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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 27th December 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 27th December 2011 Written Update within the Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 27th December 2011 Written Update Recap : Jeevika is delighted to see Maanvi ...

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Podcast Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 27th December 2011 Written Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - 27th December 2011 Written Update

  • Jeevika is delighted to see Maanvi as the gift presented by Viren on her birthday.
  • Swamini and Dadaji are upset at Maanvi's arrival.
  • Jeevika is confused who to feed cake first, Maanvi or Viren; although she wishes to feed it to Maanvi, she turns to Viren which makes Maanvi sad. Viren lovingly turns her around and she feeds the cake to Maanvi first followed by Viren.
  • Maanvi does strange things like applying cake on Jeevika's face which the Vaddhera's never do thus annoys Swamini even more.
Detailed Update:

Episode begins with yesterday's ending, Dadaji tells Swamini that Viren brought Maanvi for Jeevika's happiness but Swamini protests that every girl misses her maayka after getting married but that doesn't mean the whole maayka should be brought here! Meanwhile, Viren is overhearing and says "Badi Maa". Swamini and Dadaji look at Viren who enters the room, and firstly apologizes to both of them for going to Hrishikesh without informing them. He also apologizes for bringing Maanvi here, because he broke the rules of the house by doing so, but he promises she would be here for only a couple of days and would leave after that. Swamini gets emotional and tells Viren, he need not apologize, both of them were worried for his safety! Since they heard about the gun incident they have been tensed. Dadaji adds that they need to teach Jaiswal a lesson; for which he already spoke to the IG and told him about the incident and have registered a court complaint against him. Even Jaiswal needs to know what happens when someone goes against Vaddhera's.

Chachi on the other hand is sitting with Chacha ji about Viren brought such a big surprise in the form of Maanvi for Jeevika! She says this is like the movie Anthony Gonsalves. In between this conversation Virat enters asking who is Anthony Gonsalves? Chachi is in the mood of scolding her husband and asks him even after so many years of marriage, he hasn't arranged such a surprise for her and he needs to learn something from his own nephew Chacha ji asks her surprise? "Gala kharaab hai mera, mu mat khulwao" (I have a sore throat, don't have me open my mouth) because to bring your 250 kg weighing sister, I'd need not one, but four boxes! And she wouldn't fit in the car, she would need a truck! (Ohmygosh, this was hilarious, it's a must watch!) He finishes by saying "sali" and Chachi ji asks what?! He changes his statement saying Saali, meri sali" (Good one ) Virat is busy laughing hearing their conversation. Chachi ji brushes off that chapter and confirms with her husband that nobody even in films may have done such a thing for his wife. Virat's smile is wiped off and a flashback comes where it's Maya's birthday, they show friends celebrating and one tells Maya that Virat has sent a surprise package for her. (It's the one like Viren had sent for Jeevika) Maya opens it and sees Virat on his knees with a ring, asking if she is ready to spend the rest of her birthday's with him, Maya smiles and takes his hand, Virat puts the ring in her hand and they smile. (They don't show Maya's face, only eyes and mouth as she smiles) Chachi pulls Virat out of the flashback and Virat excuses himself. She turns to talk to Chacha ji but he is gone too

At the dinner table, Maanvi gives Jeevika achaar sent by Biji. Everyone is eating silently on Maanvi talking. She tells Jiju and Chachi that Jeevika loves aam ka achaar (mango pickle) so much that she would wake up in the middle of the night to have some. And Biji thought it was a theif and hit Jeevika with a broom (LOL ) Jiju and Chachi giggle but Swamini and Dadaji are not liking this. Maanvi keeps talking the whole time, and the family members realize Dadaji is not liking it apart from Jeevika and Maanvi who are busy giggling. Till Dadaji calls out to Maanvi and asks her to talk after eating. Jeevika tells Maanvi to keeps quiet too.

Someone knocks on Virat's door late at night, it's Viren. He tells Virat that he is sleeping in his room, since Jeevika and Maanvi are talking in his room and he is not willing to disturb them. He jumps in the bed and dozes off whereas Virat says he will teach that Maanvi a lesson. Someone knocks the door in Virika's room and Maanvi goes to open it. It's none other than Virat. He says think of the devil and the devil appears. He tells her to come outside since he wants to talk to her, but she says she doesn't want to talk to him and turns to leave when he grabs her and takes her along forcefully. She asks what the problem is and if Dadaji announced some new rule? He asks her if cannot listen first? He continues that since she has come, she is glued to Jeevika. Maanvi retorts asking so? She is sticking to her sister, not to him innit? Then what's the problem? He gets clear, that Viren has done so much since morning but he hasn't wished Jeevika properly. And now even in the night he can't, since she is being the kabab. (Very cute Virman conversation) Maanvi finally understand and asks for her Jiju?

Next scene we see Maanvi pushing Viren in his room. She apologizes to Jeevika for taking her and Viren's time. She also apologizes for taking Viren's right of spending time with Jeevika since has a right over her too. Maanvi confesses that since she has come she cannot think of anything other than her sister. She lastly thanks Viren for bringing her here, because without him nothing would be possible. She titles him "Jiju no.1" and Viren adds that she is his "Saali no.1". Viren-Maanvi hug and Jeevika smiles. Maanvi tells Viren that she'll get going now so that he can spend time with his "Biwi no.1" Maanvi leaves, and Jeevika apologizes to Viren that he had to wait because of Maanvi. But Viren retorts saying he can anything for her smile (See how much he loves you?) She smiles. And Viren adds that this smile is because of Maanvi and Jeevika agrees. They keep smiling at each other as Jeevika thanks him for this special birthday gift that will never forget. (Dude, is that it? No more? )

Maanvi is happily roaming around the corridor, when Virat says "Kabaab mein haddi" her smile turns to anger and she looks at Virat who is eating and apple. He asks if she is going after getting kicked out? She tells him she got the innings and now she is going. But he cuts her saying if he wasn't there then she would stick to her sister all night. Virat further asks her if she is chewing gum? She firmly tells him, she is sticking to her sister not to him! He pleads her not to stick to him otherwise his style will get spoilt. Maanvi laughs sarcastically claming style? His style? This is done by every kid in Hrishikesh! Suddenly his phone rings and he asks her to shut up. It's an unknown number. Maanvi leaves. Virat answers the phone and it's Maya. He gets up and gets mad. He asks her why she has called him and how dare she. She says she wants to meet him, but he cuts her off saying meeting her is a mile away, she doesn't even want to speak to her and she should never call him again. He asks her to get lost and go to hell (Wow, that was harsh) After he hangs up, Maanvi comes back and asks him to tell his servants to get her a jug of water since she gets thirsty in the middle of the night. She turns to go, when she realizes Virat is not paying attention. She comes forward and asks him who he was shouting at? Anyway, he has a habit of doing so but she feels bad for the person he was talking to. This breaks his silence and he asks her very rudely to mind her own business. Maanvi is hurt and tells him it's okay if he is hurt but that doesn't mean he should be so rude, as just a while ago he was being so friendly. Virat says "I'm Sorry" he didn't mean to hurt her. He excuses himself. But Maanvi keeps going that thank God he doesn't have a girlfriend otherwise poor girl would have to suffer. Again Virat gets mad and leaves from there. Maanvi is confused and says to herself that when he was a child, his brain screw might have fallen off somewhere

Back to Virika's room, Viren makes Jeevika sit on the bed and gifts her another present. Jeevika accepts it reluctantly since she already got such a big surprise from him. Viren tells her this is the special gift. She opens a beautiful set of necklace and earrings. Viren narrates to her than he had gone for an exhibition, where he loved this set. Everyday he would pass from there and wish to buy it but for who? On the last day, he bought it with the thought that one day a girl will walk into his life and that day he will give it to her. They smile. She tells him that since that day the set has been waiting for her? She blushes and they look at each other. Viren adds on that since that day, the set has been waiting for it's place and he has been waiting for her He takes her hand, holds it with both his hands and brings her close and finally hugs her. She is really happy and hugs him back. (Loved it! It's a must watch)

Virat on the other hand is thinking about Maya. Flashback: Virat and Maya are dancing a ballroom dance, then they are on a motorbike, then on a dinner date, then sharing a drink from one straw, then he kisses her hand. Virat wakes up and the flashback is cut off. He switches off the lamp and goes to sleep. (They still haven't shown the face of Maya)

Next day, Maanvi comes to kitchen where Jeevika is explain the worket Vimal that menu for the week. Maanvi is shocked to see a menu card and in that time Swamini is outside the kitchen. Maanvi expresses her disgust at the style of having a menuy card. Swamini is already annoyed. Jeevika takes the menu card from Maanvi and gives it to Vimal. She further asks him to keep the breakfast on the table. As Vimal is leaving, he sees Swamini outside. She directs him to leave and he leaves. Maanvi is sitting on the cabinet and Jeevika asks her to stop making and noise and get down from there but Maanvi is reluctant saying it won't break. She goes on that even in Jail there is more freedom than there is here. Jeevika requests her to follow the rules and keep quiet even if she doesn't like it, for the time that she is going to stay here. Maanvi promises that for her sister, she shut up for all her life. But she teases and asks Jeevika if there are days of talking and keeping quiet in this house as well? Jeevika smiles and hits Maanvi on the head. Maanvi laughs and says sorry. But Swamini, who is overhearing the conversation from outside is maha angry. Episode freezes on her angry face.

Precap: Dadaji asks Jeevika where Maanvi is. Everyone is already on the breakfast table when Maanvi comes and grabs a paratha. Dadaji informs Maanvi that here there is a timing of eating and if a person is even a minute they cannot have the meal. Maanvi leaves the paratha. And Jeevika looks on at Dadaji.

Overall, nice episode. A good 9/10. One mark cut out for Swamini's ugly face.
Lovely Virika & Virman scenes


Courtesy: Sonia

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