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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th August 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th August 2011 Written Update within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th August 2011 Written Update The episode starts with the blonde finally attending ...

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Light Bulb Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th August 2011 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 18th August 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with the blonde finally attending the pooja. Nani sees, and is furious. She cannot believe that the blonde is still disrespecting what she asked. She wonders what upbringing the blonde was given, because if that is what it is, then Nani is not merely angry - she is ashamed.
The blonde is standing there huffily, acting as if nothing is wrong. The rest of the family (minus the dark prince) are anxious/apprehensive. Nani is furious, and after another second, the blonde almost rolls her eyes and storms off.
Nani looks at her family, and says that she cannot complete the pooja. She has had enough. She leaves. The loving princess wants to walk after her, but the snake stops her. He tells her to let their Nani cool down, and besides, her anger is justified right now. He then tells her he needs to leave, and after making it up to her, he leaves.
Mami is standing there, before turning to her niece and wondering what is going on. Using a cricket analogy, she states that the blonde is fighting a losing battle - and she's worried about what it will do to the family. Without missing a beat however, she then asks if they can go and eat breakfast, as all this tension has left her extremely hungry. She walks away with the loving princess following.
The graceful prince and his father are left standing. The graceful prince is extremely worried about the entire situation... and his father leaves him with this bit of advice:
"Son, if you do not follow anything else, follow this bit of advice.. do not ever make the mistake of getting married. And if you do, make sure it isn't a love marriage."
The graceful prince watches as his father leaves.

Meanwhile, the beauty and the innocent angel are walking to different shops, and advertising their sweets & shop. However, no one is interested. The innocent angel despairs, but the beauty refuses to bow down.

Back at RM, the dark prince is on the phone, telling his assistant that nothing should be left undone for tomorrow night. His girlfriend walks in, wanting to complain about what happened in the pooja room this morning. But the dark prince doesn't want to hear it. He tells her that he's trying to make sure no stone is left unturned in making his sister's wedding anniversary party the best.
The blonde perks up at hearing the word party, and brightens. Finally there's something to hold her interest in this house. She wonders if there will be a champagne fountain, but the dark prince says there won't be any alcohol. Refusing to be deterred, the blonde moves onto clothing. She wonders what she should wear.. she muses about the sari in their upcoming bridal collection; the one Chamkili wore.
The dark prince hears her name, and immediately loses focus of the conversation.
She's standing there, the hair softly blowing around her face, the sari capturing her petite frame, her glowing skin, the discomfort, the quiet confidence...
He forces himself to stop thinking of her, and growls at the blonde - she is never to mention that name to him again. He storms off, leaving his girlfriend standing there wondering what happened.

Meanwhile, the beauty and the innocent angel are still trying to find buyers for their sweets, but to no avail. The manager refuses to consider their sweets, and turns them away. They begin to walk off. The manager then receives a call asking them to provide Lucknow sweets for a function. The manager excitedly agrees, and hangs up. However, his assistant informs him that their partner who makes those sweets won't be available for a month.
The beauty hears this and drags her sister back towards the manager. She convinces them to hire her for the order. She makes them try the sweets, and being impressed, the manager agrees to let them make the sweets. But the assistant isn't completely convinced, so he tells them that they'll only receive the payment after the delivery is made, and if the client likes the sweets.
Both girls are a bit worried by it, but the beauty doesn't sway - they'll complete this order; even when told its meant for over 200 people. The manager softens, and provides them with the sweets list. The girls leave, somewhat happily, somewhat apprehensive.

Reaching home, the girls pool their money to buy ingredients. Its not nearly enough. The girls are worrying, when Bua comes in and tells the beauty to go to a certain shop, and when they give her money, she is to quietly bring it back. The item in question of being sold are two kangans of Bua's.
The beauty tears up, not wanting to do this. Bua looks at her and smiles softly. She chidingly tells her that if she had taken an order for tears, rather than sweets, they would have completed the order a long time ago. Bua tells her nieces that the kangans are merely being pawned, and once they complete the order, receive the money, pay off their father's debts.. then they can go and buy the kangans back. The beauty hugs her Bua, as does the innocent angel.

Later on, the sisters are in the kitchen, with the innocent angel ticking off everything they need. She turns to her sister, wondering if they've missed out on anything. The beauty wonders and then turns to her innocent angel. What are they missing?
Her sister's adorable smile.
The innocent angel blushes, and smiles softly in response. Suddenly, their Bua calls out for them, telling them to come see who's here.

It's the snake.
As soon as his eyes glaze over the beauty, he stops and stares. Bua smiles at the scene. She then asks the snake why he took so long to see them, but the snake is occupied with staring at the beauty. He finally tells them that he's been busy, but he is here now. And with something for them, in honour of their new shop opening.. utensils & dishes.
The beauty is extremely grateful, and the snake watches mesmerised as the beauty smiles and tells him about the order they've received. The snake sighs, knowing he cannot leave his Rani Sahiba, but cannot leave his beauty either.
He follows the beauty into the kitchen, and tells her that he shall help with the cooking. All three get to work... the snake watches as the beauty fries the jalebi. Suddenly, he pulls her arm back from the frying pan.. the oil was bubbling up too much.
However, the force has caused a deep gash on the beauty's wrist. He apologises, but the beauty refuses his apology. It wasn't his fault... the gash was already there, given by the dark prince. The snake is shocked at hearing his brother-in-law's name. The beauty continues complaining about the dark prince, regardless of what her sister says.
The dark prince has caused their problems, and the beauty will not stop blaming him.
The snake thinks to himself, wondering what to do.

Back at RM, the dark prince is getting ready. He opens his cupboard, and stares at a small box. Opening it, he drops the item into his palm. Three pearls... pearls that hold a wealth of memories.
Pulling her towards him, ripping the pearl thread from her top, hearing the gasp, watching the pearls drop, feeling her discomfort and fear...
Furious, the dark prince throws the pearls away. He cannot believe he is still thinking of her. What the hell is wrong with him? Emotions and feelings are not his thing, so why is she penetrating his mind like this? He refuses to let her invade his mind any longer.


Precap: The sisters are talking to the manager, who excitedly tells them where to go. The beauty asks for an easier way to get there, and the manager mentions the Raizada Mansion.


Khushi ~ the beauty
Arnav ~ the dark prince
Akash ~ the graceful prince
Payal ~ the innocent angel
Anjali ~ the loving princess
Shyam ~ the snake
Lavanya ~ the blonde


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