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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th October 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th October 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th October 2011 Written Update The episode begins with Nani screaming at La ...

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Heart Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th October 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th October 2011 Written Update

The episode begins with Nani screaming at La for messing up with the Tulsi plant. She says it's unauspicious to take Tulsi plant out of the temple. La thinks that if she tells where she took the plant, she would get screamed at even more so she said she doesn't know where it is. Nani said she knew that La shouldn't be trusted with such a big responsibilty. Manorma intervenes and says it must be here somewhere but this angers Manorma even more. Just then Khushi enters and Nani starts complaining about La. Arnav comes and gets annoyed at all the noise. Khushi feels her heartbeat getting faster She recalls Shyam's words as she checks Arnav out La snaps Khushi out of her trance and she realises Nani and Arnav are still arguing. Khushi says something is wrong. La says yes something is wrong and tells her about the plant and asks for help. Khushi tells her not to worry. Khushi tells Nani where the plant is and everyone gets shocked. Nani looks supremely angry.
Scene shifts to Shyam keeping an eye on Shashi and saying whatever he does has to be done fast.
Garima and Madhumati are in the kitchen. Shyam comes and checks Khushi's photo out. He tells Madhumati he'll do the work and she gets impressed. He takes some kumkum and puts it in front of Khushi's photo. He drops the plate and Madhumati comes rushing. He apologises and indicates towards the kumkum in front on Khushi's photo. Madhumati gets shocked as well as starts taking it as a hint.
Scene shifts back to a furious Nani and Khushi asks Arnav why he kept the plant there. Arnav gets confused and Khushi winks to make him get the hint. He goes like 'W*F?' but Khushi handles him and says he put the plant with his other plants. Arnav gets annoyed but Khushi doesn't stop and and give him a chance to reveal that he's innocent. Arnav finally gets the hint and says it's his fault but he is still angry withh Khushi. He glares at her and she feels her heart racing once again Khushi-La breathe a sigh of relief as Arnav goes to get the pot back. La thanks Khushi.
Garima tells Madhumati that Shashi wants to know more about Shyam but Madhumati brushes it off as something not required. She tells her about kumkum getting dropped from Shyam's hand to Khushi which indicates they both should get married asap Madhumati says she'll handle Shashi. Shyam is overhearing all this.
Scene shifts to Khushi teaching La how to make those varmalas with flowers. Just then Anjali and Manorma come and tell La to be careful because today was close. Khushi is just telling La not to worry when she feels her heart racing again. Arnav comes and asks Anjali for his laptop charger. He notices Khushi looking weirdly at him and gets puzzled.
Payal is taking care of Shashi and Madhumati tells him not to get used to it as daughters are 'paraya dhan'.
Scene shifts as Khushi sees Arnav reading the newspaper. She tries to hear her heartbeat from various distances from him. Arnav sees her through the glass coming near and going away from him and he has this 'What on Earth is she doing?' expression on his face. Finally he loses patience and faces her and angrily asks her what's up with her. Khushi gets scared and runs away.. She peeks at him from behind the wall and he catches her. She hides again She feels her heart beating and thinks that her heart races when she is near him and even when she's far away so nothing is wrong. She's kept a fast so maybe she's feeling weird because of that..
Scene shifts to Garima and Madhumati comforting Payal as she blames herself for her father's condition. They tell her to leave her past behind. They'll find a suitable groom for her. She, however, says that she'll never marry.
Arnav is staring at the star and Akash is talking work. Shyam is also there. Anjali comes and starts a topic but Arnav says work is the most important. Anjali disagrees. Shyam says let's talk about the stars. Everyone starts their interpretations of the stars and their influence on love and Arnav says it's 'silly romantic nonsense'. Anjali says he's the first person who thinks of giving stars a contract of supplying light.. She says he's very unromantic Shyam also says that some people also believe that those dead and gone are become stars. Arnav recalls Khushi telling him how she believes that her parents are now stars.
Scene shifts to Khushi cursing herself for telling ASR all about her that day and then, today, running away from her. Payal asks what's wrong and Khushi tells her the problem. Payal asks why she ran away. Khushi says she doesn't know, she's feeling weird from the past two days. Maybe it acidity. (No, babes, it lowwee!). Payal also says that it's because she's kept a fast and that she's worried for her.
Everyone's making varmalas. La is worried about her pimple. La asks if 9 girls are coming. She asks them to call 7 girls. She will call 2 of her friends. Manorma tells her that this is for little girls and not women. Anjali explains how they first feed these 9 girls and then break their fast. Nani tells that La has to give the gifts to the respective girls and NO mistakes La sees the gifts and wonders how she'll remember all the names.
Next Monday, the little girls introduce themselves to Anjali. Anjali asks the servant to get goodies for them. La tries to recall everyone's names but messes up. They call her 'pimple wali aunty'. and she gets concious. Manorma says they're calling her 'dimple wali aunty' and she shouldn't feel bad..
Khushi comes and Anjali says she's going out because she's kept a pooja for her husband. She asks her to keep an eye on the kids and not let them go in ASR's room and not make noise because ASR hates kids. Khushi prays that Anjali comes back and she can leave before ASR comes.

Precap: Anjali is on her way to the temple and she spots Shyam and gets puzzled. She asks him what he's doing there. Shyam shoots a look in a direction and we see Shashi standing there (:

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