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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 16th April 2013 - Episode 135

This is a discussion on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 16th April 2013 - Episode 135 within the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 16th April 2013 - Episode 135 - Video Written Update Iss Pyaar Ko ...

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video Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 16th April 2013 - Episode 135

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 16th April 2013 - Episode 135 - Video Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 16th April 2013 - Episode 135 - Video Written Update
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Old 04-17-2013

Akash leaves the house and everyone scolds maami even mama also scolds her. Khushi takes ASR to the mami and he tries to talk to her but mami stops him and tell him that dont talk filmy she will not agree to this and ASR walks out and Khushi also leaves him and tells him to talk with feelings and he says that he knows how to crack deals.

There Mami and Mama have fight which leads to mami leaving the house and RM ladies strts crying and ASR sees it and he goes behind the mami and he tells her that she will loose many things f she leaves and if she accepts this deal than she will have control over the family and she agress.

She comes back to home and everone is happy and Mami tells then that she agrees if everything goes according to her. ASR tells Khushi that he made her agree in his style and he walks away from there. Everyone goes and hugd Khuhsi. Anjali tells Khushi not to tell anyone according to some astrology thing and Khushi leaves,

There Nani tells Anjali to call Shayam so that they can go for the Akash's marriage proposal. Akash comes back and everyone teases him

Precap: Shayam is at RM house serving something and Raizada reaches there and bua sees them and Shayam is shocked.

Detailed update coming in 1 hour

Part1- Akash leaving and everyone scolding mami
Episode begins with Akash leaving and Anjali stopping him but he leaves even mama tries to stop him and mam says whats happening in home and mama has made home fighting hall. There Khushi tells to make mami understand and ASR leaves for there. Okay so I declare winner winning award for akhada goes to lakshmi why keep guessing

Nani also yells at mami that she spuke very rude and mami says that now everyone has problem and she adds that she cant marry Payal to a grl who has nothing. ArHi sees this and Khushi tells him to go soon and she says if he dont rmbr than she can make faree One word for her she is original peice

Part2 ASR tries to talm mami but she dont lsiten to him
Khushi and ASR comes there and Anjali asks when did Khushi came to which Khushi says that ASR want to say something and Khushi goes behind and strts telling him what to say in actions and mami asks him if he is waiting for any muhraat he says abt jodi and he completely forgets it and he glares Khushi Seriously ArHi were too cute in this scene and ASR lol u really need to learn how to cheat

Mami says thats what she is saying that jodis are made up from above and she says that bride and groom needs to be of same status and thats why that miss India is perfect not that Khoon bhari taang . Asr tries to speak and she tells him to full stop and there is no need to be filmy. La says that they need to looks fo Akash choice also and Anjali also pleads Mami but she dont agree to listen and ASR walks away from there after glaring Khushi,. Urghhh mami how much gold do u want from miss indian u r already lady bappi lehri

Part-3 Mama and mami mahabharat
Khushi follows ASR and she goes behind him at the poolside Khushi tries to speak but ASR tells her to shutup and he says that he already told that everything all this is bull-shit. Khushi says if he has done this with feelings than it would have been better. Bhavnaao ko samjho arey bhavna kaun hai.

There Mami is like she will not agree and she is Angads leg in Ravan darbaar which cant be moved and now finally mama speaks up and he says that she needs to remember that how she fot entry in this house and she is also not from big house and she tells him to stop and she says she knws her status there is no need of precap and she also says that due to her background she didnt get acceptance till the day What a white lie and nani shouts at her and says that she also knows that its not right and nani tells that she said what she felt and mami ji says that if she has so many problems than why she dont leave this house. He fells bad that Akash left the house due to her.

Part4- Mami nautanki to leave house and ASR business language
ASR says tht he will handle in his ways to which Khushi this is not business deal and he says that practicality money and power is every solution to everything.

There Manorna i running with her back and in a styke she ws running to leave I literally fell of my couch seeing her running. Everyone tries to stop her and nani says she is her saas andto which mami says tat her saans stopped . Mama says let her go she will come back soon she is doing nautanki. ArHi reaches there. Anjali and Nani shatters down as mami leaves.

Mami is crying and leaving when she sees that no one is coming to stop her she cries more and ASR comes and he says that he just want to say one thing that what she is going to do what will that results. He tells her to think practically not emotionaly and he tells if she leaves she will loose the society status if she leaves. If she will leave than only she will loose this deal. He tells that at ayhow they will marry Akash and Payal with he wish or without wish. If she leaves Payal will get her status if she leaves. And he says that she will be there where she strted. She will loose if she leaves and he says that now decision hers to select which deal. He tells him to think from businessman's POV and to see where she has profit.

Part 4 Mami agrees and everyone teases Akash

ASR comes back to RM and Anjali asks for mami and mami comes and she says that she agreed and everypne gets happy and everyone in RM ladies hugs mami. Khushi looks at ASR like she told him and he ignores that. Mami tells that she agreed that PayAsh marriage will have everything according to her. Everyone agrees to it. Khushi says to ASR see he did in that way she told but he said no and he tells her he did in his own way and he knows how to crack del and for once more he was ight and she was wrong and he walks away OMG his walk was killer. La goes and hugs Khushi and says she is excited abt that and now toh Khushi will meet la daily and ANjali says that now they will be relatives. Khushi says she will tell Pyal but Anjali tells that no as its not good as per the astrology and Khushi goes and thanx mami and she leaves.

Akash comes back and he asks Anjali why did she called him and Anjali says that now nani has problem with this relationship and La and Lakshmi also denies to his relationship and Akash gets srustrated and he leaves from there and Anjali stops him.

Nani says that when mami can agree to this relationship than they cant joke with her and he leaves from there but when he understand it he comes back and goes to mami and thanx her.

Anjali says not to be so happy as ladki wala people have not selected him and mami says that they cant reject him.

Akash is like why tomoroow they should go now and Anjali says that they will go tmrw only. nani tells Anjali to call Shayam and she says that she will call him in the morning Ae la once again hit and miss will continue
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thanks for update

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