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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 6th September 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 6th September 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 6th September 2011 Written Update The episode starts with Madhumati getting ready to ...

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Heart Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 6th September 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 6th September 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with Madhumati getting ready to leave for the Raizada mansion. She tries to persuade Shyam to join them and comforts him saying that they're going for Khushi and Nani isn't all that bad plus, she wants to go and check out the household once. But Shyam sticks to his pledge and Madhumati and Payal leave. Once they're gone. Shyam closes the door and gets a call. He tells Anjali that he was just about to call her.
Scene shifts to Khushi asking La for cucumber and she gives her a gourd instead . Khushi tells her it's a gourd and La says till yesterday Khushi was saying it's cucumber .. Khushi says no, cucumber is what she puts on her eyes and La finally understands.
Scene shifts to Arnav coming across an upset Anjali. He understands it's got something to do with Shyam. Anjali says it's his friend's operation today so he will stay with him overnight Arnav puts a comforting hand on her shoulder and she says she's fine
Just then they overhear Khushi telling La something about Lord Krishna. Arnav is mesmerised and Anjali is happy. Anjali asks Arnav if he remembers how he'd once applied gum on the cucumber when he was little and got a lot of scolding (W*F, seriously? Is she talking about ARNAV? Our ASR only? ). Arnav says not only scolding, he'd gotten a spanking as well . He says he needs to go for a meeting. Khushi thinks to herself how many people ASR scolded and how many he must be going to scold . Suddenly Arnav looks in her direction and catches her looking at him! .. Khushi immediately turns and looks the other way. Anjali gives him kurta-pajyama. Arnav tries to refuse but Anjali makes him accept. Khushi and Arnav share another eyelock Arnav leaves and Khushi gets back to work. La seems to be anxiously waiting for someone Akash, Anjali, Nani, Mahendra, Manorma, all come and are happy to see Khushi working (except Manorma of course). The doorbell rings. Anjali happily says that maybe they've come. Anjali introduces Madhumati to Nani and Manorma rolls her eyes as they greet each other Madhumati gifts Nani sweets from Lucknow and they get all buddy buddy over having a common hometown Manorma again is displeasured as Mahendra welcomes Madhumati to the family . Payal and Akash steal a cute eyelock. Madhumati is giving Anjali a cold shoulder. She realises this and apologises and explains how they really needed Khushi in the house.
Madhumati says she won't lie and say that she understood what Anjali is saying but she will TRY and understand definitely (me likes this dialogue and attitude ). Madhumati is left wide eyed at the size of the mansion! She wonders how people know where which room is (she will surely get lost in the house like Khushi.) Manorma says not to 'nazar lagao' their house and watch her standards while speaking.
*What follows is the super amazing and hilarious cat fight between the two with Laxmi acting as a catalyst. I'm not covering it in detail but considering we're hardly getting ArHi, this Hello Hi Bye Bye v/s Nandkishore is pretty entertaining to watch. Paisa vasool totally! .*
Scene shifts to Payal and Akash where he tells her that he loved the peda she made Just then Nani comes (dayyumm!) and starts talking about the decorations. Khushi takes Payal away to show her everything and Akash also leaves. Madhumati comes with Laxmi and tells Nani she is very happy to meet Laxmi (Bas! Aa gayi Madhumati Nani ki good books mein ). Nani tells her that Laxmi keeps her occupied. Madhumati says that before Khushi and Payal, she was also very lonely but since the time they've arrived, they always keep chittering and chattering. Nani agrees and says that Khushi brightens the house with her presence. Madhumati says she's an 'aafat ki pudiya' . Then she points to someone and asks if she's her would-be daughter-in-law. Nani looks disapprovingly at La in a short dress and says yes. Madhumati slips and comments on her dressing sense. She tries covering up and Nani is feeling equally awkward. Khushi comes and asks if they should start with the Aarti. They leave and the door bell rings. The police asks for Khushi Kumari Gupta. Manorma asks if there's a complain against her about selling torn saris and sour sweets (can someone please go and slap her from my side? I'm sorry but everytime I see her taunting Khushi over her petty actions, my blood just boils up! ). Everyone else, however, ignores her and asks about what's wrong. The police says it's a small verification. Delhi is unsafe and the authenticity of an employee's identity must be verified. Akash asks him why he's here as none of them had called. The police say that La had called them and everyone is shocked. Manorma and La insult Khushi by calling her a potential thief and doubt of having a criminal record.
The police says they can do the inquiry in the house as well otherwise she'll have to come to the police station. Khushi says how can can come to the police station at this late. They say they have to take her finger prints and ask some questions. Madhumati tries defending Khushi. La asks her not to get emotional and says Khushi comes here everyday so they can't take a risk. Nani calls out for La. She is furious. Nani speaks in Khushi's favour and says she takes her guarantee. La and Manorma crib among themselves (some people have no many issues with themselves, I tell you ) infuriating Nani further. Nani calls the police back and asks them to interrogate La instead! .. She says La is also a guest and it's just a regular procedure. Just then Arnav comes and sends the police away for good. La starts crying about not having being insulted so much ever to get Arnav's sympathy. Arnav asks Nani why the police was there. Nani tells him maybe La gave them the invite to come for Janamashtmi .Anjali handles the situation saying it was only a misunderstanding and they should go for pooja (Seriously, THIS will be a misunderstanding now! I don't want the thought that Nani was the culprit and La the victim to linger on in Arnav's head! ). Nani apologises to Madhumati and invites them to come for the pooja.
Khushi is crying. Arnav comes and takes a look at her. Just as she turns, she sees him walk away. He turns back and they have an eyelock!!

Precap: Khushi tells Arnav that he's got ghee on his sleeve. She is saying more about what it indicates when he interrupts her and says that the ghee will do nothing except increase his drycleaning bill. He doesn't believe in signs. Khushi is upset and cribs about Arnav's rudeness and vows not to let him go this easily and make him apologise to God

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