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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 31st January 2014 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 31st January 2014 Written Update, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 31st January Written Update
At kailash… on Lakulesh’s demand every has bhojan served..Mahadev telepathically appreciates Parvati devo for her enormous support..
Before shiva eat the food.. Lakulesh stops him and humilates Parvati devi for conspiring.. of polluting Shiva’s food.. on asked he says that she is married and can’t make food for a viragi Shiv.. He goes to an extent where he asks Parvati devi to turn to viragi form.. give away all her luxuries and wear hermit attire… he almost cross his limit by directing his hand to take away her mangalsutra..only to be stopped by Kartikeya..

Shiva too stands their as mere spectator… on objected by Lakulesh, Shiva says that he shouldn’t have had insulted a woman like thta..Lakulesh complains SHiva that he is insulted by the woman… he asks SHiva to order the lady to leave Kailash.. its him or the lady.
Shiva says he is crossing the limit now…
Laku never listen to anyone..then SHiva says that she is Adishakti’s swaroop- his wife-
Then a very blinding bright light emits from Shiva …she ishis wife- without whom Shiv is SHav
Lakulesh falls on his feet..he can’t believe that his viragi SHiv has married..he feels Mahadev is a different one all together..its all chimeric…he is lie SHiv but not his SHiva..

He decides to find the viragi Shiv- with ashes on his skin…in penance..away from woman… he says the SHiva in front of him is nnot the real shiva..he is acting to be Mahadev… he sinning by doing this.

The man goes away from Kailash…in search of his Viragi SHiv who will understand him- who will never insult his ffeelings like he did… and if e is prove wrong he’d self immortalize himself..as the biggest truth of his life would turn into untrue.
Shiva goes to the dark cave of his past,,where a few skeletons burn..kinda graveyard effect..he moves ahead to a hill huge rudraksh thing ..with his eyes teary and heat pained to the core… flashes of Sati haunt him..

Ganesh asks Parvati ma abt Mahadev’s whereabouts..Nandi tells that SHiva has never left him uninformed abt his location…
Parvati ma says thta Mahadev this time has gone out for himself… Nandi says Shiva is inaccessible to even him…on reminded by Parvati ma, Nandi recalls of one such instance when Mahadev left him un informed- he went to the cave.
Lakulesh at the huge Shiv ling..he literally tortures Shiva – Viragi Shiva to come and prove him right…he complains the Virgai Shiv form (ling) abt the SHiv he met at the Kailash..that SHiva is married and has kids…he is definitely not Shiva.
He can go with a satisfaction that he is right abt his SHiva- that he is Viragi…and if he doesn’t turn up, he’ll kill himself.

He picks up a rudraksh bead and sees the flashes of Sati’s terrible death and the emotional TURMOIL he faced after that..it was all coming back to bruise his heart.

Vishnudev and Brhmdev go to Shiva and console him… they share that if he listents to Laku’s say the world will have to bear the consequences along with him..as he has to take away a part of his- his Shakti in order to make the Bhakti believe he is Virgai SHiv – even the Trimurti had to suffer..Shiv says he’ll separate himself from trimurti…he’ll now penance to make the man understand things.

Vishnu dev tells him to reconsider abt his discussion …and that the world will be in grave danger..Shiva says no.. the eternal life cycle everybody has to do their roles..and he too is doing the same…

Devi Sarswathi, Parvati devi and Lakshmi devi at Kailash discuss abt the Trimurti getting ruined if Laku’s wish is done..
Shiva takes the form of Viragi wearing skeletons and ash
Vishnu dev tells that in the time travel..its impossible to tell if the travel is gonna be in the future or past

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Thanks for the update dear

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