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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 27th January 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 27th January 2012 Written Update within the Devon ke Dev… Mahadev forums, part of the Life OK Archive category; Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 27th January 2012 Written Update Sati runs towards Mahadev ,which showed how thirsty her eyes ...

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Podcast Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 27th January 2012 Written Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 27th January 2012 Written Update

Sati runs towards Mahadev ,which showed how thirsty her eyes were to have a glimpse of him.
It was her and Mahadev alone on the land...here was a well physic-ed man who is everything counted under the list of an object of ultra masculine-undaunted soul and Sati whho is lean..petite figured infront of him..an embodiment grace and innocence .They complimented eachother even in there physical aspects.

Mahadev asks her why has she come there? with fierce eyes. (he sees everywhere but her..as if she is his weakness)
She shies for a moment but manages to say that she has come there to know the same ..After there first meet she wasn't her old self,what has changed suddenly..she continues

"Nothing has changed" Mahadev in a firm voice.
She is shocked to here that..the air was not the same between them which was present at her arrival.

Mahadev again utters "There is nothing,its only the illusion she has"
Poor Sati is like hurt at his harsh behavior

He then clears that its all just a coincidence and she need not mistake it by anything else...and its no use living in illusions (btwy its the first time he took her name)
He now looks her straight into her eyes and asks her to go away rudely

Sati feels very hurt and tears fall from her eyes..

As she leaves with a bruised heart gently finding her way home, Maahdev turns to the side of her-all of a sudden his eyes soften
He feels the pinch of his rude act towards this model of purity ..he utters that "he has every answer to her questions..but he cannot tangle her in its complexities" finding her effect on him very weakening he decides to end the attraction she has for him and that she needs to get out of the pain of falling into love...
(OMG now comes the revelation..this man is a gem..he, for the sake of viragya more so ,for this world has sacrificed the most dearest part of his..
his 'Shakti' )

He adds that he wont let those event of separation occur again..with vehement pain in him...seeing her go all alone again away from him.


Back at the palace
Sati comes back to her palace..but her mind,soul are still stuck at that place with Mahadev..she has tears in her eyes with each thought of the event her pain only grew deeper..
As she walks though the corridors of her palace Prasuti brings a basket decorated with flowers containing the Shaligram along came her daughters .

Prasuti calls Sati..Sati clears her tears and turns around trying to keep a happy face..
Madnika gestures is everything ok..for which Sati just nods

Chnadrama and Rohini come together again..and Revthi as always feels ignored!

"Oh you got the Shaligram"Chandrma utters
"Yes,its the main attraction is the Shaligram and Tulsi vivah "Prasuti replies

Everybody gets ready for the Vivah..where Madanike observes a sad Sati.

The preparations for the event get started at full swing..the Raag raginis play some soulful music ..Chandrama-Rohini has there moments of romance around the Tulsi plant.

Which is was observed by Aditi and she shares it with Khyati they laugh at there innocence

Prasuti puts the Shaligram into a little cute cradle .
Aditi reminds Prasuti about the story behind Tulsi-Shaligram.

Everyone settle themselves down
Prasuti Starts "Tulsi devi appeared in the form of a lady when she first come down to earth..her name was 'Vrinda',she was a great devotee of Sri hari vishnu..but instead she got married to a rakshas named Jalandhar.
Jalandhar couldnt be defeated as his wife was a great devotee of lord Vishnu"
Everybody listens to the story keenly..but Sati was still in those thoughts of Mahadev.

"Jalandhar knew this and he also intended to take advantage of the Vrinda's devotion towards Lord Vishnu and there was only one way out which was to destroy Vrinda's chastity.Thus Lord Vishnu took the form of Jalandhar and started to live with her..due to which Vrinda's Chastity got destroyed and as a result her devotion lost its purity.It was now easy to kill Jalandhar
..When Vrinda come to know about this she cursed Lord Vishnu and as a result he turned into the Shaligram stone and Vrinda also gave her life.But whe Vrinda ave her life out of her appeared a Tulsi plant ...But Lord Vishnu gave her his word that in the next birth he would marry her and he did fulfill it"Prasuti ends the story on a note that there is gonna be Tulsi Puja on the next morning.
Prasuti also divides them in Tulsi and Shaligram (Lord Vishnu) teams
Revthi,Aditi and Khyati in Tulsi Team and Sati and Rohini would be from Vishnu team.

Sati all through the story has been upset upon Mahadev's rudness
Seeing her lost in her thoughts Prasuti asks her if she is fine..but Sati is deep into Mahadev's thoughts..But Madnike brings her back by putting her hand on Sati.

Prasuti calls Sati near her and they pay there respect to the Shaligarm..so does everyone..
Prasuti reminds Sati that he is the groom and one need to take special care of him..
(Oh good God this gal is into Mahadev..hayee..n there u go groom ka naam sunaki nayee *Dimakh ki batti Birightwa* howeegayee Satiji ka..kauno doctor ke zaroorta nai haiwa ) She could only see Shivalinga in the Shaligram (but then there is not much of a difference btw them )


Back at Asur Guru Shukracharyas place:

Shukrachary is perturbed on learing the fact that Maahdev has defeated Vritasur (come on man get a grip..if u had attacked Sati -Maahdev would have defeated even u!)
He then states that "devtas are Coward and hence they have took the advantage of Maahdev's presence..And Mahadev he is kind hearted -Bholenath- Anyone place there pb in front of Bholenath and Mahadev would help them instantly.No one can eva stand in front of Mahadev ...they would only get defeated at the end of the day and all this must have been planned by Devtas Its clear now,tha Mahadev is on side of the Deva's and there is no need to be worried..we'll show them that we are more powerful than them And now its 'Do or Die' moment for us!" an aggressive Shulkracharya swears.


Back at the Mahasabha:

Daksh arrives ..all the Rishis,devas and Daksh pay there respect t one other.. Devraj indr is skeptical about Prajapati's goody -goody attitude towards Maahdev
Rishi Kashyap appreciates Daksha regarding Mahadev's treatment and the significance of his arrival


Back to the palace:

Sati sways the cradle with a rope...thinkin of the past events that day..
"Whys is she still awake"Madanke questions
"Even she hasnt sleep yet" Sati counters.

"Mother has said that she needs to serve the Shaligram all night" Sati informs.

Madanike seeing the hurt shining in Sati's eyes asks her "there is something which she is hiding"
Sati informs that she has met Maahdev again..Madanike is shocked to hear this.



Sati is determined to bring Shiv out of the stone (shivling) Mahadev comes to the Maahasabhaa


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