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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 9th November 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 9th November 2011 Written Update within the Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 9th November 2011 Written Update Starts with Viren and Swamini Viren talking to ...

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Award Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 9th November 2011 Written Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 9th November 2011 Written Update

Starts with Viren and Swamini

Viren talking to Swamini, he says that he got to know everything that happened in Rishikesh through his Mom. He continues that I am not here to make you exlain or understand things, but I always follow the path you have taught me and because of that I am so successful. Infact even my life partner , its because of you and you have found the perfect one. Swamini looks at him.

He looks down and says that its been just two weeks since Jeevika has entered my life, I dnt know much about her, but I know the fact she can never think about insulting you or our family jeevika repects you as much as I respect you. He holds her hand, and continues that do you remember, right from my First standard, after every final exam you always give me a gift, I still have them and dnt allow anyone to touch them ,even Virat. ANd why should I its given by my Badi maa. The gifts are not a mere gift , its your love. He then shows her a Pen, and tells her that this pen is my Dad's.

Whenever I am in trouble, I hold this pen so tight and keep it near my heart, and all the problems just vanish off. This pen is not just Dads but also gives me the feeling that you are near to me. Its also possible, that necklace also gives the same feeling to Jeevika. Swamini looks at him. (KT is too good)
He tells her that till now you have taken all the decision of life, and this decision also you will take. I really love you a lot, but.. I also love Jeevika a lot.and He cries... (aww poor baby..KTdnt cry)
and he leaves from there.

Swamini is thinking.


Jeevika is crying and sitting on the swing (Tu hi tu sad song) She remembers all the scenes with Viren, the proposing scene, finger holding wala scene..then her phone rings and its Viren. She is scared.
She wipes off her tears and receives it and says Hello.
Viren says that I got to know everything from maa abt what happened in Rishikesh. Jeevika is trying to control her tears. She says that Virenji,that we are soory and no one wanted to insult Badi Maa.how will I make you understand that..
Viren cuts her off and says you dnt need to explain, I know that you and your family wnt do this. But Jeevika you know the importance of Badi Maa in my life. I love her so much, and at this moment, I cant go against her wish. Jeevika says I understand that. should not go against elders.we should agree to all their decision. Viren is like, I dnt know should I be happy or sad, that you keep family before yourself or because of this will be go away from each other. Jeevika controls her tears and tells Viren that Beeji is calling and that she willt lak later and cuts the call.

(sad tu hi tu)

And jeevika cries, Viren is very very sad. they remember their first meeting all the scenes when they were together.. (wonderfully shot)

(this is so sad)

Maanvi sees her Di crying. She thinks that, why does this happen all the time with Di..how should I protect di from this. I should not have spoken so much to that langoor designer, it all started from there. she leaves.

Maanvi , thinking, Whst should I do, no one will help me from this house, Only that Virat can help me, but how will I talk to him. Give me some idea. and she coughs loudly.

Dabbu comes in and they have a convo

Dabbu says that whenever you think of some plan, it all ends up being a disaster, Maanvi hits him and says that you were the one who during Bhai duj told me that you will be my bodygaurd. (funny scene)

Daabu asks whats the plan and she whispers in his ears. and tells dabbu to call Viraat and tell him the plan. A cute funny scene.

Dabbu calls up Virat. (Kushal looks hot, should I stare at him or complete my update)

Viraat receives the call and asks him how is he?

He replies that lots of tension, and Virat too agress with that.
Daabu then says that I have a plan to make this tension vanish. Virat is like you? A funny scene..

Dabbu, says that you tell Swamini ji that beeji had called and asked for forgiveness, and We will tell beeji that swamini bua had called and asked for forgiveness, so then what will happen is both will tlak to each other and then plan will get solved.
Virat is like, Did you make this plan. I know that you just telling the dailogues, scrrenplay had been written by someone else..so give the phone to her. he blabbers and maanvi hits him..

Maanvi takes her phone, Maanvi is like I made the plan and I cannot talk to you directly, but i cant see my sister is so much pain, thats whay I made this plan.Virat is like the same scene here, bro is also very sad. But here the situation is different when Bua is angry, she is the decision maker. If it what someone else, i would have spoken to them, but Bua. i cant. SO Maanvi this time please dnt make any plans, this time the situation is really serious.
lest wait until morning.
Maanvi is sad and prays to god.

Morning Rishikesh

family tensed.all are in living are waiting for the phone to ring I suppose.
The same time, The bell rings. and maanvi opens the door ..Its Swamini

Maanvi is shocked , all are.
She comes in. all get up and greets her.

she says that, keeping in mins what happend yday, I have made a very important decision, and to tell that decision I have come here. This decision is just not my decision but the whole family.
All are scared.

I thought about everything that happened yday , the way Manvi behaved with RV it was wrong it should not hav happened because RV was sent by us, his insult is our insult. Jeevika is like no..
But still, forgetting all this, i have come to tell that , she holds Beeji's hands and tells her that I really regret the differences that happened between us. All are quite surprised.

In middle of all this, I ignored the feelings/emotions of a Mom and a daughter. She looks at Jeevika. And when I udnerstood Viren's pain, I understood the pain. And she tells Jeevika that you wil wear your Mom's necklace during the wedding and she touches Jeevika's face and tells I will be very happy. maanvi goes ato hug her but back off. Swamini smiles..
(me is also smiling)

beeji replies, that in the flow of emotions if I had told something wrong , please forgive me. Swamini replies thta, lets forget all this and move ahead.

She calls out to jeevika, and tells her that I have a surprise for you.She then tells, Will you two stay outside or come in.

Sisters are surprised. all are happy. And the Brothers enter. (Ahh long time ke baad, chaaron ko ek saath, dil khush hogaya)
JeeVi look at each other and smile.Virat and Maanvi also look at each other.

JeeVi alone outside. Viren is telling her, that The importance of a person is realized only when the person is about to go away from them. till yday, when i know that you were about to go away , I realized that How much I love you (and how much I love you KT). Jeevika looks on. (aww)
She is shy , both are shy. Jeevika replies, I cant think what would have happened if the wedding was called off..Viren interupts, why do you think of things which has not happend..And he comes close by to hre, telling think about things which are going to happen.
Jeevika tells him, that the maturity you have shown . Viren ji, there are few people who are as understanding as you. Viren replies, that I thought you might be thinking , that what sort of guy is he only thinks abt his family (chance maarne ke full mood me hai, taking baby steps to come close)
Jeevika replies, that the guy who loves his family so much, then think if I enter their family , then how much will he love me. And both are smiling. Viren is like, only you can think like this.. (me is blushing)

Viren then continues, till now I was scared that will she love my family as much as I do. But know I am scared that my family will love you more then me (aww.. my KT)
She smiles andl looks at him. Viren continues, I dnt have any problem with that, because your are so aborlable (tu ki tu happy wala) Both are so close , looking at each other and she leaves, but Viren catches her FINGER again (I am dead) She slightly turns her head, Viren then asks her, that will you run like this after marriage (shaadi ke baad aise bhaag toh nahi jaogi na) ( haaye me marr jawa)

Jeevika is smiling.


Precap: Jeevika says that I will make the food.Beeji says no.. Today food Maanvi will make. if she doesnt do it today, when will she learn. Maanvi is shocked.(nothing serious, happy wala music in background)

Pls dnt mind the typos..

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