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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 27th December 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 27th December 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 27th December 2011 Written Update the epi starts..Khusi is entering the party...ASR saw ...

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Heart Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 27th December 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 27th December 2011 Written Update

the epi starts..Khusi is entering the party...ASR saw her and hww ha's shocked...Khusi didn't care for him...she controls her smile..NK introduces Khusi as her date...ASR ki sakal toh dekho...aww Khusi pulls ASR's leg????????!!!!!!!!!!!
NK's high five with Khusi...
ASR ki toti futi sakal...hai hai dil pe chot de diya re...
The each time she pronounces Nanhe ASR is becaming J...hehehe...

she flicks her hair, all smiley. ASR and Aakash coming her way. ASR is "tum". She is smiling, to NK who is behind ASR, he thinks she is talkiing to him, and then he is pissed off when she goes to him.

ASR is so pissed off, she says he didn't call her, so NK called. She says the party without sugar and spice cause he has diabetes
Someone calls, ASR goes.
KKG asks NK if he told the waiter, and she says rest of the things are in the auto. They go, and ASR is looking,

Payal talking to Payal and says the NK said she should come, ASR is about to go when waiter comes, he is damn angry on him

They are carrying big boxes, when ASR comes, she gives her box to NK and goes to him.

Kya? nahi kya hain bataye! bol bhi dijiye

Kya dekhayi de raha hain

she says aram se to NK..Arnav is what?
ASR is looking to NK's why, she moves her fingers
he says he thought she was half mad, but he was proven wrong.

NK is done, ASr is about to say how angry he is, when she says she doesn't have time.
She signalled NK, another guy comes and is enthusiastic , NK comes.

KKG takes out the sweets and busy feeding herself
She calls waiter and says to keep away from Lard Governor.

They are having a classical dance performance [native ones, very beautiful]

Guests are getting bored
Waiter comes and serves them lassi, they enjoy it...Aakash is surprised, ASR sees that guests aren't enjoying

Everyone is wanting more lassi, KKG is very happy, high fives with NK.
ASR is confused how the drinks came, catches a waiter and asks him where he got them.

KKG is on mike she says they must have liked the lassi and jalebi and now she is gonna do a dance performance for her sister.

Desi GIRl with NK, OMG must watch..splendid performances bu KKG and NK.

Aakash and Payal are enjoying, ASR is *cough*
Amazing moves, she is barefoot...where did Khusi learn such a good dance?

Her thumkas are amazing!!
ASR is low...KKG and NK enjoying the dance.

Sequence ends, everyone cheers and claps. Aakash says her entry is fab!
Everyone is congratulating her for the brilliant performance. NK is smiling and says apne sab par jhadu kar diya , she corrects and thanks him.

ASR is clenching jaws

She looks at him, still smiling naughtily.

KKG says before he says a thank you, she will say welcome, she knows he wants to thank her for this
There is a pool here

Scene changes to the party hall, Payal is feeling cold, Aaks gives her his jacket Aw... he takes about how KKG did a great job.

ASR gives NK some coupons or something like that, and tells to give them to Aaks, KKG wants to go, he stops.

He says she amuses him, when she called him, he felt like asking that if she was alright after the break...and says that her enga. broke one week ago, and now she ia all set to make the party desi. She surprises him.

She says that he doesn't amuse her. Cause everytime they meet, she is prepared is hear some taunts, cause he can't speak properly, or didn't learn. She can't forgot the enga. , it was a dhoka for her family. She did this for her sister, and that payal has shed many tears, and she can do anything for her smile. he will not understand. Cause he doesn't give damn to relationships, and is only about money. He doesn't know how to break a smile.

And his engagement also broke a week ago

*I am honestly happy***

Nk says Aakash dropped payal, he will drop KKG, she denies, Arnav says it's very late, he will drop him, she flatly thanks and refuses

ASR looks down, and turns back.
Kya huya, accha nahi laga apko ki humne apke toote huye rishte ki yaad diladi?'
then she asks if she can go, Rabba Ve She turns and and stops, breeze and goes. He turns to find her gone.

She comes, NK is standing there, KKG can't find payal, NK says that Aakash dropped Payal, and that he will drop (he said phek denge)

ASR says that it's very late, she shouldn't go alone, he ill drop her, she refuses, NK insists, KKG again refuses, ASR is like you can't do this.

ASR is waiting at the room, NK comes with the keys, he is DAMN ANGRY, and says that where the hell had he been? NK says that he doesn't want to get disturbed when he is having atlk with his..ASR is angry

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Old 12-28-2011

Episode started with khushi making her superb entry , ASR sees her so he walk toward her but she passes infront of him and goes to NK .. arnav is angry , Nk welcomes khushi while arnav tries to know why she's here ? khushi says that he didn't invite her but she couldn't say no to NK ,she ads that the party is boring + makes fun of ASR and his taste , arnav leaves ...khushi and Nk applying their plans to the party..Payal asks khushi about her ankle's wrench ? khushi says she asks it to come later and everyone laughes.khushi sees arnav so she starts speaking loudly and praising Nk while arnav is getting more angry ...payal asks her what's in her mind but khushi avoid it and says she has to do a last work ..she leaves a worried payal...Khushi &Nk are carrying some heavy boxes but khushi sees arnav so she asks Nk to do the work alone and she'll handle arnav ...she goes to him and says what ? what do you want ?arnav is all confused but khushi keeps talking and saying that he can say whatever he want , he says that he always knew that she's half-mad but she's actually totally mad she insists that he speaks but when he's actually about to start , she says no need to talk and that she already listened a lot and leaves ( because Nk did his work) arnav is even more confused ...a guy is trying to talk with khushi but nk handles him ...both of them make the lassi drinks and ask the waiter to give them to everyone with the jalebi but khushi warns him to not go to arnav ...arnav introduce a dance form ( thai...) everyone is getting bored except him , he notices that something is wrong coz the drink an nothing else is okay he calls the waiter and asks him about the drinks but till then khushi introduce her desipan to the party ...Desi girl performance of Nk&khushieveryone is happy and congrats khushi ...even NK ..khushi sees arnav and naughtily smiles him away ...payash are out and akash gives his coat to payal ...arnav makes an excuse to bring Nk out so he can talk to khushi ...this last says welcome before he can say thanks but arnav says thanks ? then adds that he's always suprised by her and actions she's happy going and dancing while her rishta got broken ...khushi in tears ...she says that she's not surprised by anything with him coz he always talks to her like that ...she says that she's not happy but she's doing everything for her sister's sake/= and makes arnav remember that tought his rishta got broken too , he arranged the party na ? arnav turns up so khushi says that he didn't like what she said ? she asks him if he's discussion has ended so she can leave ...btoh turns up and then "rabba ve" moment both are sad...khushi goes out where NK is waiting for her , he says that payal left with akash and he'll drop her khushi refuses but arnav comes there and says that he'll drop her , khushi says " no thanks " and says that she won't go with him ..


Precap: ASR is waiting at the room, NK comes with the keys, he is very angry, and says that where the hell had he been? NK says that he doesn't want to get disturbed when he is with his..arnav shouts at him while NK is shocked


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