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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 21st March 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 21st March 2012 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 21st March 2012 Written Update Epi Starts:Arnav talking on phone...enters the room...collides with ...

Old 03-21-2012
Star Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 21st March 2012 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 21st March 2012 Written Update

Epi Starts:Arnav talking on phone...enters the room...collides with wind chimes..
and stares..and then stare at the room...its all decorated... completely with stars and all...

Arnav completely shocked!! khushi comes and chirpily asks him where I should put all the other stars...

Arnav totally exasperated...and then khushi exclaims she forgot to put glue..and goes to one wall...And it is covered with big poster of salman khan..Arnav is going mad!!
He shouts what the ..whats this.. khushi says, Its salman khan...
Arnav: Even i know that..what he is doing here...
khushi: he is my fav actor..
Then she tells she has decorated half side of everything...her bed, her side of the wall...
She is driving him crazy...
arnav takes his pillow and goes outside near the pool to sleep..
khushi says the tables have turned! I m sleeping on bed, he is near poolside...

Arnav is trying to sleep on the poolside...suddenly loud blasting noise of Tv..arnav gets up and sees...khushi on the bed alongside Lakhmi...
arnav asks why vol is so loud, khushi says coz lakshmi cant hear in low volume...to make her understand i have put in loud volume...
he tells her she has the ears and brain the size of laksmi..cute nok-jhok..
Arnav dupes khushi and goes in the bathroom to have bath...khushi tells this is not fair...u said i will first...
Then khushi goes outside and stops the water from coming ...
Arnav covered in soap!! Like completely!!

Arnav angry at khushi and she says i stopped the water... She tells he has to get out at the count of 5...and he has to Request her to start the water..only then she will start...he does that...twice
1st when he does, she says i cant hear anything as I have the brains and ears the size of Lakshmi ...he is made to say it again which he does...with total exasperation!!

She asks him to get out of the bathroom at the count of 5...he comes out and she collides with him.The have a moment...and Arnav asks her to go in the bathroom...and she has lost her train of thought after colliding with him... .. repeat of yesterday's scene in role reversal...

She goes inside and warns arnav to not stop the supply..he says i have already done that...she says start it now..he wont..she screams...Anjali comes running...khushi says there is a cockroach inside thats why I screamed...Anjali asks ASR to inspect...his NECK is like sprained coz of sleeping on the floor...He is looking sideways continuously.... Anajli goes from there...Arnav starts the supply...and is abt to go from there, khushi says there is really a cockroach in the bathroom...he is trying to see and turn sideways..but his neck is not letting him..he asks where is cockroach and she says "there, on the mirror"..Arnav turns and sees himself...and khushi starts smiling..
He tells her..dont show me ur face the whole day today...khushi abt to move when she slips on the floor and he catches her..

Rabba ve moment

The creepwa staring at khushi and smiling...khushi talking to Anajli abt how much she loves red roses...and creepwa is starting staring and staring..Arnav comes and sees that and is maha angry!!

Anjali arranging roses for flower vases on dining table... Khushi comes and join her..
Anajli asks: why u r so happy...she says i love red roses..
Upcoming scene..
Shyaam sees arnav staring at him...looks at Arnav and sits on the dining table..Arnav also comes and sit..

Manorma comes and start taunting Arnav about his turned neck! Khushi comes and sit beside him and teasing..." gala daba de" ??

Arnav's phone rings and he is shouting at someone who hasnt not paid him...he says if the person has borrowed money he should return ..he goes from there...khushi tensed as she has also taken 300 Rs from him...

Arnav goes out and sees shyaam taking delivery of red roses...he remembers khushi convo...he follows him..shyaam keeps the bunch in one room...and when he comes out he sees arnav and is shocked..

creepwa: arre saale saab aap?
Arnav: angry..saying the upcoming thing...told u..
creepwa: u r misunderstanding, he takes him with him in the room...
there is a cradle which he has decorated with red roses...creepwa says he did this for Anjali and their baby...
Arnav goes from there and creepwa shows his true colors...the bunch of red roses is lying beside that..
he says I will make u believe i have changed..and when u do, I will attack u in such a way (Aisa Vaar karenge) which will shock u...

Khushi tensed abt how can she repay him back his 300 Rs...
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Old 03-21-2012
*sAu jAtTi*

Thanks for the update, Shyam back in evil action, annoying precap! But like shirtless Arnavji & the New Banner, MS stuck on his coat !!
Old 03-22-2012

i missed the epi and missed seeing arnav shirtless..
Old 03-22-2012

loved yesterday epi...
arnav's horrorfilled eyes when he looks at his room... OMG>.. i was like n khushi was in one of her naughtiest moods.. .. awesome

i wish they improve her lakhnavi english a bit... i know a lot of ppl from lucknow ... and no one calls cockroach ... as cackrach ...

but yes indeed... when she tells arnav to look at the mirror and that there is a very big cockroach.... arnavs expressions were : ull hair:fo ol

all in all i just loved everthing about yesterday, except that lafanga shyam..
- arnavs horrified expressions after seeing the windchimes.. the half pink bed.
- arnavs neck sprain - khushi asking ki kya hum daba dein aapki gardan.. LOL
- arnav all covered in soap
- khushi doing the countdown...
- khushi stopping the water supply.
- arnav telling her,.. main tumhari taran CHEAP nahi hoon... ha ha ha
- khushi slippin n the rabba ve moment.
- no overdose of mami... payal ... akash..

thank u cv's!

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