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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 15th April 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 15th April 2012 Written Update within the Devon ke Dev… Mahadev forums, part of the Life OK Archive category; Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 15th April 2012 Written Update Shiv And Sati standing at the entrance and Dakshu announcing ...

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Transmit Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 15th April 2012 Written Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 15th April 2012 Written Update

Shiv And Sati standing at the entrance and Dakshu announcing that Shiva can attend the Yagna but not participate unless he adorns a dhoti and does away with the snake (I wonder why the snake was silent after this treatment...I know it would do nothing without Shivji''s permission...but still ...one hiss toh Banta hai na...) ...

Shiv says that he will sit in the Yagna as he is ...and prove that Tap and Yagna are no different..and he doesnot need to do all the rituals for being eligible to sit in the Yagna...Daksha doesnot agree with this and tells him that he will not permit him to sit as it will set a bad precedent (The only thing bad here is YOU YOU and YOU!!!!!!! Sirf tum )
Finally Sati speaks up...Shiv will stay the way he it is...Daksu twists her statement and says that it is futile to think and hope that Shiva will change..he will stay how he is ...the 16 Sanskar are necessary and he can hardly manage that...and even if they had time Mahadev would not have agreed for the same....(Yes he would not have agreed to that..do you know how much time it takes for MR to get into that whole get up...???? Ab woh dhoti pehenne jaayega toh week mein 3 repeat episode daalne padenge)

Mahadev says that he is right...and none of the rituals are necessary to reach God...and he will prove that...

Dakshu says that you are not going to change and since you are here...you will sit faraway from the Yajnya place ...you will be given a different aasan...Sati tries to argue but Mahadev stops her... (And you know what..in the end..he turned out to be a loser... again that is...the way Shiv Sati sat through the Yagna ...it almost looked like they were the Gods for whom the Yagna was being done..and in the end it did turn out to be exactly that...)

The Yagna started and dakshu is putting Aahutis with venom in his eyesMahadev looks on and gives sidelooks to Sati who is visibly not happy with this...(How can you expect your Yagya to be successful if you do it with hatred in your heart???? but I loved the Vedic Chant going on ..but it was way too short and we were again exposed to the total nonsense of the future goat head)

Dakshu gets up after the Yagna and addresses Mahadev and tells him that the way he could not connect with the YAgna ...sitting afar...it is the same way you cannot be a Vaiiragi and lead a married life...and the moment he spokke ..the yagna pyre errupted into big flames and we see Devtas stepping out of the Yagna pyre and they go towards Mahadev with the 'Yagna phal' and give it to Mahadev (Oh it was such a divine scene ...with Mahadev getting all glowy glowy with the offerrings and Dakshu's face turning totally black with shame and anger)

He shouts at the Devtas and Devtas say that it is the basic rule of Yagna that a part of its 'phal' would go to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (And Dakshu became Ghajni...What?? how could you forget this basic principle of the Yagna ritual...how can you deprive Shiva from something ,which can never be complete without him???? first Sati, and now this 'Phala'...Idiot Kahin ka...Couldn't Shiv find a donkey head ...?? On another note...Even if Devtas had not come out of hte Yagna pyre...it was obvious that Mahadev would have got the 'phala' of the Yagna...because all the while that Dakshu was putting ghee in the pyre...he was thinking about Shiva...)

Devtas tell Dakshu that when he denied the 'Phala' to Shiva, they had to come out of it and offer it to him...Dakshu shrieks like a cranky child (Mummmyyy... I did the homework..so why is he getting the tofeee)...He tells them that when he had not invited Shiva in this YAgna ..how can the 'Phala' go to Shiva...and if this is so ...then he will stop doing Yagnas (you should try stop breathing...Chalo chalo...try karte haii...take your chubby hand to your not so engaging nose and press your fingers on both the sides...and dont try to open your mouth...Wah wah...mission accomplished!!!)

Bhrigu tries to stop him and says that it will create a havoc...and Devtas who are the reason for rain and other things necessary for living will not like this...(Why is Bhrigu always announcing Anarthas!!!! I would like to hear SOME good news and a smile from him)...Dakshu as usual is adamant when Shivji steps in and says that he only wanted to prove that just like he could be connected with the Yagna even when he was nowhere near it...he could very well be a Vairagi and take the responsibilities of a married man...Dakshu's face fells (I Wish it falls off from the body altogether)....but now he promises that he will not partake from any 'Phala' of any Yagna without hte permission of Dakshu...(Haye haye!! Ye kya kar diya Mahadev...itni acchi tarah se izzat ka faluda hua tha Dakshu ka...why do you have to be so benevolent...but ofcourse we understand that he did so that the Devtas willl not be naaraz and the world would not face calamities)

Precap: Sati asking why is Shiva enduring so much of insult because of her...he tells her it is not only her..he is doing it so that the reason why this marriage took place ...gets its rightful due...
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