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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th July 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th July 2012 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th July 2012 Written Update Episode begins with an angry Arnav showing gift ...

Old 07-18-2012
Star Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th July 2012 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th July 2012 Written Update

Episode begins with an angry Arnav showing gift to Khushi. She is scared, he tells its for her bt she rejects and when he forces she takes it frm him. She takes it and unwraps it, takes out the sari and gives him and tells she dont want it. Arnav is angry and tells that he brought it, he chose the sari still then why dnt she wears it. Arnav then softens on recalling NKs words. He tries to be soft and asks her to wear it. She tells "he brought her sari but couldnt bring a smile on her face" Arnav is hurt, asks her to wear it and leaves the room.

NKs room: Arnav vents his anger at NK, bt NKs cool reactiön and his upcuming stupid idea makes Arnav angry and he leaves.
Khushi praying to DM. She tells she is nt angry at Arnav, bt the situations like Anjali, Akash Payal problems, and Arnavs words hurts her and so she does it. Its nt that she is angry at him.

Akash comes frm the office, Khushi gives him water and sits for a happy talk. But Akash ignores her and doesnt even smile.

Payal - Akash room
Akash furiosly gets to the room, Payal tries to ask what was wrong. Akash freshens up and fumes at

Payal. Akash tells why should Khushi advice him abt how he should go along with his future life. Akash leaves.

Payal goes to Khushi and asks her not to interfere in her life. And she knows how to tangle with it. Khushi is sad!

Anjali room: Anjali tells Nani that she needs a baby boy just like Shyam. She breaks down asks Nani who was right, is it Shyam or Chote. Nani consoles her and gives her a medicine to take rest. Nani is tensed! Anjali cries..

Khushi is walking thnking of her jijis words. While Arnav comes down going to office. Arnav sees a sad Khushi, he wants to wipe them and console her but stops his emotion and turns away saying damn. Khushi too turns away muttering under her breath "even i dont want to see his face" Arnav and Khushi walks away. Arnav bumps to NK and Khushi to Payal. NK asks him to watch while walking. Arnav leaves. Khushi asks Payal why is she angry, Payal tells that Khushi knws the reasn behind it. Payal leaves.

Arnav Khushi room

NK gives Arnav many ideas. He asks to remake all those ROMANTIC moments which they had in the past. Arnav starts saying their first meet, their first day at office, guest house, NK had enough of it. He asks any romantic moments made by Khushi. Arnav tells some which terrifies NK. He asks is this Romantic Story betwn u both. NK is horrified and tells its Pagal.. He leaves. Arnav gets strike with an idea as Khushi is pagal, so pagal ideas would do it work!!!

Episode Ends..
Khushi opens the cupboard door and is shocked with her jaw wide open! Its Arnav sitting inside the cupbord just like how she did once. A slight smile flashes her lips.
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Old 07-18-2012

a good episode
ARNAV giving KHUSHI a gift n as usual KHUSHI rejects
n ASR back to form... so KHUSHI opens the gift n sees a RED SARI....n again she rejects... ARNAV super angry... asks her to wear it.. he remembers NK's words of being sweet with his wife... n softly says that he like to see her in that sari atleast give a SMILEARNAV u remembered NK's words... then u must remember ur words too
KHUSHI all hurt as all this happening around her is oly bec of her... says u can buy a SARI for me but cannot buy a SMILE for me ARNAV super frustrated goes to NK's room n shows all his ANGER to him.. bechara NK
AKASH PAYAL ANJALI... KHUSHI... uffffffff i can see ANJALI thinking abt who s right her PATI PARMESHWAR or PYAARE CHOTE... but y cant she see that her brother with whom she has spent more time is always true to her.. not the SNAKEWA
AKASH the DUMB n now KHUSHI too y does she want to talk in between husband n wife.... i thought KHUSHI would act smart... but CVs have made her like a DUMB
Now NK the LOVE GURU trying to help ARNAV to patch up with KHUSHI like a PERFECT PATI
He asks ARNAV to Recreate all his ROMANTIC MOMENTS with KHUSHI... n asks him to say t...ARNAV STARTS
their FIRST MEET at the fashion show n how he misunderstood her n locked her in a ROOM n then how he flashed the footage of KHUSHI in his arms to the news channels as teachin her a lesson bec of which PAAYALs marrige was trashed
then how he saved her from falling in his office on her first day n how he left her after a fight
n how he made her stand in RAIN in parking place
how he sent her to the construction site which was abt to fall any moment
NK the poor thing gets shocked on hearing their so called LOVE STORY
n Says that u r ASR so this happens... But KHUSHI s lovely so she d have created ROMANTIC moments... n ARNAV starts saying that too
how she started callin him LAAD GOVERNOR
she pouring HOT TEA on him

NK s expression was as if someone pourin tea on him
the way she threatened him with a knife n how to save himself ARNAV blocked the knife near his arms
how he lost his voice because of KHUSHI burning the mosquito coil
n KHUSHI made him stay hungry until he fainted

NK poor fellow GETS SCARED n asks him to STOP n says that he asked abt ROMANTIC MOMENTS but wat ARNAV was saying were like a HORROR FILM STORY... ARNAV smiles hearing this NK bhai this is oly their LOVE STORY... full of thriller n horror wer LOVE is somewer in the CORNER NK runs away saying that they r crazy..
ARNAV repeats CRAZY as wer KHUSHI s that place ll be full of MADNESS oly n repeats RECREATE OLD MEMORY...something strikes ARNAV
today also ARNAV n NK covered the WHOLE STAGE... these guys are just chanceless.. ROCK ON GUYS..
KHUSHI opens the cupboard n get a ZOR KA JHATKA as ARNAV is SITTIN INSIDE T n peeps out the SAME WAY ONCE KHUSHI DID

guys actually NK was super today.. the way he pulls ARNAV's legs n the way he eagerly asks their love story n the way he GETS SCARED n FRUSTRATED on hearing t
Birth is an accident, Death is a mystery... the life in between is a confusion
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Old 07-19-2012

Arnav says can you see it now ? He says its for you
Khushi says I don't want it ..
He says its for you take it ..
She opens it in anger .. he smirks ..
Its a sari .. she says i dont want it .. he says why ..
He says i got it for you .. my fav colur its for you .. Wear it .
He has flashback of NK convo on how to woo a wife ..
She sais i wont wear it .. he says why ,.why can't you just smile ..
She says you can't even buy my smile .. she chucks it and goes away..
he goes to NK and says it all your fault .. NK say calm down .. He says i shouldnt have listened to you .. I have done so much for her .. Nk say did you wear a saree .. I mean did khuhsi ..
Khushi says why doesnt he understand .. Di is upset .. mami is angry .. Payesh have problems how can i be happy .. Im not angry with arnav ..
He stopped me from leaving the house how can i forget .. she says you cant change things ..
Akash comes home .. and calls for payal but then calls for Hari Prakash for water ..
Khushi brings water .. he says thanks ..
She says how are you .. I havent spoken to u .. how is work ..
she says u know when Nani did honeymoon stuff cuz you had no time .. now you have time ,.
Khushi says sorry im rambling .. She sasy after so much you can have a break ..
payal says you still upset with me ..
He says You might aswell get khushi to paln our future ..
She says i have no idea what you are saying ..
You didnt need to tell gher abuout our fights ..
Khushi praying that her ssi and aki will sort everything ..
Payal sasy what did you do ..
She says I saw u fighting ..
Payal says u should have told me not him .. dont do anything else .. She sasy she is fed up of being khushi's sister .. she is also just PAYAL ..
Pretty much she is saying dont get involved ..
Anji dazed .. nani combing her hair ..
some pregnancy discussion ..
Anji says i want a son that looks lyk shyam .. !!
she hugs nani .. both emotional .. she says what has happened i dont understand .. he didn’t do this .. maybe chotte misunderstands but then chotte doesnt lie .. what is the truth .. I dont know what is the truth
She has her meds .. nani says rest .. she says she needs to understand this .
khushi replays payals words .. arnav comes down stairs saying i better work .. i dont understand ..
he stops and stares at her ,, she does the same both come closer ..
and turn he says damn it . she says i dont wanna see him both move and bump in to payal and Nk ..
Khushi sasy why are you angey .. Nk says to ASR where are you looking .. Nk says Love is truely blind ..
payal sasy you know why iam angry ..
Nk says letters.. he says you can do anything about love ..
ASR says khushi drives my head mad and on top of you too ..
NK says it lovee .. !! he says remember and recreate old magic that you did before .. he saying tell me old moment .. Arnav flashback of 1st meeting ..
Nk say you have a romantic look when flashbacking . ASR says forget it .. Nk say no .. FB more ..
ASr stands saying she ruined my show .. and how he lock her and didnt let her go .. and payal wedding got destrotyed .. News channels put her images everywhee after she knocked in to my car .. then she can to my office and I let go of her hadn .. Left her in the rain .. then the construction site ..
NK says stop i dont wanna listen to it anymore ..
Khushi says that was supposed to happen cuz your ASR ..
Khushi probs has romantic moments ..
ASR says she calls me LG .. she splilled Tea.. she fed be jalebi .. ect ..
Nk say STOP i wanna hear love .. This is mad ..
He leaves .. ASR says the old momenst are mad ..
Then it hits him .. Old moments ..
Precap ..
Khushi opens the cupborad and ASR is sitting in it .. aww how sweet!! like when she was hiding !!
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Old 07-19-2012

WOW! My sweeeetu NK....trying to play the cupid b/w Arnav and khushi. He is fully romantic and understands both of them completely. He was asking Arnav for romantic moments but Arnav was saying a horror story to him...bechaara!!! got scared.

So now we can see ASR as CRAZY ASR....hope he cherishes some of his childhood memories so that we can know what happened to him in the past....Just wonder when they'll get this track
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Old 07-19-2012

why am i getting this feeling...
the if NK was not there, this show would be a drab now a days...

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Old 07-19-2012

Originally Posted by himuku View Post
why am i getting this feeling...
the if NK was not there, this show would be a drab now a days...

u get that feeling as it is true...
according to this track all r worried...NANI KHUSHI N ASR abt ANJALI...PAYAL n AKASH in their own world of WORRIES..... N ARNAV WORRIED for KHUSHI n KHUSHI worried for ARNAV....
so NK (sweetheart) is oly entertainment in the show..... LOVE his HINDI...
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Old 07-19-2012

I just love nk's hindi also its so sweet and specially when he sayd nanav mere bhai I just love it gosh his too cute
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Old 07-21-2012

this akash guy is just irritating me to da core....i wish i could throw him out of RM for a few days along with ZOMBIE DI
n da romantic moments arnav remembers are just too funny......but arnavji dont u remember any of da RABBA VE moments.......may be he's too shy to share it with NK
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18th, doon, iss, july, ko, kya, naam, pyaar, update, written

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