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Dil Dosti Dance - 22nd November 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Dil Dosti Dance - 22nd November 2011 Written Update within the [V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance forums, part of the Channel [V] Archive category; Dil Dosti Dance - 22nd November 2011 Written Update Episode begins with Rey running behind Kriya and she wonders whether ...

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Light Bulb Dil Dosti Dance - 22nd November 2011 Written Update

Dil Dosti Dance - 22nd November 2011 Written Update

Episode begins with Rey running behind Kriya and she wonders whether if he didnt listen to anything she said and she is behaving wierd so she orders herself to stop behaving wierd and ti stand straight and to chin up and then she strts talking to him. She asks him what happened and he starts speaking uo about the dance festival coming up and the arragements like costume, stagem make-up etc etc they have to do and to make her jealous he says that he wants to impress every teacher who are old or new and Kriya takes Nichole's mam name and he is like he wants to impress her and she is the best dance partner he can ever get. Kriya is full on jealous and Rey is taking fun in all this.

Kriya asks him when he did dance with other grls that he can say that she is best dancer and while having eyelock Rey says that when u get intensity, passion and chemistry then u knw it and in background there BG music plays. She says that he will know properly when he will dance with her and Rey is like Okay and she is like that noo he will know that whi is best dancer and yeah they are just frnds and then Rey to tease her says yeah just frnds many times and yeah we are good frnds. While leaving Rey thinks the day u will dance with me u will knw whats intensity, passion and chemistry. While Kriya feels irritated.

In the locker room Nilesh is in Nichole's dream and Vicky in Neha dream and they are like dancing together and Swayam tells the to work to which they are just like still drooling there grls. When Swayam again tells them to work them boys starts teasing him on the name of Sharon and chemistry. Then suddenly Sharon drops in there and all of them just stand straight and she asks Swayam that she wants to talk to him for 2 minutes and she calls him out and after Sharon leaves boys sings chalo bulawa aya hai maiyya ne bulaya hai and Swayam goes and she tels him that she want everyone to get collected in canteen like now she wants to check the checklist and he says okay and Sharon leaves and Swaya is also abt to leave when Sharon thinks that he is giving attitude to her and she call him back

Sharon says that she is not okay with his presence to which he says that he is not affected at all about his presence. Sharon again says that she is dancing with him that does not means that there is something normal between them. To which he says that he dont want to even think abt normal things becoz he dont want to get attached anything related to her. Sharon says it was his fault and she will never forgive him and he says if she is thinking that like old Swayam if she thinks that he will come and say sorry then she can DREAM ON as he has many other works to do like dance competition and she says that she is dancing cz of professional and he saya that there cant be anything more between them except one thing that is just being professional and she leaves.

Kriyansh are sitting with RDX and who is happy wit Rey suggestions f using basketball court and audi. He aks them if they divided the suties or not and to which they say yes and RDX asks them if they are ready to take the duties as it is serious and Rey says that he trusts them

On the other side Swayam is making everyone to work and everyone is in mess and they are not working as all are drooling there respective lady loves. Swayam gets angry and tell them to work.

Beginning of MESS
There RDX asks abt Chief Guest and KR tells him that Nilesh is handling and either SRK or Hr comes there the same thing Nilesh tells to grls and grls strts drooling and Vicky says that if he called anyone of them then he will take Nichole and he tells them that now nana paekar is coming.

He asks about gifts and hoardings and there Rini tells them that she was abt to arrange but now that not possible

There they talks about food budget there Swayam have arranged everything according to that but Sharon cz of her so called standards rejects that.

There he asks abt co-operation from SwaRon and there Sharon blames Swayam for everything and his frnds come to support him and he says let it be cz there cultural head is not bothered abt festival she isbothered abt her ego and standards.

Vishakha says that they need to support each other there RDX asks KR that if they need any support from staff then they can ask to which they can say that they will manage.

There SwaRn are stll fighting and Kriyansh comes out of the room and they are tooo much excited about the event and Kriya is like she cant wait for the event to which Rey says that yes he also cant wait and now he will show that how much strong team they make. And then he says that it has to be strong team as they are good friends.

There Bharat is supporting Swayam and he fights with the Sharon. Okay strts of new fight and believe me that fight ws just amazing. Nor KR eneters and they go into shock to see taht everyone is fighting. Then Rey asks then what they did and everyone strts speaking and they all are again strt speaking and finally he stands up and he says that he will sort out. Rey thinks what will RDX sir says and RDX is seeing all this. Episode ends with Kriyansh looking at each other

RDX is blaming Rey for everything. Kriya listens to it and she asks him why he took every blame on him and why all of sudden everything went wrong.


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