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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th July 2013 - Episode 207

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Old 07-18-2013
Bell Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th July 2013 - Episode 207

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 17th July 2013 - Episode 207 Watch Online, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 17th July 2013 - Episode 207 Written Update

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Old 07-18-2013

The whole family is drinking Bhang...Jhalliphullli (Khushi) makes hello hi bye bye drink Thandai mixed with Bhaang too...

She tries to make Anji the akal se ganji drink it too...and Anji, akal se ganji tells her to call her di from now onwards (Haye re...nahi!!!!!!!..she already has a brain dead sister...why would she want to adopt one more) ...when the bhindi nose (Shyam) enters and says that he has had no bhaang (Shut up...or I will break your taang...then you and Anji ganji can play one legged race (No intention of insulting Anji Ganji's handicap))...Khushi tells Omprakash to give the bhindi nose the bhaang and walks away (Aha showed the bhindi nose his 'aukaat'...you belong in between 'bhaaji tarkaari'...not with exotic fruit like me...all this while Anji the akal se ganji is looking around and is totally ignoring the eyelocks and dirty stares and snares by her hubby the bhindi nose and ignoring looks by khushi how come she is 007 when it comes to ASR and totally deaf dumb and what not when it comes to her bhindi nose)

Khushi escapes as on the other side Shyamva aka Blackwa makes Anji ganji believe that Khushi needs a dose of bhang (you so are gonna regret this, you snake)

Anji Ganji goes and somehow makes khushi drink the bhaang...(finally ONE good thing Anji Ganji did)

Maami bakbaking in her intoxication and trying to separate the sickeningly loving jodi when our new drunk femal Veeru aka Khushi shouts for Mami...and then tells her that she looks like a 'bin barsaati' Rainbow...She then pounces on the lovebirds Payash and starts telling the truth about Payal...but ofcourse both are in no mood to register anything..they remained the same...boring stupid couple

Jhalliphulli (Khushi) is on a 'Truth or dare' spree...she is again between Naani and Anji and all for buttering naani...she is almost about to speak the truth about her marriage when our Bigadanawab (Arnav) enters..TAdah!!!!
(For the first time he enters on the right time...I so wish that he had entered on right time when that Blackwa bhindi nose ..then we would be having a crushed bhindi nose *gets lost in this wondrous dream*)

He stops her from saying it...but khushi is on a truth spree...

Jhalli running across the compound like Rajdhani lose from her tracks...She finally makes him drink...but she sees that hehaddrunk from the 'Thandai' pot and not Bhaang..and when our akru bacha is looking around, she replaces the bhaang glass...Anji the Akal se ganji and naani look on and get happy ...Anji the ganji..the new 007 clone on block even clicks Pics of her dear bro drinking bhaang...(Why cant you go and click some of your bhindi nose hubby's pic?...may be you would have realized that he desperately needs a nose surgery)

She get triumphant and tells him how she tricked him into drinking ...He is about to say something when she jumps in happiness saying that she would say taht instead of him...What The...What The...What The...What The...What The...What The...What The... (Oh...Such an adorable way she said it...you gotta love Khushi in this scene...this is the Khushi that stone hearted tycoon fell in love with and lost his not -so- bright heart too...) she runs away leaving a totally frustrated ASR...(Bechara...Khud hi apne pair pe kuhaadi mar di hai...toh ab jhelo...who said it hadto be all your way, ASR???? you are so sadly mistaken if you think that she would let you have your way)

The Dholi-Toli comes in and khushi starts dancing...Everyone watches ..so how can our Bigada Nawab be far away...He goes on staring at her and then side hugs both his Nikammi Sister and not so sayani naani and goes on staring at her and then starts praising her

(Hai na,..ye bhi akal se ganja...Barking at the wrong post...Ab iss pagali and budhi naani ko bolane ka kya faayda...Go and telly your fair lady...instead of hanging on your sister's and granny's shoulder and ogling at her but isnt he looking absolutely loony in this...So queet)...

Anji the akal se ganji gets astonished at this (Oye...dont go so much OTT...you were not so surprised when he danced with her...ab toh both are married...itna toh banta hai naHey Bhagu...Why dont you poke your not so clean nose in your hubbydubby's business instead of following your brother everywhere...)

Arnav(yes yes..today he is purely Arnav...No Raizada name tag to hound him like a rabid dog) goes towards the dancing Khushi ...(Oww...I loved that one reckless move...the way he threw the bhang glass without even looking at it...and just keeps on walking with only her in his sight)

(It was actually a very sweet scene..and looking at that dancing with the winds Khushi...you feel a kind of bittersweet feeling...She is so innocent...just out of her teens...yet quite unworldly..and has been dragged in this mess,,,,just because a wolf thought she was a subtle prey for her...by wolf I mean the disgusting bhindi nose).

..Khushi sees Arnav looking at her and stops dancing...He is actually looking at her in quite a loony way...he circumvents all the hurdles in between and goes and stands right before her ...where they actually look into her eyes...(And I tell you..this is one pure Rabba Ve moment..both in their own elements...having their hearts in their eyes...not hindered by the misunderstandings, pride or Prejudice!!!)...

the Dholis suddenly surround them and they both gets conscious...And then ASR does a wonderful thing...he actually twirls Khushi away...Owww...you have to see that scene...
I can describe it so am putting the pics...

it was as if he had actually freed himself...And then they laugh at each other...

and then he starts DANCING ...and he pulls his family to dance

And then suddenly while dancing he gets emotional and hugs his sister...( e lo...here I was waiting for the most ultimate hug and here the bro -sis emotional moment start...oye...Rakshabandhan par kar liyo ye sab...aaj toh holi hai)

On the other side our Jhalli is dancing in her oblivion when our Bigada Nawab (ASR) zooms on her and a guy besides her ...who obviously is trying to get near her...Aha..then he stomps near her and shoos the bug oofff...But the moment he turns...he finds Khushi missing (Mr. India Ban gai Khushi...Gadjet laga ke gayab...Ab kya karega Mogambo Jaanne ke liye ghoortey rahiye...Raizada Pagalkhana compound and pool side ko)

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