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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 8th June 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 8th June 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 8th June 2011 Written Update So the epi begins and we have Khushi ...

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Thumbs Up Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 8th June 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 8th June 2011 Written Update

So the epi begins and we have Khushi shaking the gas cylinder and bringing out oil from he can and then we see Khushi frying Jalebis...Khushi bani halwai BRavo BRavo..Btw did she fry them in oil...Oye hume kya...kissio mein bhi tale...humein kaunsi khaani hai,,,

And we enter another day and we have Arnab Raiszada..errr I mean Raizaada on the beach..errrmmm..nana it is a swimming pool and we are gonna have a breakfast...and Voila...Oil ki kami ho gai lagti hai...kitne rukhe Paranthe hai...But ofcourse..Saaara oil to Khushi ne pura kar diya na...Barun ke shoot ke liye chhoda hi nahi...and ofcourse Raizaada knows his didi is here and didi enters and he scolds his PS aabout not booking her flights to delhi, anjali says that he did but she cancelled it! and Arnav is offended that he is being called Chotey (oye!! chhotu motu!! so cute)
Arnav is bent upon shuffling his sis back to delhi (kyun bhai..aise kya gull khilane hai tujhe akele akele) But Anjali is his didi na so she reminds him of he mannat ..and the bigada nawab tells her that it is her mannat...
Anjali decides to sits on the hot seat (errr I mean she says that if he doesnot fulfill her mannat she will sit on his head...toh hua na HOT SEAT ) Arnab has no choice but to say yes...and walks away telling her that he will do what she says but only if she goes to delhi this afternoon. (something is gadbad..he is so bent upon parcelling his sis to delhi)
Khushi is still making jalebis and eating. (hai!!! Kal raat se banaa rahi hai,,,,khaa rahi hai...guiness book of world records mein naam likhwaya hai kya)
The neighbours are murmurring that she must be upset as when she is upset she makes jalebis...(arre bhai...hamare waha shaadi mein koi upset khushi ko bhej do!! one sweet plate to taiyar ho jayegi)
Babu ji arrives and sits with her and feeds her (arre bhai..kal se kha rahi ho!! koi zarurat nahi aur khilane ki) and consoles her and supports her and he says that although she is not his real child then also she is more than a daughter to him...he tells her that he was wrong to bow down before the dowry demands and says that if you can meet your eyes in the mirror and not be ashamed..you are on the right path (I loved this conversation...)

And ofcourse the moti panoti namely buaji and starts taunting Khushi..rather she starts shouting in the middle of the road...Babuji defends her saying that her means might not be correct but her ends was right...Bua is not dettered and calls Khushi Lizzard
The neighbours gather ...(they come in line ) ...and they support Babuji in his decision to stay firm and not giving dowry...(wah Wah!! for the first time we have seen good neighbours in a soap)...Buaji making wonderful faces on hearing this

one of the budhiya invites Khushi to dargah..and the whole family jumps in...

And here comes the Raiszaada...in the car and not cancelling meetings and promising to be in the meeting in 15 min...(arre dargah mein kya parachute se girega...tujhe andar pahonchte hi 15 min lag jayenge bewakoof)

Khushi and family in the car and the car breaks down and Babuji gets down to repair it..Garima saying that their daughter's marriage just broke and they are going to the dargah.(arre mahaan pativrata aurat..tera pati bahar repairing kar raha hai aur tu lamenting kar rahi hai..thodi der chup nahi baith sakti) Babuji telling her that the two are different things...Payal mutely consoles Khushi...
Khushi gets out of the car to give it a start and Arnav's car passes from behind ..Khushi's car starts and all leave for the dargah

Loved the atmosphere at Dargah...the jhaadu wale baba beating every coming devotee with a Jhaadu...and people covering their heads before going inside
Khushi's family arrives and Khushi and payal go inside, while babu ji tries to convince amma to come aswell...

Khushi is complaining to Payal about Arnab and telling her that she will teach that guy a lesson once she meets him and he was responsible for everything that is happening in her family...(she calls him Laal governor)

Arnav also arrives...(Hain jiski mannat hai woh kaha hai)

Payal is telling khushi to forget it all, and that everything will be fine.(arre woh forget karegi to iss pyaar ko naam kaise degi..benaami pyaar reh jayega na)

Payal tells her to cover her head and maula mere maula plays as Arnav and Khushi head for the darshan..both are walking parallel to each other. khushi's dupatta falls on arnav's face as she walks across, Arnav watches her go.( arre chehre pe koi to expression de!! wo dupatta tha...napkin nahi)Khushi and Payal do the darshan, followed by Arnav..

Payal goes some other place and Khushi is tying threads on the Jaali and she and Arnab are opposite each other as they tie the string on the wall...

Khushi is talking loud to Khwaja ji..(.arre bhai dargah mein to bak bak curb kar apni

She is asking God to make her meet that bigada nawab once again so she can teach him a lesson

Khushi buys a mannat ka taala and so does Arnav (copy cat kahi ka).

Both of them tie it. and Khushi prays to khwaja ji to get Payal married to a nice man. (thank God!! or I thought here also she would be asking God to make her a teacher..err I mean make her teach the lesson to the bigada nawab)
Arnav accidently drops his Mannat ke lock ki key on the floor and ofcourse our heroiney sees it and follows him with his key and calls out to him and says "ur key"

Voila..finally the blind bats see each other...
Khushi is shcoked to see arnav standing there. (E lo!! andar Khwaja ka sar kha gai to make him meet you and now you are shocked...pehle decide kar le what do you want)
Arnav says "throw it!" and walks off. (I swear when he said phenk de...I had a good mind to tell khushi..phenk...Chaabi uske muh pe phenk...shaayad koi expression nikaal aaye )
Khushi shrivels and says 'Phirse!!' starts talking to herself and then follows him...and I loved how she did it..jumping and bumping all the way...and me wondering when Arnav is walking at such leisure how come she had to run so much...itni Headway bhi nahi diya tha

She lands up ahead of him with her one chappal in hand all out of breath (and I wished she had just thrown the chappal on his face instead of wearing it.)...She is trying ot catch her breath when Arnav closes on her making her afraid...

Precap: Khushi shows Arnav the mirror and insults him and walks off..He calls someone and tells them to send the video of the fashion show to the media!

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Thanks for the written epi, but jesus dont add your random shit in there. I dont care. Also, its supposed to be in english, stop adding random hindi shit. Ugh

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