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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 10th March 2013 Written Update

This is a discussion on Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 10th March 2013 Written Update within the Devon ke Dev… Mahadev forums, part of the Life OK Archive category; Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 10th March 2013 Written Update So episode starts with Ganesh questioning Narayan…Narayan is in his ...

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Award Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 10th March 2013 Written Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - 10th March 2013 Written Update

So episode starts with Ganesh questioning Narayan…Narayan is in his ‘mein kaun hoon’ mode and refuses to acknowledge Ganesh and their relation..he tells him to leave and let him fight in peace!!

Ganesh goes to the three sisters of Laxmiji who are lamenting that their pooja of years has not fructified…(They welcome Ganesh as PRatham Pujya Ganaesh !!! Hain PRatham Pujya seems to be like a prefix degree,…Like Doctor Nathalal??)

Ganesh hammers some sense in the teen deviyan t elling them because of them not only Vishnu-Laxmi have separated but also his own mother and father are going through “Lambi Judai” (No the song is not playing in the background…Dont you know? that movie was not released THEN!)

The teen deviyan realize their mishtike and come to the battlefield and release Vishnu from their promise…Vishnuji recollects everything and is all happy shappy to see his best buddya aka Mahadev…and gives Mahadev another name (Vishnuji should be named the buaji of Mahadev…he is always giving names to him!!)…He calls the Avatar…Vrishabh Avatar …(Three guesses why? No?? you couldnt guess? it was BECAUSE MAHADEV was in Vrishabh Swaroop at that point of time *Ducks from chappals*)

Ganesh asks Vishnu where is his chakra…Poor Vishnuji is all zapped at this question…and looks blankly as he remembers that he has left it in PAtallok…Mahadev says that let it be there (HE probably didnt want to risk another merry go round, if Vishnuji again gets into some Vardaan while going in Paatal!) so he gifts Vishnuji a new Chakra *taaliyaan..but gift wrap nahi kiya isliye no seetiyan*

Ganesh scurries ahead and gives the good news to PArvati that he has brought Mahadev back (I personally think that Ganesh went ahead to announce because he knew that the moment Mahadev will enter, Parvati will have eyes only for him and poor Golu Ganesh will be all forgotten..so let me steal the lime light while I can)

Vishnu and Mahadev are back to their respective homes and receive a jadu ki jhappi from their respective wives…both crying and saying sorry worry
And now Mahadev asks Ganesh what does he wants since he is the one who is responsible for bringing him back…So Ganesh says PunarVivah! (Ooo Ganeshji…Life OK pe Zee Tv show ko promote kar rahe ho…Channel wale aapki story line ki waat laga denge!!)

(On a side note did someone see Nandi’s expression when Ganeshji said “Vivaah ayojit kiya jaye” Nandi was so super excited..he probably thought Ganesh has found someone for him)

Then Ganesh Clarifies…Mom Dad ka Punarvivaah…(And Mahadevji ke mann mein laddoo phoota!! he so readily agrees!! )
Everybody is happy with the suggestion…and So the preparations start…Both the sons, Nandi and all the ganas start preparing food and decorating Mahadev…all the Saptarishi are also there… The baarat which is to come from Mansarovar to Kailash gets ready…Nandi again takes on his original form and Mahadev rides on it…Ganesh and Kartikeya have come to Mahadev and Ashok sundari who has rushed on site has gone to Parvati!!

Mahadev trying to flirt with Parvati on long distance on who will see whom with divyshakti…both resolve to see each other in mandap (haan itney saalo se toh dekh rahey hai…ab divyashakti ka istamaal kyun kare )

Ashok Sundari again does the Aarti as Mahadev enters Kailash!!! And Mahadev enters Kailash…Parvatiji enters the Mandap (Waise why was Mahadev staring at Parvati with Tirchhi nazar???)

Mahadev and parvati flirting through telepathy when Ganesh interrupts their thoughts (Ab ye toh laga rahega na..with children you cannot have complete privacy na!)

AshokSundari comes with a big smile and a BIG Garland!..Parvati puts it on Shijvji…they sit in front of the holy pyre (BG Song Swayam hi Rachna, Swayam Rachayita
Sansaar ke Gauri Shivaya hai…playing as they do all the rituals)

In the end the happy remarried couple comes out and Ganeshji showers them with flowers and shouts “Har Har Mahadev” (This one was really a VERY good scene…you will feel goosebumps and as if you are right there and want to hail back “Har Har Mahadev!!!”)

Vivah..err I mean Punar Vivah Sampann!!!

PRecap :Seems like PArvatiji wants some long moments of privacty *Ahem* and hence Mahadev is thinking of a Second Honeymoon Destination
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