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Ruk Jaana Nahi - 30th October 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ruk Jaana Nahi - 30th October 2012 Written Update within the Ruk Jaana Nahin forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Ruk Jaana Nahi - 30th October 2012 Written Update Ruk Jaana Nahi - 30th October Episode Written Update Video Update ...

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Bug Ruk Jaana Nahi - 30th October 2012 Written Update

Ruk Jaana Nahi - 30th October 2012 Written Update
Ruk Jaana Nahi - 30th October Episode Written Update
Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Online Episode

When the man spews out the ugly truth; Sanchi is livid while Indu is grossly embarrassed Tensed, Indu finally grabs the phone from Sanchi and cuts the call. However, the phone rings soon after and Sanchi dares him to pick it up. When he doesn’t, she does and ‘Chaturvedi’ continues with his long list of complaints. Indu desperately makes an attempt to cover his tracks by telling the man he didn’t recognize him. Nevertheless, the man’s words were more than enough to convince everyone seated there otherwise.
An enraged Sanchi assures the man that he’d get back all of his lost property and then ends the call. Tarachand feels humiliated and is about to walk away from the scene when Sadanand starts giving him mock-advice ‘So what if Indu lied to you…so what if he forcefully vacated the shop…he helped re-instate it too…so please overlook this one small mistake of his…’
Sadanand’s sarcastic comments inflames the situation to such an extent that Indu nearly bends the spoon he held in his hand into a shapeless mass.

Spurning both – the vile lawyer and his lying nephew Tarachand, Veena and Sanchi leave the scene in a huff.
casting the spoon away in anger, Indu too storms away from the table.

Sanchi is heartbroken – she recollects the lovely letter Indu’d written her a few days ago – she recollects how Indu lied to her and her father – she recollects the sweet words of promise he’d made to her. She wipes a tear or two and picks her bag to step out to university when she comes to face with her anxious husband. Glaring at him angrily, she’s about to leave when he catches her by her hand and requests her to stay back so that he could explain his situation to her ‘If you don’t understand me… who else would…’ he asks her remorsefully

Her hand still in his grasp, Sanchi interrogates him tearfully ‘What do you need to explain to me, Indu..more lies? Is this the only way you know to earn money…’
Freeing herself from his clasp, she goes on to tell him how she’d listened to his words over her own father’s and yet how he’d broken her trust. The crushed girl then accuses him of neither fearing anything or anyone – nor caring for anything or anyone!
‘Your promise was only a lie…my papa was right…you can never reform…I trusted you over and over again and you broke my trust…’
Curling his fist, he struggles to battle with his emotions as her words tear him apart. Wiping the last tear off her cheeks, Sanchi steels herself ‘Anyway, I’m never going to trust you henceforth!’
The dejection and afflictions on his face are evident as she walks away – leaving him to deal with the fallout of his actions by himself. In a daze, Indu walks up to the table slowly. He picks up a ‘cheerful’ photo of Sanchi and gazes at it for a few moments.

A short while later, Sadanand comes to the room to put up an act of empathy. He tries fuelling Indu by instigating him against Sanchi ‘You’re trying your best and its no easy task to change…but no one understands you…the problem is you have no identity by yourself now…’
When the lawyer places his hand on Indu to comfort him, Indu shirks his mock-concern in anger and thunders away.

Sanchi and Mehek are going around, collecting the university funds. Mehek wonders if something is weighing her friend down, but Sanchi dismisses it. While Mehek presses her on, a group of students approach Sanchi and suggest an idea about contracting low-priced books for the library from wholesale outlets. Sanchi approves of the sensible idea and gives her word that she’d take it up with the VC.
Soon after, Sanchi looks up and spots Indu Singh standing in front. He’d been observing her – his face still morose. Taking out a bundle of notes from his pocket he folds it and puts it into the collection box
‘From me’ he says
While Sanchi and Indu exchange awkward glares, Mehek looks on confounded. Sanchi leaves the spot thereafter and Mehek enquires with Indu about the issue, but he nods his head – thus evading her queries.

Barging into his den, a tearful Indu voices his agony to his friends about how low he felt after having lost his ‘beloved’s’ trust and thus her heart!
‘The one that I wanted to protect from any form of harm is now heartbroken thanks to me!’ he yells ‘She’s crying because of me…she’s crying now…’

Moved, the boys try taking the blame upon themselves and apologize for their mistakes. However, their words only seem to madden Indu all the more. He blames them for his worries – letting them know that they never put any thought into consequences before carrying out actions! (Ahem Indu, stop blaming others)
‘What’s the point of apologizing to me…I’ve tried apologizing to her, but she’s not ready to listen to me at all’ he shouts agitatedly
Guddu gives his word that they’d return everything to Chaturvedi and that they’d try and make amends. However, Indu knows too well that none of it would have any effect on the Mathurs’. Basically, he was reduced to a state where he couldn’t even face the members of his own home, due to his own deeds!

‘Wow Indu Singh!’ the voice echoes from behind. Surprisingly, it was Tarachand Mathur at Indu’s den ‘Don’t blame others for your deeds…’ he advices the hot-blooded young man.
The father then asks the rest of the gang to leave. They immediately do as told. Once he shuts the door, the father & son-in-law face each other.
Indu starts their conversation by expressing profound regret over his recent actions. He even promises the father that he’d do nothing else in future that would disappoint him or Sanchi.

‘Well…DO SOMETHING that’ll help us trust you…’ Tarachand replies ‘You’ve promised us previously too!’
He then asks Indu if he planned to keep Sanchi happy by using money collected from donations or through hooliganism forever.
Indu looks away – he has no reply to give.

The father then proceeds to lament his heartfelt feelings to his vagabond son-in-law ‘You’ve always been like this…you will continue to be like this…you’ll lie to us.. especially to sanchi!’ he continues vehemently ‘How would you be able to do anything else…you’ve always been a goon…these ruffians keep stroking your ego and you keep roaming around thinking you’ve achieved much…instead of taking care of my daughter you’ve hurt her immensely…you want everything to be available to you freely…’ he pauses ‘You have no respect for yourself and you live at your in-laws’ place with nothing to contribute…you assume that your parents have brought you up as a child and now your in-laws will do that for you henceforth…’

Indu finds himself deeply demeaned by the man’s words, but the father continues pouring out nevertheless ‘In future, Sanchi will work somewhere to feed you and you’ll be happy to let her carry the burden of your house…you’ll find a few sidekicks to stroke your ego as and when needed and that’s enough for you…why, do you even know what Sanchi wants…you only know that you want to rule..that’s all.. so, whatever you do – don’t ever ‘PROMISE’ me anything again!’
The humbled Indu is shell-shocked!

Indu heavy-heartedly falters into the room and watches Sanchi lying on the bed. She wasn’t asleep either.
He’s lost in thought. She’s lost in thought.
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