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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 5th July 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 5th July 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 5th July 2011 Written Update The episode starts with the model (don't know ...

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Ruby Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 5th July 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 5th July 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with the model (don't know her name) screaming and complaining to Arnav regarding her ruined fur coat. Arnav is furious and asks Khushi if she has an explanation. Khushi tells him not to get angry as she was just trying to explain that she didn't ruin it on purpose. She'd even used soap on it. This gets the model angry even further and she quits. Lavanya is worried because they have a deadline to meet and blames Khushi for the crisis. Khushi tries to explain when she is interrupted by the cameraman saying he needs to leave in an hour and asking the status. Arnav tells him the shoot is on.

Scene shifts where Anjali and Manorma are in the kitchen talking about Anjali's husband. Nani asks Anjali to get ready when Anjali meets Ratna Masi. Nani asks Anjali to get ready and tell Arnav to come for the pooja on time. Nani tells Ratna that Arnav works a lot.

Scene shifts back to the shoot where Arnav orders Khushi to wear the dress which is extremely revealing. Khushi is shocked. and horrified. She tries to get out of it but Arnav screams at her and tells her she was responsible for ruining his Lucknow show as well, he won't let the same happen with the shoot. I missed a dialougue in between but seeing Khushi's expression, I think it was something very humiliating. Arnav even tells Khushi that if it weren't for the contract, he would've long thrown her out of the office and asks her to resign if she can't do the shoot. He insists that only Khushi will do the shoot. Arnav gets a call and leaves. Khushi is sad, disappointed, stunned and nervous at the same time.

Scene shifts as Arnav receives Anjali's call. Anjali asks Arnav to come home soon since his brother-in-law is also coming. Arnav says it's the first good news he's heard. He's clearly disappointed that he can't meet his bro-in-law but he says because of 'someone' (looking at Khushi), he's undergone a lot of loss. Anjali worriedly asks if he is ok. He says he is and keeps the phone. After hanging up, Anjali wonders how Arnav or his bro-in-law even get time to breathe in between work. Nani comes and says that Arnav and his bro-in-law are the same, who can't see beyond work. But Anjali expresses her happiness at her husband coming and has a heart to heart chat with Nani.

Scene shifts to Bua's house where Shyam is admiring a pendant nostalgically. He is interrupted by Bua who asks him what the matter is when he quickly hides the pendant. Shyam lies that he feels so close to the family that he doesn't feel like going away. Bua says that if one finds the right person, they form a bond straight from the heart (I loved this dialogue as boring as the rest of the scene was). Bua asks Shyam if he'd placed order for jalebi. He says he has and has asked Khushi to collect it on her way back from work. Buaji is grateful because Shyam cares so much for all of them. She asks him to return quickly as she would miss him terribly. Shyam consoles Buaji saying he'll definitely come back because home is where heart is and his heart was there. He covers up saying he would work as they would party, so his heart would be there. Buaji is amused. She leaves and Shyam's expression changes (I want to know the mystery to this guy soon! Seriously! I don't know what to believe about him being and not being Anjali's husband).

Meanwhile, Khushi is extremely tensed and wonders aloud why everything goes wrong with her. She calls home and Shyam takes her call. He tells her to come fast and he has not disclosed the surprise. He even says the Buaji was praising her as how she'd become smarter after starting work. Shyam says she got work because she was smart and not the other way round. This saddens Khushi even more. Shyam asks if her mood is off as he senses something wrong. Khushi denys. Shyam apologises to Khushi because he can't be a part of Payal's surprise. He tells her to get the jalebi. Khushi pleads Shyam not to go because she's stuck in office. Shyam says that'll put him in mess. Khushi says that's the reason why she was reluctant. Shyam assures Khushi to sort her mess out and he'll take care of his. After they hang up, Shyam says to himself that he needs to stay back since Khushi asked so nicely.

Khushi wonders what to do. She says she can't leave work because everyone's depending a lot on her. She says she won't accept defeat. She'll do something (This is why I love her! No matter what the situation and state of mind, she takes some action against it within her means to improve the situation. Hence, God also helps her).

Scene shifts to Arnav's house where Anjali's eyes are searching for someone. Ratna asks if her husband has come. Nani covers up by saying that he must be stuck in some work and will come soon (This is when I realise that Shyam is Anjali's potential husband. I REALLY hope it is just to confuse us. Lol! If it is, then they're doing a good job on me at least). Anjali looks upset. Just as Nani asks Panditji to wait for a bit, they here the doorbell ring and Anjali's face lights up. She happily goes to open the door but is disappointed (The change of expression actually made me feel bad for her. Oh man!).

Scene shifts to ASR's office where Lavanya is pacing around worriedly. Jeff says it's getting late. Lavanya says she'll look into it. Just then they see Khushi come out in a red saree, all ready (Oh my God! She was looking beyond stunning! But why such OTT earrings? Chalo, at least they didn't kill the look). Khushi is clearly uncomfortable. Lavanya screams at her for not wearing what she was asked to. Khushi says she couldn't wear those clothes. They get into an argument about how the clothes given to Khushi weren't Indian. Jeff intervenes taking Khushi's side (Arguments aside, nothing beats the elegance of a saree, IMO. Not even short dresses).

Jeff starts the photoshoot as ASR comes there. He looks beyond smitten by Khushi and there's a looonnnggg moment where he just stares at Khushi while she is embarrassed and tries to handle her sari. He comes out of his trance as Lavanya starts complaining about how Khushi will ruin their calender shoot. Arnav confronts Khushi about not wearing what he was asked to and orders her to go and change. But Jeff interrupts and takes Khushi's side saying that the saree is working just fine. Akash also agrees and together, they convince ASR to give a go ahead. ASR finally agrees and leaves. BUT he turns back to look at Khushi once (the Rabba Ve BG just adds to the feel!). The episode ends with Khushi forming slight tears in her eyes.

Precap: Arnav asks Khushi if she wants to go home and doesn't give her the permission saying she needs to help the clients park. Khushi tries to change his mind but he says she has to stay otherwise she should resign.
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