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Parichay - 31st January 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Parichay - 31st January 2012 Written Update within the Parichay forums, part of the Colors TV Archive category; Parichay - 31st January 2012 Written Update Episode starts with SINAL Scene, Kunal stops Siddhi and she asked what happened ...

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Heart Parichay - 31st January 2012 Written Update

Parichay - 31st January 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with SINAL Scene, Kunal stops Siddhi and she asked what happened Now?? Kunal says he don't know but he don't want that she go.But if she want to Go then atleast Don't Cry..Siddhi who was already crying so much starts crying more and says that What a women Do other than crying when her Husband with some other women'and she stops after saying this.Kunal says that he was not with any other women..believe him and If he have some other Husband then..Siddhi says, what he is saying.Kunal says to her that atleast she believes that he is her Only husband. He says again that believe him.He was not with any women and If still she want to go.Then go But don't Cry..he will even arrange Texi for her But Don't Cry..Siddhi says nothing and starts crying more..Kunal Kissed her forhead and then on her Neck.Smile was on Siddhi face.Kunal Kissed her again and again.and Then both was on bed and The Final consumtion Scene.
BG Song "In Lamhon ka Daman main, Pakeza sa Rishta han" playing.Both Spend Night with each other.
In Morning, Raj Knocks the door Sinal was still sleeping in each other Arms. After wearing Clothes Kunal
Opens The door.His Father says that Get Ready..Today is Anand's Death Anniversary. SINAL became Shocked after heaing this. Kunal says nothing and saw Siddhi.who was also silent.
Kunal Remembers all Moment spend with Anand and became very Sad. Siddhi comes with oil's bottle but Kunal moves towards Wash Room..In wash Room He saw himself in mirror and remembers all moments which he spend with siddhi last Night.and then He starts crying and blaming himself that what he did.
How can he do this.he was Promised.Then How can he do this.How can he forget that today is Anand's Death Anniversary. And after saying this he starts crying loudly.and feels very bad about all.Then he moves outside from the room without saying anything to Siddhi.

At Vikrum's House.Vikrum was talking on Phone with Seema.And saying that how can he forget his best friend's Death Anniversary. Anand can gave him sorrow but he can't.He will come for sure but he can't say anything about Raveena..she is living in her own World in these days.He says to Seema that take care of Everyone till then he reached there..Anand wanted to see everyone Happy Not in tears.And Cuts the call.
Vikrum saw outside, towards the Sky and says that Today whole One Year is Passed and He is missing him (Anand). badly.Raveena enters in the room and Vikrum asked that where she is going.Raveena says that today is Anand Bhaiya's death anniversary.So, she is going at home.Vikrum asked that she is sure that she is going there..Raveena says that yes and asked that is he coming with her or she goes there alone.Vikrum says that he is coming with her.

In Chopra House, All Family members were Present to fulfill Custom of death anniversary. Raveena and Vikrum reached and sit in the Hall. Kunal comes to fulfills custom.Gaurav says to Raj that all are present there except Veena..Raj says that don't think about that.Veena is not well..and its better she is not here.Gaurav says that whole One Year spend and Veena is still in same Condition.No mental improvement.
Even Medicines not working.Its better if she comes there and realize about reality.May be she recover soon.Seema says to Raj that Gaurav is saying Rite.and then she goes towards Veena's room and asked Veena to come Outside in the Hall..when Veena Reached at all.she asked whats Going onn.Kunal saw her and asked that Who brings Veena here.Before anyone speaks.Veena Saw Anand's Picture and says Anand and become Unconscious.

In room Veena is Unconscious, Siddhi and Seema taking care of her.Raj enters in the room and after seeing Veena says that he is okay with how Veena is.he don't want to take any Risk.He don't want to lose her..and cries..In hall Kunal asked that who brings Veena outside in the Hall. When all knows that she is in what kind of condition. Raj says nothing but saw towards Gaurav.Kunal Understood that who is responsible .and he starts scolding Gaurav that why he did this..Is he is more than a Doctor. What happened if Veena condition will become more bad.Gaurav who was also in anger says that why he is saying all this to him.Veena knows Nothing.She even don't know that how many members are in the house.He forgets everything..and he(Kunal) even forget about Anand's anniversary.Kunal feels very sad after hearing this..Raj says Stopped. And says Today Anand is not here who can stop you both.Even Veena is not in the condition that she starts crying to stop you both.Kunal remembers Memories with Anand and even the Gaurav..and Kunal moves from there..siddhi saw all that and became sad.

PRECAP: Siddhi crying and talking with Anand's picture in her room and saying that he merrys bcz of his wish only not for herself.But Today she moves in her life and she loves Kunal and hugged the picture.Kunal enters in the room and saw all that.

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