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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 11th May 2013 - Episode 174

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Old 05-11-2013
Transmit Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 11th May 2013 - Episode 174

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 11th May 2013 - Episode 174 Watch Online, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 11th May 2013 - Episode 174 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 11th May 2013 - Episode 174 - Watch Online
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Old 05-11-2013

ASR pulls Khushi real close and her heart starts beating fast and asks once again if she can do anything he can. She nods in a yes not daring to look at ASR and before she realises, ASR gives her a peck on her cheek Khushi gets shocked and quickly pulls away her dupatta and gets away from him. Arnav smirks and says he told her she wouldn't be able to do it and Khushi runs away.

In the hall, everyone is seeing the Gs off. Manorma is as usual taunting Payal and Madhumati is asking NK about his marriage. Anjali notices Khushi is looking lost and asks her the matter. NK also point out that her right cheek is red and Khushi recalls the kiss keeping her hand on her cheek. (People usually hold their cheek like this when they get slapped. Uff, Arnav. Chumme ke naam par thappad de diya par aisa thappad toh main roz-roz le loon...). Anjali wants to see Khushi's mehendi and is shocked to see 'A' written amidst it. Everyone is puzzled. Khushi says that the mehendi girl must've misheard 'K' as 'A'. Just then ASR comes on the staircase, Khushi looks at him. He is smirking and she holds her cheek again

At home, Khushi is still holding her cheek and recalling the kiss Garima says that she will take care of Shashi today so Payal can rest. She tells Khushi to take care of Payal's mehendi but Khushi is too absentminded to listen. Finally, Madhumati has to shout to get her out of her "ASR-world", I mean, trace

Khushi gets food for Payal and she, too, notices her looking lost. She comes back to the real world and asks Payal for food but Payal says she doesn't want to eat since she is going in two days but Khushi doesn't even care. Khushi starts feeding Payal herself like we feed kids saying ' Yeh iss ke naam ka, yeh uske naam ka'. Both the sisters get emotional and they share a sisterly moment. Khushi says she wants them to cry right now itself so that neither cry during the wedding (This reminds me of my sister's wedding. We'd both cried so much the night before that on the wedding day, none of us felt the need to.).

Payal and Khushi are fighting because Khushi is troubling Payal on her haldi day. Madhumati comes and scolds them and realises that Aakash's shagun clothes have been left behind. Garima asks Khushi to go to the RM and deliver it. Khushi pulls Payal's leg one last time and goes.
Aakash's haldi is in full swing at the RM. Anjali asks Arnav to send a basket and a plate to the temple. Just as he is leaving, Anjali quickly puts some haldi on his face pissing him off
Khushi is contemplating how to send the clothes without coming across Arnav but it is her misfortune (and our fortune) that she is standing in front of the door of RM which is opened by none other than Arnav Singh Raizada, himself

Shyam is enquiring about how badly the ether in his hand can burn and he is elated to know that it is highly inflammable He takes out Anjali's perfume and puts the ether in it. He smirks evilly and says that Anjali will burn to death during the havan and he will become a widower searching for happiness.

Khushi starts laughing seeing haldi on Arnav's face. He tells her to stop laughing bt she can't control her funny bone Arnav gets annoyed and wipes his face off with her dupatta leaving her shocked.. Arnav says that now her laughter has stopped. He is about to leave but turns back and says she shouldn't laugh this much when she doesn't have the guts to accept a challenge. They recall the poolside kiss but NK interrupts them. He starts talking about haldi to Khushi. Shyam is witnessing all this. Khushi gives NK Aakash's clothes and wants to leave. NK tries to stop her but she is adamant. She is about to leave when she sees ASR and changes her mind and goes inside. Arnav just smirks. Inside the house, NK is filming Khushi. Anjali needs help so they decide to help her. Anjali asks Khushi to keep a packet in her room.

Khushi enters Anjali's room. She keeps the packet but realises her dupatta is stuck. She turns around and sees Shyam cleaning the stain. She snatches her dupatta away and screams at Shyam. Shyam tries to play sweet and doesn't let Khushi leave. He tries to apologise to Khushi about his behaviour at the sangeet night but she leaves and Shyam vows to get her forgiveness.

Anjali is excitedly eating jalebi. She asks Khushi is she made it but Shyam interrupts and says he did to add sweetness to the environment. Everyone loves the jalebis. Shyam tries to make Khushi also eat but in vain. Anjali gets a call from paditji and says that the havan will be at 7. She asks Khushi to inform her side of the family. Anjali requests Shyam to help her with the havan work and tells Khushi to pick out bangles for herself and Payal, they're kept in the hall. NK tells Khushi he'll help her with the bangles. Khushi is looking lost so NK asks what the matter is but Khushi shrugs it off.

Aakash lies to Payal that he has haldi on his face and wants tips on how to take it off but eventually has to tell that he just wanted to talk to her Payal asks Aakash if he has told his family that she's had a broken engagement earlier. She doesn't want to hide it from anyone. Aakash tells her not to worry but Payal insists. Aakash says that his family has accepted her so there will not be any problem.
NK is filming Khushi while she is picking out her bangles. He tries to cheer her up. Arnav comes and sees Khushi and NK together. He sits on the sofa and Khushi immediately feels awkward. But suddenly she starts acting overfriendly with NK asking for his help and he unknowingly plays along. Khushi drops some bangles and bends to pick them up. Her back gets exposed and NK starts staring at it Arnav sees this and immediately gets up and clenches his fist.

Nk is drooling Khushi's bare back and ASR gets up and close his fist in anger than he moves ahead and pulls down the Khushi's hair and NK is embarassed to see that he has been vaight Red_handed and there Khushi stands up and says YOU angrily and he demands for thr rubber band angrily and says if she is saying nothing for that bet thing but that does not mean that he can do anything to which arnav says that she dont have the sense to see what happening around her and she need not to get scared for challenges. To which Khushi says that he need not to be so mad for the bet that he forgets everything and there are things beyond the bet.

There Anjali call Arnav, NK and Khushi to see the decorations of the pool-side and everyone leaves from there.

At the pool-side Nani tells Khushi that her dori of kurti is opened and she tells her that she will tie it up. When nani is tieng it up Khushi gets all recent flashbacks abd she realises her mistakes and Arnav comes there and he just smirks and Khushi is totally embarassed.

There ANjali says that if Khushi wants some competition for the decoration also and Arnav taunts her that she should be habitual for losing the bet and Anjali tells him to stop and Anjali asks her for the compliment and she says that it is looking awesome as there is light and Diya and between then Jiji and Jiju's name. She tells her that she is just amazing and awesome and her jiji is lucky to have such nanand(sister in law) she hugs and kisses her than she goes to nani and says that she will be nani and hugs and kisses her than she goes to mami and says that she will be mother in law and she hugs and kisses her. THAN THAN THAN she walks upto arnav AND SHE HUGS AND KISS HIM, Everyone and even Arnav is shocked by this act and he is lost in some other world. Khushi runs away from there.

Shayam who is seeing this is jealous.

There Khushi runs towards the door and tries to control her breaths and when she is about to opne the door to go Arnav comes there and stops her going anywhere by stopping her way with his arms and asks her what she did now and she says that she was just completing her bet and she dont have enough courage to match her eyes and he asks her if this was for bet and she says that if he forgot the bet and he asks really she did this for bet and she says yes and she didnt lost the bet.

He takes a sep forward and looks into his eyes and says that if she is fine as her cheeks are totally red and she touched her cheeks and says that hummm and replies to him that why he asks such question again and she says that she feels that he is also not alright and takes a step behind and runs and Arnav smirks.

There RM ladies are wondering that Khushi kissed Arnav and he didnt said anything instaed he was lost somewhere else. ANjali says that there is something and nani also agrees and Anjali asks Shayam also who denies it directly and both the ladies just ignores his opinion and they think that they need to talk to Arnav but ANjali fears about the Arnav's reaction to which nani says that she is his nani and she knows that how they need to talk to him.

There back to Gupta House Khushi is lost somewhere else and bua comes and scolds her for burning down the clothes while ironong and bua again scolds her for sanak and tells her to get ready as they have to go to RM and Khushi's heart neats again and she has all the recent flashbacks.

There Arnav is sitting with his lap-top and is remembering all the recent cshowdowns with Khushi and as he is lost somewhere he drops down his laptop.

Anjali comes there and asks him if he is okay and picks up his laptop and tells him not to say that he is fine than she asks him if he is lost somewhere and he runs from there saying that he is fine.

There Payal is packing her clothes and Khushi is helping her and Khushi nrings her clothes and garima scolds her and tells her that bua says right that her sanak is increasing day by day and Payal says that she is not bothered about her anymore and hushi says that she will not think about other things. Garima gets emotional on the name of Payal leaving.

Khushi cheers them up but they are still emotional and Garima brings down Khushi and Payal's past to which Payal says that she was worried abt the Past as Akash family should know this and Khushi tells her that in her family everyone will welcome her with love and the Khushi mocks bua to cheer them up and Garima says they need to wrok as they have to go for the havan.

There servant is working with havan kund and Shayam comes there and tells servant that he will do havan work


Nani and ANjali is walking at the pool and ASR is giving water to plants. Nani says that she thinks that Khushi should come to there house only and ANjali says that Arnav is here than they should asks his opinin and he asks on which topic and they say about marriage and Arnav shyly I mean Khushi and him

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