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Pre-Party Diet Tips and Plan

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Pre-Party Diet Tips and Plan

We're no strangers to the pre-party pangs of wanting to slim down to look our best come New Year's Eve. But, does this mean that we starve ourselves and 'diet' in the truest, most negative sense of the term. We think not. The best way to stay away from festive over-indulgence is to go for a smart pre-party diet plan, so that you can eat, drink and make merry all the way through this party season. Today, we are going to talk about how to avoid festive fatigue with the help of pre-party diet tips and planning . Let's begin!

Stay away from crash dieting and detox

Yes, you heard us right! The trick lies in cutting down on binge eating and exercising regularly, rather than shocking your system by going on a detox or crash diet. So, here are four golden rules you strictly need to pay heed to:
  • How you are eating.
  • How much you are eating.
  • When you are eating.
  • Are you exercising and sleeping well?

Eat smartly

It is generally seen that we tend to skip meals, knowing that we will anyway be eating calorie-loaded party foods and drinking alcohol. This is not good. This will, as a matter of fact, play havoc with your blood-sugar levels and you would probably end up consuming much more in the evening in a bid to compensate for your hunger. Here’s a sample diet-plan you can go for before hitting the party scene:

Non vegetarian pre-party sample menu plan

  • Breakfast: Two boiled eggs with toasted soy or brown bread. You can also go for dark rye bread. Accompany this with a few slices of carrot/asparagus or a piece of fresh fruit.
  • Mid-Morning Snack: An orange or apple. You can also go for 5-6 pieces of almonds.
  • Lunch: Tuna, with salad (for the salad you can quickly mix together spinach leaves, tomatoes, sesame seeds, hung curd, lemon, salt and pepper).
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack: Handful of almonds or dried apricots.
  • Dinner: 2-3 thin slices of pork along with stir-fried red and orange bell peppers. Combine this with a handful of wholegrain noodles and you are good to go.

Vegetarian pre-party sample menu plan

  • Breakfast: A healthy bowl of porridge made with skimmed milk along with strawberries or dried apricots.
  • Snack: An apple or a pear with a cheese stick.
  • Lunch: Go for a hot bowl of tomato soup along with stir-fried vegetables. Or may be, you can go for a whole-wheat chapatti and sautéed cottage cheese.
  • Snack: Sugar-free yoghurt.
  • Dinner: Baked soybean patties along with a medium baked sweet potato and peas.

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