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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 30th August 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 30th August 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 30th August 2011 Written Update The episode begins with Arnav screaming for Anjali ...

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Bug Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 30th August 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 30th August 2011 Written Update

The episode begins with Arnav screaming for Anjali and then at Khushi asking her to get out.

Anjali calls Shyam and asks him to return fast as there is a problem at home. Shyam says he's near only and asks her what happened but she has to hang up and attend to an angry Arnav. Arnav says he doesn't want to see Khushi's face. He has to sometimes because of resignation or because of sweets and today, he is angry at Anjali for getting her. Shyam comes and overhears Arnav talking about the 'real' face of Khushi, a money minded and conniving person. Khushi is clearly offended as Arnav continues insulting her. Shyam peeps in and sees Khushi and is shocked. Anjali and Nani try to explain but Arnav doesn't listen. He orders Khushi to get out and she can't control her tears. She leaves. People try stopping her but she doesn't stop.

Shyam hides as Khushi comes out. She doesn't spot him. He looks upset.

Anjali asks Arnav why he had to get so angry. She tells him to get Khushi back. Arnav flatly refuses and rudely tells Anjali that this is his house. Everyone is shocked and taken aback and Anjali is hurt. Arnav realises what he has done in his fit of impulse. He tries to apologise but Anjali doesn't give him a chance. Instead she apologises and said it is her mistake. She should not have forgotten that this is his house. She goes away and trips and falls. Arnav goes to help her but she brushes him off and gets up on her own and goes to her room as Arnav watches her (Barun's shattered expressions are a MUST watch here! Considering ASR doesn't let emotions rule him, it is shocking how Barun makes a melting and soft ASR when hit at the right spot so vulnerably beleivable!). Arnav follows her and bangs on her locked door saying he did not mean what he said. Anjali doesn't respond and continues crying. Nani tells ASR that Anjali had hired Khushi just so that she could teach La some household etiquettes. It was for him and the least he could've done was let Khushi stay for Anjali's sake.

Arnav begs Anjali to open the door and Nani reminds him that the next day is Raksha Bandhan. This was the worst possible day to stick to his stubbornness. Arnav walks away out of the house as Shyam comes inside.

Anjali is crying in her room. Shyam comes and asks what's wrong. Manorma asks Shyam what took him so long. He was suppose to come earlier. Shyam lies that his leg banged against the door and hence, a wound reopened. He says not to worry but. Nani tells Shyam about the incident. Shyam sides with Arnav and says that Anjali shouldn't hve brought Khushi home knowing that Arnav can't stand her. Nani disagrees to this. Shyam says he had a gut feeling that this would lead to fight between the two siblings and Anjali would be hurt. He can stand anything but cannot see her get hurt (What a liar man! What he is doing will hurt her far more than anything in this whole world! ). Shyam bangs the door pleading Anjali to open. Nani says maybe she'll be all right by the morning. Manorma agrees (for once ) and says she'll get to guest room cleaned for him for the night.

Meanwhile Khushi is angrily removing her jewelry and telling Payal about the whole fiasco. Payal is shocked. Khushi says that he not only insulted her but spoke rudely to Anjali as well. She must've felt so bad. He's a horrible man! Khushi sadly says that she never wanted to do this job in the first place. But then she thought about her father and agreed. Payal says it is not too late. They should go back to Lucknow. It is not like they didn't try. Just then, Madhumati calls for them and says that their mother has called.

Arnav is angrily driving the car. He recalls Anjali's hurt face as she moved away from him and how she fell down. He blames Khushi for all this (now if someone can please explain to me why and how Khushi is responsible for the fact that Arnav didn't mind his tongue in a fit of rage ).

Payal is talking to Garima on the phone. Garima cries and tells her that everything is falling apart. Shashi has also not been keeping well due to the stress. Payal is crying, too and Khushi takes the phone from her. She tells Garima that everything will be fine. God is just testing them and they will not fail. Garima tells her that it is not that simple. Khushi tells her to keep the hope alive and that, they will surely see some light after this period of darkness. She hangs up and hugs Payal and comforts her saying that the only way to help Shashi is release the shop. She wishes there was a way to help. Just then, the bell rings.

Khushi opens the door and is shocked to see Arnav standing at her doorstep. Payal and Madhumati come and are equally shocked. Madhumati says first he said so much rubbish and now he's here to apologise. Arnav cuts her in between and says he never apologises. He has just come to take Khushi back. Anjali had called Khushi for some work and he wants her to finish that work as she is the only one who can do it, according to Anjali. He comes inside without being invited and puts money on the table. He asks her if she wants more. Madhumato starts saying something and he keeps more money (Ok, as much as I love ASR, what the hell is this? Khushi is STILL fine but Madhumati is so much elder to him! Arrogance has it's limits! Just because someone is in dire need of money doesn't mean they have no self respect ). Khushi clutches her dupatta in anger. Payal and Madhumati are shocked. Arnav says he'll wait for her and he knows she'll come

Payal says Khushi won't come and they don't want his money. She tells Khushi to tell him that they're going back to Lucknow the next day because their father needs them. Khushi is silent. Her confusion is evident on her face. Arnav walks away. Madhumati is annoyed because Khushi did not throw Arnav's money back in his face. Both she and Payal are angry at Khushi for maintaining silent. Khushi meanwhile is continuously recalling her helpless mother's voice and her father's plight while the two try to bring her out of her trance (Sanaya is brilliant in this whole sequence! One can actually feel and empathise with Khushi.The emotions were amazingly portrayed).

Precap: Manorma says that Anjali has never before been late for the aarti. Nani is puzzled. Everyone is searching for Anjali but she is nowhere to be found. They're all worried.
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