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Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein - 4th May 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein - 4th May 2012 Written Update within the Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein forums, part of the Life OK Archive category; Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein - 4th May 2012 Written Update - News channels report that there is no news on ...

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Light Bulb Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein - 4th May 2012 Written Update

Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein - 4th May 2012 Written Update

- News channels report that there is no news on Puja's assailants. Also that rumors about Brija are just an attempt to defame BBP during election.

- Bhavana finds a female doctor to help Arti - Puja is not pregnant.

- Even while Govid Shankar is gloating over Puja's diary, he is summoned to BBP's party office. Ther he is given two thugs who can be named the assailants. BBP advises him to stage a police "caught the two assailants"

- Krish and Arti go to a auto mechanic outside the Brija Love nest. The Mechanic refuses to talk but his son says that on the day of the shooting, he saw two scary men, one with a gun go away on a motorbike.

- When Arti tries to get him or his father as an eyewitness, the Mechanic chases his son away and asks Arti to leave.

- Govind Shankar is hiding some jewellry that he got from the lovnest/

- Arti tells Krish to leave and then does a dharna outside the Mechanic's house. His wife gives him a call to his "zameer"

- As Arti is about to faint from hot sun during her sitout, mechanic caves in

Precap: Mechanic accompanies Arti to police station.


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Old 05-05-2012

Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein - 5th May 2012 Written Update

I feel uninspired...so no quotes or Lamba Achamba stories...very faltu episode

At the hospital, Krish is standing in a hallway watching the Daily Sansani which broadcasts that there have been no further leads in the Puja Tiwari case. It is possible that some bystander may have noticed something. In the meantime Bhavana finds a discreet doctor that Arti can consult with. The doctor has been sourced through Bhavna's dad (who we all know is a member of BBP's political party, Arti TIWARI just because you are on a crusade does not mean your neurons have connected). Arti asks the doctor if she saw the pregnancy report. Krish drops in on the conversation and overhears the doctor saying that Puja was not pregnant. When the doctor leaves, Arti thanks god that Puja had not crossed the line. Krish is shocked and asks Arti how she could even think Puja could do something like this. I am flabbergasted by this logic; maybe the biology curriculum in Madhya Pradesh does not cover the reproductive system and the literature curriculum does not cover romance! Arti says she was mistaken and then wonders why BBP might have attacked Puja if there was no pregnancy (arrey yaar main hi ek paagal mandhbudhi hoon jo iss kissey ko dekh kar issey likh bhi rahi hoon). Seriously! Arti wonders if this is by daddaji and Rangoli. Krish suggests that they find an eyewitness who actually saw the perpetrators. Only if they found a person who shot Puja would they be able to identify the true culprit responsible for crime. But it was true that Brija catalyzed the crime.
Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy set forth on a bike. Of course he is the driver and she rides pillon sideways (no gender bender forays here, warrior princess she might be, but she definitely knows a girl's place in the social pecking order of Bhopal). Some decidedly James bond style bg music happens. They are unable to find a witness near the love nest bungalow.. THey are about to leave when they notice that his bike rear tire has a flat. So they get it repaired by a roadside mechanic. They ask the mechanic f he had seen anything on the day of the shooting. The mechanic denies seeing anything buurt his son quips that he had seen the assailants, they had come to fill air into their motorbike tires. Even though his father rebukes him, the boy tells Arti that they were scary men and one was carrying a gun. His father tells him to keep quiet and then asks Arti and Krish to leave. Krish suspects that the mechanic might know something and offers him money. The mechanic then tells them to leave. Despite Arti's pleading he refuses to say anything because he did not want to get involved in a police matter. Arti sends Krish back to the hospital. She then starts a dharna outside the mechanic's house, pleading with his wife and kids. After some pleading she manages to guilt the entire family. In the process she gets dizzy standing in the sun.
At the Police Station, Govind Shankar's constable keeps cautioning him about the risk posed by the Diary. BBP calls GS to the party office. GS is a bit concerned that BBP's tone is different, but goes over nevertheless. At the party office, Giridhar and BBP are watching the news sitting on couches. Looks like they are the new chaddi buddies in town, Rangoli is missing. The Sansani says that all the rumors about BBP-Puja were just an attempt at pre-election slander. Giridhar compliments BBP saying that it looks like the bribe got to the news office and both gloat over the news. GS comes in and acts like his usual sycophant self. Two goons are summoned from inside and are introduced as Puja's assailants. BBP instructs GS to fabricate a story about apprehending the assailants. He is instructs GS to give the goons the jewelry that he had taken from the lovenest. At first GS tries to say the ornaments have been gifted to his wife, but when BBP glares at him, he quickly says he would hand them over. LOL!!
Back at the police station, GS is rifling around in a desk drawer containing jewelry when his constable comes in startling him. GS scolds him saying that the constable was acting like the CBI (hints of AT/MS) coming suddenly into the room unannounced. GS is very scared of the CBI. When the constable enquires if the jewelry is from Puja's love nest, GS says yes. His wife was crying that he had to return jewelry. The constable finds that GS is wearing one of Puja's necklaces (arrey does Mrs. Shankar know that you like to play 'dress my inner princess'?). He quickly removes the chain. The constable reassures him that BBP would always be fair with GS. GS agrees. He then tells him about staging the apprehension of Puja's assailants. The constable congratulates GS on becoming a hero.
There was some random bit (maybe not, I am just confuzzed) of Harivansh giving a pep talk to a comatose Puja in a powder blue t-shirt (yes we saw it somewhere already!) ...but I am not going back to look....look for yourself.

Precap: Looks like the mechanic caves in, Puja and he arrive at Govind Shankar's police station.


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