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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 1st March 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 1st March 2012 Written Update within the Devon ke Devů Mahadev forums, part of the Life OK Archive category; Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 1st March 2012 Written Update The episode begins with Sati doing praying to Vishnu,singing a ...

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Question Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 1st March 2012 Written Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 1st March 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with Sati doing praying to Vishnu,singing a hymn,everyone enters the Pooja ghar stunned to see Sati doing Pooja.Kashyap says this is an anarth,as Revati too is confused what is happening.Sati coldly replies-she has always worshiped Vishnu what is an anarth in that?,as Daksh,Prasuti etc look at her proudly.Sati picks the Shivling and approaches Daksh,Daksh angrily asks her what is this doing here?.Sati replies,almost blankly that this is just another stone-she had got this into this house without his permission,but now wants to emmerse it(visarjan) with his consent.Everyone except Rohini and Kashyap are pleased.Daksh says that finally Sati has proved that she deserves the title of being Dakshs Daugher-Dakshayni.Sati however doesnt have any change is expression and looks blankly at Daksh.Daksh orders Brigu to make all the Daasis,Raag-Raaginis follow Sati to the Visarjan,to celebrate the emmerson of the "stone"(are you serious???...ugghhh this guy simply disgusts me with each passing day!).Sati replies-there is no need,i want to do this on my own.Daksh agrees and Sati leaves along with the Shivling in her hands.
Tarkasur is shown fighting with other Asuras(i presume),they put all thier strength on him,but still arent able to hurt him.Tarkasur gives an evil laugh-youll can do nothing to me,i am the Maha-Asur,the most powerful of them all,try and see?.All the Asurs by and by try to wound Tarakasur but each strike on him goes waste as all of them fill up immidiately.Tarkarsur begins to laugh as Narad Muni enters.Narad announces his arrival by saying"Narayan Narayan",as Tarkasur is stunned to see him.Tarkasur greets him and asks him why is he here?.Narad replies that he is always there only for the betterment of others and informs Tarkasur of a "Shubh Samachar".Tarkasur asks what is it?.Narad informs him its about Mahadev-who he is devoted too.Tarkasur says yes Bholenath gave me a vardaan,and praises him.Narad replies Mahadev is giving up his Vairagi status-he is getting married.Tarkasur is happy and asks if he is being given an invite "here comes the funny part,Narad in his true blue avatar".Narad cheekily replies,no its his "mrityu"/death.Tarkasur looks stunned and says me?,and then gives out an evil laugh again,and tells Narad how can he die,he is the most powerful of all the Asuras,and he is Amar/Immortal.Narad slyly reminds him of the Vardaan he asked from Shiv and tells him it will only take time after Shivas wedding to Dakshas daughter Sati,that they will bear a son and he will meet his end.Tarkasur is stunned and angrily says that this cant happen,he will have to eliminate Sati and proclaims he will kill Sati with his own hands.Narad intervenes and says you cant do this!,Tarkasur asks why?.Narad says this will create a war between the Devas and the Asuras.Tarkasur says thats nothing to worry about!,they are willing to fight.Narad says no,you wont have youre Senapati-i.e Shukryacharya who is deep in meditation,how will you fight?.Tarkasur is deep in though as Narad eggs him on,telling that if you kill a woman what will people say about you?,they will infact make fun of you.Tarkasur completely in effect fo what Narad said realises that he is infact right,and on Narads suggestion decides to send one of his soldiers instead.Narad looks rather pleased with himselfs and his kalakari as Tarkasur calls out to Vrushchik and orders him to kill Sati and get the good news of Satis death.
On the other side Mahadev opens his eyes on realizing the danger that awaits Sati(yeah mera hero!!)

Mahadev stops Sati from going ahead,Sati rudely replies that he doesnt need to worry for her.Vrushchik comes in his avatar(is that King Kong??) and tries to attack Sati.Mahadev comes between them and does a neat Dhobhi Pachad,i.e he tosses him and hits like a dhobhi beats a Kapda,and then flings him far away(THIS is what you call a hero!but looked like a video game to be honest,and a wee bit too dramatic!).Sati looks quite besoted by Mahadev yet again.

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