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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th August 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th August 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th August 2011 Written Update The episode begins with the dark prince sitting ...

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Exclamation Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th August 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th August 2011 Written Update

The episode begins with the dark prince sitting down at his desk, trying to complete his work. But his mind is assaulting him with images of the beauty.
Bumping into her at the pooja, trying to help her wipe the sindoor off...

No matter what he does, he cannot stop thinking of her. His eyes close.
The beauty has stepped into the office, but stops. His eyes open.

The beauty stands at reception, telling herself not to worry. No one is in the office, and the Laad Governor won't be there either. She just needs to get to her desk.

The dark prince is shocked; why did his eyes open straightaway? He stands up, and is twice as shocked to see her. More images assault him as she walks to her desk and sits down. He watches her as she focuses on her surroundings.

Being saved by the dark prince in the rain; trying to talk to her at the pooja before she walks away; staring at him in the rain, trying to make sense of what just happened...

The beauty is furious with herself for thinking about these things. She refuses to dwell, and looks up. He's standing there watching her. She tries not to be too shocked, but it's of no use. Just then, a peon comes and asks the beauty what she's doing there. The beauty says that she's here to grab her belongings. The peon states that the boss wanted it sent to her home.

Standing resolutely, the beauty says that there's no need to have anything sent to her home. She will do it herself. The dark prince watches the exchange, and calls out for the beauty to come into his office - he needs to talk to her.

The beauty refuses to look at him, and tells the peon to lead her into the store room. She walks away, leaving the dark prince standing in his office. But not for long.

At the Raizada Mansion, the snake is talking to Bua. Bua is worried for her niece, and the snake says he will do what he can... before anxiously cutting the call. His wife is there standing with tea for him. Having heard him call someone Bua, she asks if it's his Farida Bua. The snake says it was, and his wife complains she wanted to talk as well.

The snake tells his wife to sit down, and she does... before asking about her brother. The snake asks her why she's so worried about her brother and his girlfriend, when she is the one who stated that she would support her brother no matter what his choice is? His wife agrees, but she is now uncertain. She feels that Nani may be correct in her opinion - Lavanya might not be the right one for the dark prince. She smiles, and says she doesn't understand these boys... especially when it comes to love.

She talks of someone just falling in love with another, without knowing anything or how it happened... the snake loses himself in her words, and thinks of the beauty.
She's wearing the sari for the pooja, and smiling...

Back at the office, the peon has led the beauty into the store room. She thanks him, and he leaves. She begins wondering where her idol is and complains on how the Laad Governor is here, even on this day. She just wants to grab her idol and leave.

The dark prince is furious, and storms out of his office following the beauty into the store room. The beauty has found the idol, and grabs a chair so she can reach it. She does, and is pleased that her idol isn't harmed in any way.

The dark prince has reached the store room and yells at the beauty. He wants to talk to her. Following the sound of his voice, the beauty turns to face him.. but she loses her footing, and falls. The dark prince catches the idol, and the beauty falls onto a soft bag. The dark prince falls on top of her.

Rabba Ve is playing (for the second time)...
Both stare at each other, losing track of what they were doing. Until the beauty's phone rings. But they both ignore it, still staring at one another. Until of course the phone rings again. The dark prince hoists himself up off her, and puts his hand forward to help her up.

Staring at his hand, she resolutely stands up without his help. His hand clenches at his side. She grabs her phone out of her bag, and answers. It's the snake.

She answers his questions, and says that she doesn't want to be at the office but she had to do something important. The snake says that Bua is worried about her, and he is going to find a way to come back to them. He misses her a lot. The beauty is shocked by his admission, and the snake rectifies his mistake quickly - he misses all of them. The beauty accepts this and hangs up. The snake sits there, smiling, before realising someone is standing there before him. It's his wife.

Back in the store room, the beauty has grabbed her bag, and takes the idol out of the dark prince's hand. She makes away for the door, when suddenly the dark prince yells out her name and bangs the door closed. The doorknob disappears somewhere. The dark prince desperately wants to talk to her, but she is adamant.

Suddenly, the beauty's phone rings again. It's her sister. But before she can say something else, the dark prince takes her phone, and throws it away. He is beyond furious, and yells at her. They are going to talk, come hell or high water.

Finally overcome, the beauty tears up. The dark prince realises, and softens. He didn't mean to make her cry. He watches her for a few moments, and then walks away from her. He takes out his phone to call someone, and the beauty begins searching for the doorknob.

Not finding it, the beauty begins banging on the door, trying to get out. The dark prince allows the assault for a little while, before telling her off. She cannot force the door open, why doesn't she realise this? The beauty retorts that she doesn't care, she wants out. The dark prince tells her to at least think before doing something. The beauty says she won't - she refuses to accept anything he says, she won't be forced like the others to bend over backwards for him.

Furious, the beauty walks resolutely past him to open the window. She pushes her dupatta to the side and forces the windows open. A sudden gust of wind overcomes her, and pushes her dupatta onto the dark prince. The beauty eventually realises, and turns slightly realising where her dupatta is.

Not knowing what to do, she stands there, trying to cover herself. The dark prince pushes the dupatta off his face, and slowly advances towards her. He is about to place the dupatta around her shoulders, but still fearing him, the beauty has stepped away from him. Wounded and furious, the dark prince hands her the dupatta.

She slowly puts it around her neck, but the wind blows it onto the dark prince. She turns and realises. They stare at each other, while she is trying to push her dupatta behind her.


Precap: The beauty tells the dark prince that he won't have to see her anymore. She knows he hates her, and she's leaving very soon. She's going back to Lucknow. She walks off, with the dark prince screaming her name.

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