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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 24th September 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 24th September 2012 Written Update within the Devon ke Dev… Mahadev forums, part of the Life OK Archive category; Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 24th September 2012 Written Update Dev guru informs Devi Parvati that due to the powerful, ...

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Heart Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 24th September 2012 Written Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 24th September 2012 Written Update

Dev guru informs Devi Parvati that due to the powerful, intense and scotting heat of the Urja Agni dev has gone to some unknown place in order to get some respite. He justifies their action by saying that they just wanted to protect the urja.
And they apologies to her.
Devi Parvati takes her viraat swaroop with rage in her eyes…
She blames them for the kidnap of her son.
Sri Hari Vishnu appears and explains it to her that it was the insecurity of these devas that her son is gone and seconds the devta’s acts.

Devi Parvati disagrees to it and is very furious that the devas have intruded in her matters of motherhood.
Devi Parvati curses the devas that their wives will be childless.
The devas fall on her feet and ask for forgiveness. But devi Parvati is in no mood to forgive them and blames Agii dev for it.

Where on the other hand Agni dev is still taking the Urja sphere in his hands to a safe place… but Takki is already waiting for him.

As Agni dev sees Takki h disappears.
Agni dev reaches a van and asks for help…
Devi Parvati in her anger curses Agni dev that he would be shunned by good things and he would become black (Dark) due to the impurities when he is offered food… not only this she further increases the punishment by saying that whoever touches him will be burnt to ashes.
The curse soon starts to show its effect.. the trees at the van gets burnt due to Agni dev.
He then disappears from there too…
At that moment Mahadev comes out of the cave and asks her to calm down. He also assures her that he would bring their son back.

Devi Parvati comes back to her normal form but still she is devastated due to the lose she has gone through… Mahadev consoles her

Parvati devi is deeply hurt and says that whoever has take her son away from her will be destroyed saying that she goes into the cave.
The Devas apologies to Mahadev, but he too is angry at them.. he says that this is the result of their haste and insecurity!

Mahadev bashes them!
He also warns them to behave and advice them to become an example for the world.

Agni dev is in the Himalayas and requests the Mountain rages to reduces his pain.. But due to the excessive heat emissions from that sphere even the glaciers get melted.
It then clicks to him that only Ganga is the one who can liberate him of his sins n pain… Takki haunts Agni dev even there!

Agni dev disappears from there too.. as a Takki wanders Shukracharya appears in the front of him and warns him not chase Agnidev and the pind.
Takki questions Shukracharya that if he is on his side or taking sides for the protection of that Pind (Spehere of energy).
TAkki never listens to him and goes off from there.

Devi Parvati is sad in the cave… The devas go to her with folded hands.. but just their presence is observed by Devi PArvati and she feels angered at them..

Indr asks Dev Guru to start the convo with Parvati.

Dev Guru informs her that they have cme again to apologies.
But Parvati mata is super furious.. they ask her to calm down and assure her that her son will be safe.

Parvati mata feels hurt that just after the birth of her son she couldn’t even give him the love of a mother.
She then tells them to get lost or her anger will be elevated.

Agni dev at a cliff requests Devi Ganga to appear and free him from of that pain…
Ganga appears and asks him how could she help him.

Agni dev narrates that the sphere of energy he is holding is creation of Prakriti and Purush and there was a child to be born out of it.
And the devtas did a stupidity of safeguarding the child.. Agni dev requests Ganga Devi to take it to herself.

But she objects to it saying that it is her sister’s child and without her consent she can never do such a thing. She feels sad for Paravti and doesn’t wish to stain her relationship with PArvati.

Agni dev reminds her about Takki hunting for that sphere of energy and asks her to chose between the protection of the Urja or to maintain healthy relationship with her sister. Even if she refuses to protect the energy that reason will be enough to stain her relationship with her sister.
Then she feels that that is a valid point and tells him that she would protect it according to her capability.
Ganga devi takes the sphere into her hands (oh so massi dearest is taking the baby for into her hands)
Agni devi relieved of the suffering and he goes off from there.

Agni dev even after handing the sphere to Ganga still is burning due to the curse given to him by Devi Parvati.. on his way he finds Mahadev and narrates his sob story… sayin that his life has become meaningless

Mahadev forgives a repenting Agni dev and tells that life can never become meaningless, one needs to find a new meaning to it.
He says that he cannot free Agnidev from Paravti’s curse but he can help him in finding a new meaning to his life..

Shiva says taht even after activation of Parvati’s curse he would remain pure and who ever gets burnt to ashes by you will also become pure.

All of a sudden Agni dev’s burning sensation gets reduced… Agni dev is gladdened.


Devi Ganga talkin to the sphere of energy “Yes dear I will accept you as my son”
Parvati gets to know about this and curses Ganga!

Today’s epi’s name has to be ‘A cursing Parvati’ or ‘Parvati on a cursing spree’ this is REAL character distortion!
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