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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th June 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th June 2012 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th June 2012 Written Update Gundas are looking for ASR and Khushi. They ...

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Star Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th June 2012 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th June 2012 Written Update

Gundas are looking for ASR and Khushi. They find a hut and hde in there, but Khushi brushes her bloodied hand against the wall.
ASR wants tio go and come back but Khushi doesn't let him, he tells her to close her eyes and count to 10 and he will be back before then,
she does and he looks at her. Gundas are looking for them outside. Khushi counts to 10 and calls ASr's name,
he comes with a pot and it has some insect in it and Khushi looks happy seeing it, but then it flies away.
Khushi tells him not to worry as she isn't afraid of the dark. She takes her scarf and starts to cleans ASR's face. ASR takes her hair back and looks at her

ASR notcies Khushi's clothes are ripped and tells her there are some clothes in the hut and to change.
He puts a parda up so she can change. Gundas find an bangle of Khushi's on the floor and follow the direction.
Khushi is changing and ASR asks how she knew he was not in Scotland, she tries to explain about what he said on the phone
and he watches her shadow whilst she is changing and there is Rabba Ve in the background. Khushi removes the parda and ASR looks at her in the white saree and seems mesmerized,
Khushi keeps trying to fix the pallu, ASR just looks at her. Outside the Gundas have yet to find out where they are.

ASR approaches khuhshi, Khushi walks back against the wall and ASR brushes her hair from her face,
she tries to move away but he blocks her with both his hands, she looks at him and he draws closer to her.
She tries to get away but he hold her hand and stops her and pulls her towards him and he tilts his head towards her
neck and then slowly comes back and looks at her. One gunda finds the hut and is supicious.

He picks her up and put her down on the hey, He is looking at her and she looking at him,
He slowly draws closer to her and Khushi closes her eyes and then she turns away.
He looks at her back and has hold of her shoulder.

he slowly takes hi hand down to her blouse dori and seems to be untying it whilst Khushi has her eyes closed,
suddenly there is some outside noise and they are both startled and get up. Outside the Gudas have the hut cornered.

Khushi tries to say something but ASR stops her and he looks outside, the gundas seem to be everywhere,
he says they have guns and they are here for him and not here and he wil go outside and she should wait. Khushi doesnt let him.
She wants to escape but there are too many. He notices and log of some sort and hugs Khushi and tells her he is sorry and i think he wacks her with it.

He places her on the hey and covers her, looks at her and kisses her forhead and then covers her face with it.
The gundas come in and ask where the girl is but ASR says she was left behind

The gundas look around but they dont find khushi, ASR notices that pallu is showing and it seems like gundas have noticed something as well,
they say ASR is lying and continue looking, the main gunda takes ASR away as they cant find Khushi.

Its the morning and Khushi finally regains consciousness and recalls what happened the night before and wakes up startled and
calls for ASR but he doesnt come, she goes out and looks for him but cant find him anywhere. She comes back in and is disheartned.
She finds the pot and holds and says to save her ASR went back to the kidnappers.

PRECAP - Khushi back home saying she wants to say something. Mamiji too says she has something to say, Khushi she says ASR's name and Anjali is all worried

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Old 06-05-2012

The show begins with Arnav and Khushi running towards the abandoned house in the middle of the forest. While entering the house Arnav leaves blood mark near the door.They enters room its very dark. Khushi is bit scared... Arnav says he will find some light ... Khushi stops says she is afriad either dont leave her or will come along with him,Arnav says Khushi to close her eyes and count till 10, before 10 he will return.

The kidnappers goon are still searching Khushi-Arnav...After counting till 10, Khushi opens her eyes... Arnav bring INSECT with lights 'Jugnu...'.Its flies away... Khushi says: Dont worry now i am not afraid ... She touches Arnav's face with her cloth ... Arnav reciprocates...FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER YEARS ... WE SEE ARHI... LOVE ...Arnav stares at Khushi's torn cloth... OMG ...Khushi hides with her shwal...

Arnav sees some cloth on the shelf .. tells Khushi to change...

Khushi changes ... Arnav creates cloth border to create changing room...He asks HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I WAS NOT IN SCOTLAND ?Click Here To Watch VideoBREAKKhushi is about to say you told I LOVE YOU ... But Khushi removes blinds and ARNAV for the first time sees KHUSHI with LUST ... or LOVE ... dont know...Arnav slowly touches her... Khushi is about to move away but Arnav TOUCHES her and embraces...Goons are still searching for them... Finally one goon spot a house where there is blood on door...

Arnav carries Khushi on his arms and lays on haystack bed...Arnav slowly falls over her... to make LOVE ... Suddenly they hear sound outside... Arnav goes near window and sees The goons.. have conrnered them...So, the Arnav says THEY ARE AFTER ME .. SO I WILL GO OUTSIDE ... Khushi tries to stop her...

Arnav hits on her head...She once again becomes unconcious .. Arnav hides her below haystack...

The goons comes to room and corners Arnav... with guns... They ask about Khushi... Arnav says no idea

The goons are searching for Khushi here and there inside the room...One goon takes out his handkerchief and suddenly his matchbox falls near Khushi ...He picks up matchbox..The goon says She ran away from behind window...

They take away Arnav... In the morning Khushi wakes up... with hammered head... She remembers how Arnav hit on her head... .she wakes up...and calls out Arnavji... but there is no one,... She runs out in search of him .. but ... She returns back to that same room...Khushi realizes in order to save her ... Arnav let himself get kidnapped...once again.-.-.. She cries

PRECAP: Khushi is at home in drawing room and she tells she has something to tell about ARNAV in front of Anjali, Nani, Payal, Akash ... ANJALI is worried ... what about ARNAV ?

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Old 06-05-2012

Loved yesterdays epi ... the best part being that we just saw asr n khushi in the entire episode

asr trying to get close to khushi was "what the ... hai main marjaavan moment".... (fathi... english translation - i wish i die)....

khushi looked so delicate n petite in that saree............. and asr (though i have loved him with the stubble ).. looked tired bigtime...

i just have one complain - why didnt they let khushi n asr talk for some 5 mins... come on guys... dont u want to figure out who kidnapped ....
in short - it was a bad timing for the 'rabba ve' moment

and then my other complaint is to the bloody kidnappers... as i started getting lost in teh rabba ve moment, they interrupted it .... just wanted to punch their face.... :f ist

few other points:
- glad that the consummation track didnt happen.... me n all arhi fans want the MU to clear first..
- kkg must must come to know of shyam's truth - bloody snake is behind asr's kidnapping
- happy to know that NK will maaro a entry soon
- can anjali ever behave without OVERREACTING PLEASE ??

i saw the 8 pm epi first... then wanted to watch the re-run @ 11 pm.... my mom gave me dagger eyes.... so like a good girl, i put the tv off..

whatever....i enjoyed tremendously .....
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Old 06-05-2012

But Khushi removes blinds and ARNAV for the first time sees KHUSHI with LUST ... or LOVE ..

hey neeru... my reply to the above sentence...

it was more of love n desire (not lust for sure)...
asr thought (which am sure we will hear him say very soon) that he would never see khushi again.... having no clue absolutely of who kidnapped him.... why .... where etc etc.....

so now that kkg is in front of him.... he just wants to hug her tight ... look at her... get lost in her eyes..... n make himself believe that she is really in front of him... with him...
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Old 06-05-2012

o my god.i was waiting to watch this episode from last friday itself but missed.over loaded with work for the past two days.just a while ago watched the episode.
superb.totally loved it.although i knew they won't be consummating,for a second after watching both of them i felt as if it's just going to happen(i really din't like the consummation track at this point,it's best for them to first sort out the misunderstanding part)so yeah i was really happy when the goons interrupted .(unlike the other arhi fans.all of arhi fans are not going to spare me)
and hey when arnav came close to kushi after hearing the footsteps of the goons i thought he was about to give her a hug or a good bye kiss or something.but he just hit kushi on her head.i was like WAT DA.....
kushi was too gorgeous in the white saree.
on the whole a very nice episode.but the sad part is that again we won't be seeing arnav for a few days.
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Old 06-05-2012

n hey muku thanx for da translation(especially for me)
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4th, doon, iss, june, ko, kya, naam, pyaar, update, written

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