not ready to accept the fact and are trying to move away frm each other and they will get them together and they shake hands

-Megs at PL and her desk wet and she is cleaning it and Mohan walks in and says its my desk not a bin and throws away the papers and Megs apologizes picks them up and Mohan watches her
do so

Karan n Dimpy discussing MM and Indu calls up Mohan and tells him abt the gurl and her parents visiting them later today and he agrees to it and Nanhi n Jiji overhear Indu's convo and Guru is worried for Mohan becoming a shaheed and Nanhi n Jiji are like dont worry gurl will be of our choice only

-Mohan leaving work early and karan cums to know abt he is going to see a prospective match and announces it to the office and all congratulate him and mohan looks at Megs and she offers him a smile ..MM leaving work megs trying to get an auto and mohan walks by to his bike ..teri raza in BG

The girl and her parents are at Mohan's house. Guru tells Mohan that you are not looking good today n you are making a mistake by hurrying up. Indu calls Mohan and he is introduced to the girl. aka Riddhima. Indu makes him sit next to the gurl and compliments her and Guru prays to god that for the first time I am saying please don't let this happen. Jiji and Nanhi arrive Indu and Mohan shocked. Jiji says they have come to get sugar. The girls mother asks are you their neighbour? Jiji says yes we are very close. Jiji asks Mohan you are home early. Otherwise the sound of your motorbike wakes me up at 4-5 in the morning. Indu says he is a crime reporter right. Nanhi says Spiderman are u better now. Mohan asks what happened to my health? Nanhi says you were shot twice right? Girls parents look worried. Jiji says crime reporting is a very dangerous job. Indu calls out to Guru and asks him to get sugar soon. Guru says I am snatching sugar from the ants. Dont know where to keep stuff in this useless house Indu asks Mohan to show the house to Riddhima. Nanhi says the house is only this much what else will you show. Mohan says the balcony is there. Guru brings Sugar and Jiji tells the girls parents that usually people enquire about a prospective match frm neighbors only.

Renu forcing Manav to speak to Megha. Manav helps Megha in drying the clothes. Mohan and Riddhima in the balcony. Megha c's them. Mohan in turn watches. Mohan does not listen to the girl and is watching Megs. The girl tells Mohan that I have never fell in love as its v complicated. Manav and Megha reach out to the bucket at the same time and Manav holds her hand. Mohan watches this and is shocked.

Precap: Girls father saying that if the girl and boy like each other then we'll fix this match today itself. Mohan says everything happens for the best. Manav tells Ved that he ready to marry Megha

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Old 06-24-2012

he he .......i loved the nanhi and jiji scenes......u guys rock man.....
Old 06-25-2012

The girl Riddhima was good... ;-) I think she will herself find out that Mohan is in love with someone else and leave ...What if she doesn't realise??
Old 06-25-2012

lets hope that manav n riddhima fall in love... then both of them together can fix up monu-megs....

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Old 06-25-2012

Originally Posted by himuku View Post
lets hope that manav n riddhima fall in love... then both of them together can fix up monu-megs....

wow muku....great .i appreciate it.i guess only u can think from such a perspective...

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