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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 25th January 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 25th January 2012 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 25th January 2012 Written Update Shyam suddenly feels something, sees the scorpion , ...

Old 01-25-2012
Star Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 25th January 2012 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 25th January 2012 Written Update

Shyam suddenly feels something, sees the scorpion , Anji gets up, Hey Bhagwan nautanki starts, they get rid of him somehow, dumb people what if it bites someone esle?

Aakash and Nani, plus mami there, dumbos, they don't do anything and starts Anjali bitiya theek ho na?

Anjali starts crying and hugging me *this woman pisses me off*
Arnav comes, and he asks them they will sleep in his room and he in the guest room. Anjali says they have to take mehendi to Payal's, he denies and says she willl be there with this, he will talk to Buaji, Shyam instantly agrees, Anji gives up, Arnav goes

The gupta's come the next morning, Payal looking pretty in RED saree Mami ka usual drama

Anji apologises for keeping the ceremony here, Payal is bit low, Anji teases her as she can't see Aakash

Anji asks where is Khusi, she is brining all the bags, she comes munching on Jalebis breeze starts blowing Arnav comes to the door, eyelock..

ASR says HI!! she says namaste

He asks saman dene ayi ho?

she is moving, he calls her, dhak dhak ad Rabba ve he takes steps to her, her heartbeat going fast, he is slightly smiling, he lifts his hand closed in a fist, takes her bag keeps it down, slowly tpuches her hand and and shows the ear ring, fb of how he showed her ear ring

he says he knows what's she's thinking, that she won, but she did because of him, so he won't do anything for her, KKG throws back, standing close

she is bit harsh I guess, he is still smirking *uff* and then goes, dhak dhak

Aakash getting restless that he can't go to the function, NK aur uska chips ka packet, he says he knows that, NK says he will deliver the message to Payal, Aakash is excited, NK comes up with a BRIGHT plan, they doing fushar fushar, Akash doesn't agree to him

KKG is looking EXTREMELY gorgeous, he is handing the mehendi, Amma shows the designs, she is thinking something else, hears Anji asking where's he

NK draped in a sari, Aakash is getting tense,

payal tells Buaji to wear the mehendi too, with the letter 'N'

Shyam looking at her, she is laughing, he then sees him, turns her face and looks elsewhere..*drag drag drag*

Upc: Shyam gawking at Khus, NK asks whether he needs a sari too to look at Anji, Shyam says I am not looking at Rani Saheba, NK says what? he realizes what he just said

Shyam gawking at her usual..NK loitering around in lal sari, comes down the starirs, par pallu attak gayi, and the whole sari gets off, Aakash calls her, sorry him the sari is tayring in the air he is behaving like a girl, Aakash gets caught by Anji, Nani smiles knowingly

Anji sees man gaye and then shoos him off

Khusi is usual in herself, Shyam watching *reham kaho hum par* NK thanks Aakash, he sees Shyam, he is staring *uff* Nk follows his gaze and asks him if he wants a sari too, Shyam says it's not Rani saheba, Nk surprised and says NAUGHTY NAUGHTY BABUA

the rasam going on, they are choosing designs, NK goes and sits with them

P.S. NK is wearing red

Buaji doesn't KKG's design, NK is sitting right beside Bua made for each other, his sari is transparent, Buaji says she is so shy

Buaji was shy too, she says
Buaji says kisski taraf se

The girl asks whose letter should I write between the design [KKG's]
She says K, Buaji says t , p for titliya, parmeswari..

Nk says D for Desi girl

Upc: NK ke liye aya rishta, jispar thi Buaji jawani mein fida *taliya*

Buaji frowns at her, bitiya tumhri awaz, he coughs Buaji is going to do NK's mehendi

Buaji picks up her, I mean his hand, it's so rough, Buaji says bina saaj shringar ke kaam nahi chalta

Asks her, sorry him about the marriage and says about NK for rishta, KKG teases her if not Buaji will marry him, NK getting wedding fbs, and runs away from there

No precap

Detailed Update will be up later
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Old 01-26-2012

So the episode begins with Blackwa (Shyam) doing the bitchoo dance...Bicchoo O Bichchoo...ye biccho mujhe kaat khayega (Bless the saintly soul...I mean teh bicchoo)

poor thing found that there is a more venomous insect (Read Shyam) in the room and escapes and we have the Akal se ganji Anji heaving a blessed sigh of relief (Madam you just missed the making of the Scorpion snake)

Naani and the Maami...brainless women with a not so manly Man called Aakash all haywire with concern (Arrey stupid women!! Catch that bitchoo first...before it turns anyone of you into Scorion supersonics...) and Bigada Nawab enters and shifts the Akal ki ganji Anji into her room along with her not so handsome, Bitchho wala husband...and then gives them his own room and shifts to the guest room (And how is exactly gonna help this 'Made in weirdo room' couple??? Dont tell me the Bigada Nawabzada has had a 'bichho proof' system installed in his room...

And then even manages to stop Anji the akal se ganji sister of his from going to Payal's house and shifts the whole mehendi ceremony to Raizada pagal khaana(And what would that achieve??? God knows!!)

The Guptas arrive and the usual Anji's nonsense...Akashwa blushing like he is the to-be bride and Anletwa(Payal) giving him coy looks (haye haye mere Blushing hero)....Hello hi bye bye taunting and we fast forward

Jhalli coming in with bags and gobbling a box full of jalebis( I tell you ...I envy this girl...even with this amount of gorging she maintains a figue that would just pass the pole dance test...)

Jhalli as usual mumbling to herself and feels the breeze and aha!! out comes the Raizada nawab
and he says hi...
(And I literally fell off my chair...that was so damn good! I think this is the first time he said hi to her na??? and what that simple gesture does to us...I tell you..that was one seductive hi I ever heard) and Jhalli the phulli says Namaste(More is the pity...she can learn what the what the...copy Maami's hello hi bye bye but cant hi hi back...Ram Milayi jodi)

He asks her whether she is here to give the luggage and she says no..and then yes...(Girl decide! before he starts ranting What the What the)

She starts to leave...when he stops her...takes the luggage from her hand (haye haye!) and then puts it down and takes her hand (Oye hoye...haye haye *hyperventilates*) brings it near himself (Me fainting)...and puts her earring in her palm (Dhatt teri ki!! Gadha kahin ka! expectations badha ke jullu nikal diya)

He then tells the 'stupified' Jhalli that he knows what she is thinking (yup...she is thinking ...Donkey..this was the perfect opportunity and you lost it!!! )

he tells her that if you are thinking that you have won the bet and you can make me do anything then you are mistaken because the bet is not over yet(who wants to put a bet that making him do whatever she wants was the last thought in jhalli's mind and Raizada nawab actually is wanting that she puts the foot on the accelerator and MAKE him do whatever...but ofcourse humari tubelight will not know even if he hits her on the head with the hint *ahem**ahem*)

and am I right or what! she retorts that the bet is over and the Nataraj idol is with her ( E lo...she is stuck on Nataraj Idol...*bangs her head*) ...and walks off saying that he doesnot bother her and that she wishes that he would never show his face to her

Bigada having a very Naughty nawab expression as she leaves...and the dhak dhak tune again starts...

Do nikamme in Raizada pagalkhaana...
Aakash and NK...and ofcourse the ever lasting chips(Question of the century...What did NK bring in his big luggage bag??...)

Aakash as usual lamenting about not able ot meet his lady love and NK babbling
Iss function mein sirf ladies jaa sakti hai (Errr...dont even think about that NK...it is dabloo idea)

The Mehendi ceremony...Priyanka Chopra ke photuwali mehendi ki book...couldn't you get some decent high class wali books...hai filmi stars wali mehendi ki book....Garima showing it to jhalliphulli but Jhalli is eavesdropping on any news available about ...

(I am gonna skip the Black Snake ogling at Jhalli from the balcony...or wherever...Just wish that someone pushes him from there and he lands up in between Maami and Bua...who sandwich him to death)

NK tries to come with the saree all around him (literally...the Saree was all over, under, above and under him!!)
and Aakash goes to save him and gets caught by the ladies who tease him and tell him to get out...(Ladies and Gentlemen ...presenting the groom of the century)

NK and Aakash climb up..and see the snake ogling and tease him that he is ogling at Anjali which the blackwa denies but manages to bluff his way through

NK finally manages to creep inside and between the mehendi ceremony...and the poor thing is just about to enjoy himself when buaji returns...Sounded like mummy returns...
...right besides Nandkisorreee...

nK enjoys Jhalli and Bua teasing...when Bua tells him that she would get him a good groom...
and Jhalli tells him that if she (NK) doesnot like him (NK) then bua is ready for him...

Poor thing gets a scare of his life and gets out of his disguise...out of the sheer horror of seeing bua in the bride's dress(bache ki jaan loge kya

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