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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 29th December 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 29th December 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 29th December 2011 Written Update The teacher asks everyone to get in position. ...

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Podcast Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 29th December 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 29th December 2011 Written Update

The teacher asks everyone to get in position. She asks NK to keep his hand on Khushi’s waist. Arnav hears this and stops. NK does as he’s told. Khushi flinches a bit and Arnav is watching her. They are asked to lock their eyes with emotions and awkwardly, they do so. Arnav does NOT look happy and walks away NK-Khushi and PayAsh take their positions and start practicing. Shyam comes and Anjali makes him join the practice. His eyes are on Khushi, though. They also start praticing. Shyam is scolded for not creating chemistry with Anjali. PayAsh are praised for their coordination. Khushi-NK are having a tough time though with NK stepping on her feet all the time The teacher calls for a break. Shyam asks Anjali to come with him.

Shyam gifts Anjali some flowers and she gets happy. Shyam starts sneezing suddenly and Anjali panics. She calls Khushi to get her phone quickly and Khushi obeys. As she approaches their room, Anjali is scolding Shyam (because according to her, Shyam is allergic to those flowers). She throws the flowers in the dustbin and says she wants him remember that she doesn’t like such gifts. Shyam again tries to give an impression that Anjali is illtreating him. He apologises to her but Anjali just walks away in anger. Khushi is also about to leave when Shyam picks up the flowers from the dustbin says Anjali wants only expensive gifts, flowers and his love don’t mean anything to her. Khushi tells him to stop it.

Madhumati is singing something when Garima asks her about certain clothes she finds in her cupboard. She says it is her bridal dress. She wants either of Khushi or Payal to wear that. Garima says Payal’s bridal is already selected so Madhumati says Khushi can wear this ‘coz she’ll be happy.

Khushi asks Shyam to stop it. However their relationship might be but she knows he means a lot to Anjali. The flower incident might have a catch which she doesn’t wish to know. It is their personal life and he shouldn’t wash his dirty linen in public. She leaves and Shyam says he will have to do something else now to win her.

Khushi’s phone rings and NK wonders what kind of music this is. He picks up the phone and Madhumati is calling. She says ‘Hayye re Nandkishore’ . When he says he is Nandkishore speaking Madhumati gets a divine feeling She asks ‘Tum kaun bol rahe ho Nandkishore?’ and he says ‘Hum bol rahe hain Nandkishore!’ . She says ‘Bhagwan ne humari sun li’ Finally Khushi comes and takes the phone and Madhumati asks if she knows who picked the phone, she says it’s Nandkishore and Madhumati asks her to touch his feet and chadhao prasad Khushi says this is not THAT Nandkishore but Nanhe Finally, she clears Madhumati’s misunderstanding Finally, they get to the point that she has found her bridal. She should come home and try it. Then she hangs up and the teachers say that break is over.

Akash compliments Payal on her dancing skills and they have a cute talk. Khushi, NK and Anjali are smiling witnessing this. They silently approach the two and cough. Finally, PayAsh realise that they have an audience and they tease them for not realising it’s breaktime. Nani comes and Khushi excitedly asks her to join in, Arnav also comes and says he doesn’t want to dance with her. She tries to clear his misunderstanding but he doesn’t listen. Khushi gets an idea.

Anjali says Shyam isn’t well, he can’t come. The rest continue. Khushi calls NK as ‘Chhote’ and Arnavji since he is dancing in his place NK says even if she abuses him he’ll like it . They start dancing. The teachers say Khushi isn’t a girl but a firecracker. Khushi keeps calling NK as Arnavji and indirectly says a lot of instigating things and Arnav is getting angry . Finally, Arnav’s patience snaps and he goes towards Khushi. Khushi also loses her balance and falls in Arnav’s arms They share an eyelock but err..Arnav doesn’t look like he’s in mood for any romance Nevertheless, he does look moony eyed too The episode freezes on this eyelock.

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