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Dekha Ek Khwaab - 23rd January 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Dekha Ek Khwaab - 23rd January 2012 Written Update within the Dekha Ek Khwaab forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Dekha Ek Khwaab - 23rd January 2012 Written Update The episode begins with an upset Akash (when isn't he upset! ...

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Heart Dekha Ek Khwaab - 23rd January 2012 Written Update

Dekha Ek Khwaab - 23rd January 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with an upset Akash (when isn't he upset! ) complaining to Amma about how loneliness is the worst thing in this world. Soni and Chikki eavesdrop on Akash's conversation with Amma and believe that Akash will realize how much Moniya loves him.
Moniya is in her room packing Akash's gifts and day dreaming about him. She has made him a scrapbook containing all their moments spent together and believes that this will remind him about how they can be never separated. Uday walks into the room and Moniya yells at him about always barging in without knocking and quickly tries to cover the gifts which Uday notices. Uday calls her wify and asks her if she is still angry with him. Moniya asks him what does wify mean and Uday explains wify means wife (UV, I am ready to be your wify! ). Uday then questions her on whether she is once again planning on making clothes out of drapes. Uday takes her phone and checks it to see Akash's missed calls and tells Moniya that he can imprison Akash for harassing her but Moniya says she not answering his calls is punishment enough for him (how about you stick with this idea and just NEVER talk to that sad guy).
Uday praises her slowly becoming a princess and now she should also learn to give importance to their relationship. Moniya as usual makes a face and makes fun of their impending marriage. Uday then tells her about a party being hosted in his honor and he being given an award for being the best polo player and wants Moniya to accompany him to the party. Moniya agrees to go with him and Uday tells her that it's a date and to be ready tomorrow at 8 which leaves Moniya in shock (HA! Now what will you do Moniya?)
The whole family is having dinner and Uday is also eating with them (hayeee… he looks so sexy even while eating ). Moniya comes to dining hall and wants to speak with Uday in private to which Brijraj says you both are now keeping secrets. Uday tells her to speak in front of the family. Moniya questions if it is important to have his party tomorrow and Uday reminds her about her promise to come with him. Brijraj then explains to Moniya that this party is very important and she should definitely go with Uday. Rajmata is not sure about Moniya attending such a party but Uday assures her that he will be always be with Moniya.
Chikki calls Moniya to tell her about Akash to but Moniya cries to her about her own problem. J and Vijay are happy and believe that Moniya now has no choice but to ask for their help. It is morning and Moniya wakes up and self talks wishing Akash and on the other side Akash as always is looking sad as he wishes himself. Chikki calls Moniya and asks her where she is as Akash has already left for work.
Unnati comes to the mahal carrying shopping bags (will we finally see M's makeover?). J stops her and questions about the bags she is carrying to which Unnati replies that they are gifts sent by Uday. J questions Unnati on Akash's bday party and Unnati says she doesn't know how Moniya will escape from Uday's party to go to Akash's (I can't believe she wants Moniya to ditch Uday!).
Moniya tells Unnati that she will just have to run away to Akash's party. Moniya then freshen up and comes out wearing hot pink kurta. Uday walks in wearing black/greyish jacket (I am missing that brown shirt already!). Uday then questions her on why she keeps wearing those clothes but then tells her that she looks very pretty and he is touched that she is making such an effort for him (I am terrified of his anger once he learns about Moniya's selfish plans). Moniya questions him on what he is doing there. Uday says he has come to pick up Moniya. Unnati tries to tell him about how it will take time for them to get ready but Uday tells them that they keep getting stuck in traffic hence he will take them to his hotel as he knows many shortcuts (Hayeee…. kitna smart hai mera prince!). J listens to this from the door and both Moniya and J share a look. J comes in and suggests Uday to take Moniya with him while she and Unnati can come together in a separate car as she has to pick up the special gift Moniya has ordered for him. Moniya takes the hint and tells Uday to lets go and let them come later. Uday simply watches the three women with suspicious eyes.
Akash is in his office, Chikki comes to him and lies about Moniya not being well and drags him away from the office.
Uday and Moniya are in the car and Uday tells her that it will be their first appearance together as a couple in front of the press to which Moniya reminds him of the first time he had held his hand and announced to the press about she being his honewali maharani (How can we forget that wonderful scene!).
Chikki brings Akash to his bday party and he is surprised to see everyone and the party. He searches for Moniya calling out to her thinking that she is hiding. Amma tells him that Moniya is not there. Akash is upset hearing this and says that he believed Moniya had given this surprise party and no one corrects him on it (I am happy! Let him think this).
Uday is introducing Moniya to his friends at the part. Moniya tells him that she needs to use the bathroom and Uday tells her to lets go as he won't leave her alone after what she did last time.
Akash is staring at the cake and once again in flashback mode and remembers of the time Uday took Moniya away from the chawl and the moments he spent with Moniya (another song wasted!).
Uday tells Moniya about how everyone is talking about his polo skills and asks Moniya if she will come with him to the next match as his lucky charm. Moniya tells him she will accompany him to jumli thalai if he wants but for now she wants food so order it for her. Uday tells the waiter to get the food and Moniya complains about the food not being good enough and tells him to get her tagda khanna.
Unnati reaches the party, Chikki questions about Moniya and Unnati tells them that Moniya might not make it as Uday is not leaving Moniya alone.
Moniya gets a text from Unnati, Uday questions J on where Unnati is as they both were coming together. J questions Uday whether he heard of "caf royal". The episode ends on Moniya's shocked face.

Akash's mother tells him cut the cake but Akash says Moniya is going through difficult hurdles to make it to his party and she wants him to cut the cake without her.


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