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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 19th March 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 19th March 2012 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 19th March 2012 Written Update Khushi enters the room...Arnav is already there...They both ...

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Star Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 19th March 2012 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 19th March 2012 Written Update

Khushi enters the room...Arnav is already there...They both have an awkward look...both look at the pool side
Khushi asks do u remember anything? Arnav remembers...but he says he doesnt..
He asks if khushi remembers...she says no...

Then they both move towards the bathroom...at the same time...they both want to get inside first...they bicker...as usual

move over to Shyaam-anjali scene...shyaam hugging Anjali and saying he is very happy today..its the best holi of his life. He remembers Khushi telling him the truth abt their marriage..when khushi was telling him that she doesnt know why Arnav did this...Shayam says he knows and will take advantage of that and smirks...

Manorma doing some drama...she wants payaliya to give her some head ache medicine...Payal mixes up the medicine...meanwhile Arnav is talking on the phone and he picks up the wrong medicine...
its revealed the medicine payal gave manorma is Arnav's diabetes medicine..Arnav collides with khushi on the way to his room...

Manorma creating a big scene...telling payal to get out coz she gave her wrong medicine...khushi hears this and is worried if arnav has a wrong medicine,,,she runs to Arnv to stop him from having wrong medicine...

Manorma is tooo much...just for a medicine such a big scene!! Disgusting!!

khushi runs to their room and stops arnav...and they hear mamiji screaming at payal,... and khushi misunderstand this is Arnav;s doing...and she shouts at him and says I hate you.. and she again runs from there...and Arnav is shocked!
The last week goes in drain!!

The only thing I can update right now is mami is going on and on and on..!! Someone please just shut her up!!

Arnav comes and stops mami...saying its not her fault.

Coming up: our khushi under full misunderstanding...she telling Arnav u like doing this...pehle kisi ki zindagi ujad ke phir banana...he tried to say something..she doesn't let him...says u did this with me and now u r doing this with didi...
Oh khushi! Dont...please...

Arnav saying to mamiji: ur medicine is with me..i took it by mistake and payal picked the wrong medicine...and says that its a simple mistake...and it could have been made by anyone... so would u have thrown all of us out of the house..and she just shuts up!
Arnav saying everyone needs to relax a litlle bit..and looks at khushi...
everyone happy...but not Khushi..she looks angry!

everyone leaves...arnav having his medicine in room...khushi storms into it...
and the upcoming scene..whre she is shouting at Arnav.. not letting him speak..
telling him u r playing a game...khushi now crying.. SBB scene... that please dont hurt my didi as she cant take this pain..i again promise u that i will not leave the house for 6 months..and wont tell anyone anything..
Arnav sad and leaves from there...
khushi says i will not leave this house...but you will ask me to get out ..

Arnav sleeping..khushi comes and looks at him..
says " who can say behind this bhola face, lies one khhoon-khar laad governor" ..
and Arnav says "Shut-up khushi"..

Its morning...khushi goes inside the room towards arnav who is sleeping comfortably in the bed... with full anger...but looks at his face...and smiles..
Ah melting-moment!!

Precap: She is singing Mausam suhaana with What the's between he comes and is shocked surprised, confused annoyed

man, Sanaya is a bad bad singer but who cares, she cracked me up big time

I swear IPK is gonna kill me one, I will get tired of waiting
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Old 03-20-2012

Episode begins with the Khushi asking Arnav if he remembers anything and he tells her that he dont remember anything. Khushi and Arnav fights on some small petty issue and Arnav ends up in giving her dhamki of Payal. There Mami is pestering Payal as she has headache due to bhaang and she asks her for medicines. Payal while finding the medicines and going for the water switch the medicines of Arnav and her. Manorama finds out that she took wrong medicines and makes issue out of it and tells her to leave the house. Khushi blames Arnav for this and they have fight. Arnav stops maami and clear her doubts and makes her to chill. There next morning Khushi is on mission to make Arnav's life hell

----------------Detailed Update-------------------

Episode begins with Khushi entering the room and both of them look at poolside and Khushi asks Arnav if he remembers anything and he gets flashback and says he dont remember anything and he asks her same question and she answers no not at all. Khushi and Arnav than both reaches for the bathroom at first and fight that who will go first and in which Khushi ends up saying that she is his wife and she has right on it and than she asks him if he will again do something to Payal to which he says yes and get into washroom.

I am loving there fights as in fights only they end up saying truth.

Shayam goes to ANjali and tells her that he is happy and he is sooo much happy and Anjali feels that he had bhaang.

Blaaah plz someone give permission me to mix poision in his bhaang.

Mami there is having headache and she makes Payal to run here and there. First she makes Payal to bring lemon and then she asks her to make orange juice and still she dont feel well and asks her to bring medicine and Payal tries to find that in her room and she is not able to find it and mami tells her to get that from the lounge. Payal goes there and finds the medicine and than there she leaves from there to take the water.

Like seriously Mami brought some servant that too free of cost.

Arnav comes down and he is on phone and keeps down his another phone on table and picks the medicines of maami and leaves from there. While leaving he collides with Khushi and asks her if she cant see and she replies rudely that she also can say this. Payal comes there and she picks Arnav's medicines.

Ho gya panga

There Anjali is giving lemon water to maami and Payal comes there and she strts taunting her. Than mami notices the shape change in her medicine and Anjali tells that its Arnav's diabties medicine.

Blah blah saas-bahu saga.

There Khushi sees Arnav's phone on the table and she picks that up and there maami takes the payal by her hand and says that she needs to leave the house. Mama comes down there and says she made the house fish market and she narrates him story in her own way and Khushi runs to Arnav so that he dont have wrong medicines but still mami do blah blah.

I am fed up of this lady someone plz save from her torture

There Khushi reaches room and she misunderstands Arnav by thinking that he did intentionally and she asks him what he understands himself and she strts scolding him and asks him how much he can stoope down and she leaves from there.

Okay I love Khushi but now she really needs to change the dialogues I am listening to them since episode 1

There Nani and Mama tries to cool down but she is still high and she is shouting at her and Khushi also tries to stop her but she tells her that she can send her also. Akash comes there and he sees all this tamasha happening and asks Payal what happened and Mami tells him not to speak in favor of Payal. She is speaking like some radio non-stop.


Than our hero takes the entry and stops Payal and makes mami to cool down and clears all the misunderstanding. Arnav tells Akash to make mami sit and Payal to bring water. And mami is abt to speak and he says that this mistake would happen from anyone and she gets mum. Nani says that atleast she listen to him.

I beg u my hottie next time make ur ntry soon I cant handle her blah blah.

Khushi than in the room again repaeats the dialogue and he tries to explain her but she says that not to do this again to her sister and now Arnav walks down from there.

U knw even my mumma gives no chance to papa to speak.

After he leaves Khushi thinks that soon only he will tell her to leave the house. Next morning Khushi is writting something in her diary and she sees Arnav sleeping and goes close to him and says that who will believe that there is devil behind this innocent face(Arnav in sleepy mode tells her to SHUTUP and Khushi gives her cute shock expressions) and than she strts sneezing and he gets up and goes away from there. Khushi goes back to her bedding and rights 100 WAYS TO TEASE ASR.

Now the real game begins.

Khushi is singing and irritating Arnav to her best

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Old 03-20-2012

You rocked yesterday's episode Barun.. "Shut up Khushi!!!" Lol...
Cant wait for "What the what the" song..

When i sit silently, i suddenly start thinking about IPKKND, and i burst out laughing.. Khushi humein sach mein paagal kar degi! Thank god there r serials like IPKKND which lightens our days.. All other serials just wanna show 101 ways to cry!!
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Old 03-20-2012

oh god..i missed out on yesterdays epi... dunno if will get a chance to see it online.... busy day :-( sob sob sob....

thanks for the update u all.....

19th, doon, iss, ko, kya, march, naam, pyaar, update, written

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