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Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 6th October 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 6th October 2011 Written Update within the Bade Acche Laggte Hai forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 6th October 2011 Written Update Episode begins with the on the way talli Pippi & ...

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Light Bulb Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 6th October 2011 Written Update

Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 6th October 2011 Written Update

Episode begins with the on the way talli Pippi & VikHa bursting with amusement & embarassment at Ram's bellowing of "Bade Acche Lagte Hain" song. The spiked drink has loosened our otherwise Miss Prissy Pippu's tongue She tells Ram next time he wants to wail out a song to get someone with a good voice to sing along so that the besura will balance out with the surwala &the listeners are not traumatised. Ram is maha pissed & orders his wife to stop pulling his legs.He then says its Vikram's turn. Viks says he has nothing to hide from his wife.He then professes his love for his hot & sour, sweet & spicy wife.Priya has taken much to her "orange juice" so requests some more.Neha promises her a whole bottle & hastens to get it

After dinner bantering continues at the Shergill House where Priya is brain fried drunk Pippi tries to begin a slurred convo with Neha but cant remember her name Neha introduces herdelf all over again Mere Patil Saab hamesha kehte hain ke drink sach ugalwa deta hain. Peg andar, sach baaher re Zuby are his golden words. Thus a full bottle peekar talli Priya begins a kiss & tell on the Secret Life of Mr Ram Kapoor She says every night she tries to sleep this man begins his growling. He snores so loudly that I actually recorded it she says with a raucous laughter.Neha is all eager to see the videao.Ram's BP is on the rise & tells Priya they should leave for home.Neha tells him not to be a spoil sport & whether they have school tomorrow.Priya says they ought to be going but not before revealing some more about her hubby. She says if they dont get home on time then Ram wont sleep on time which will begin the tablet saga.She asks Neha to count & lists out all the myriad of tablets Ram takes for acidity, sleep, feel good, those missed during the day etc etc.Priya says he should be named Mr "Tablet" Kapoor not Ram Kapoor.Ram seems he is going to collapse He turns shocked to Vikram & says what could be wrong with his wife? Has she gone mad?Vikram gently breaks it to him that his seedhi saadhi wife is drunk on laced orange juice. Ram's eyes pop out He screams at both at the need to go to so much trouble. Both look sheepishly back at Ram Priya continues her bawdy talk now commenting on Ram's gussa.Vikram starts making lame excuses on behalf of his wife but Ram is having none of it & begins to leave & asks Priya to come along. Priya says yes but not before asking Neha why did she yell at her when Ram was at fault.Ram does a face palm Neha profusely apologises saying she was so mad at Ram that when she saw his wife she started yelling at her without thinking.Priya says that I got scolded for my hubby's mistake so will you scold my hubby for my mistake? Neha says a prompt,'Why not?" Bewdi Priya begins to pinch Neha & asks her to scold Golu now Neha is aghast & asks Priya to control his wife. Priya continues her antics & Neha mock yells at Ram. Poor Golu is at his wits end seeing Priya in her new avtar & begins to rant at Vikram for making her drink. He again tries to leave but Viks asks him stop a minute & rushes inside. Ram orders Neha to him & blasts her for her high drama asking her to see what condition Priya has landed into.Neha says sorry she didn't know Pippu will react this way. Priya is talking to a huge teddy bear slapping him for snoring & disturbing her in the night.Viks arrives back & hands Ram a gift box & extracts a promise to open it only in front of Crystal Mall which is about 5 km away & nowhere else.Ram is astonished but agrees as he wants to clear out of there with Priya.Priya tries to get up from the sofa & true to form stumbles straight into Ram's arms (Waise hi theek se chal nahi sakti hain, ab bewdi hone ke baad kya kehna) Ram steadies her & beats it out of there.VikHa smile at the success of their plan as they see Ram half carrying out the drunk.

Neha asks about the strange gift opening place Viks says it was so that Ram doesn't have a comfortable place to kick up a fuss about the gift which is actually a honeymoon trip to Europe This house & Kapoor Mansion would not let him comfortably see their point of Ram on an outing with Priya

Golu & Pippu in their car on the way to Crystal Plaza. Priya again asks for the name of Vikram's wife. Ram irritatedly tells her Neha.Pippu says she cooks very well. Since dinner she feels really good.She slurs her words & hiccups.She says she ate too much. Ram mocks "Ate too much"? She then asks about travelling 4 km for opening the gift & Ram says he too is surprised but lets see what all this about. Pippi says travelling 4 km with you is...zzz Ram retorts I too am not fond of gallivanting in the night with you,Madam. They arrive at the place & Ram says what's the big deal about this place Viks made it out to be some Taj Mahal type but this is so dreary. He then fumbles with the box & Pippu teases him he is worse than a four year old. Ram says the day has ended but there is no end to her taanas. He opens the box to find two plane tickets & a note saying,"Aage kab badhoge?" Pippu says what "aage kab badoge"? & takes the note to read further.I knew it! fumes Ram.Haw! You knew this is a honeymoon tickets & still you took it? Ram is sucker punched. He says he didn't know Viks planned a honeymoon for them but knew something nasty was planned. Priya again mentions Neha's cooking & says but why did they do something so strange.How can we go on a honeymoon? (Of course you should be concerned Pippu! One embrace mein haath ka powder bana diya, honeymoon pe pata nahin kya kya tootega?) Ram replies this is the first time Priya has said something so right Even in this state she can think coherently, he praises her. They cant go on any honeymoon. Priya says the only thing you can go on a honeymoon is with your laptop & tablets.Ram angrily retorts that the only thing she can go on a honeymoon is with her books.She says nothing else will make her more happy.Books atleast will teach her something, if Ram goes he will only make himself more fat. Ram protests he is not fat, he is healthy.Since each cant go with the other there is no point in keeping those tickets , saying so Ram tosses out the box (Gadha!) The seductive "Raat akeli hain" plays on the radio & Priya gleefully joins in to sing. (Aaj kya besuron ka bazaar laga hain! Jo woh Indian Idol banna chhahta hain) Ram all tensed at the lyrics & switches the radio off which annoys Priya. She protests saying its her favourite song but Ram says she might be arrested for noise pollution with her baying out so loudly He orders to sit quietly till they get home

Sharma family in their car going out for some kulfi. They too are in a singing mood & the whole family is crooning an oldie Nutz is super irritated at all this. Sudhir missing Priya. Ayesha says its not right we go out without her.She says why can't we go home? She doesn't want kulfi as she has a bad throat.Kat says she should join the family fun. The journey & singing continues.

Priya lets out a guttaral "stop the car" & Ram is shocked & speed brakes. Priya wants to eat a kulfi on a roadside stall.Ram rolls his eyes hugely He lets out an exasperated sigh & says he cant be eating at such places. Priya asks him to wait in the car while she helps herself to some Not willing to let his wife make a public scene Ram reluctantly follows her. She orders two kulfis but Ram refuses to eat citing hygiene reasons.Priya tells him she has been eating here for years & she is right now before him alive & well.Ram begins to eat to avoid further argument.She buys another one but keeps it for him. (Its only when Sakshi has a sore throat the makers think of a kulfi scene) Ram says one is enough & sulkily continues to eat. He says he feels relieved. Priya answers its because of the kulfi na? Ram says he didn't mean that.He has gotten rid of the "honeymoon" box that's what he meant. Just then a man arrives to return the horror box which Ram had tossed out.He says he saw the box falling off their car & has cycled all the way here to return it. The piqued Ram lectures the man over picking up strange boxes off the road & tells him it might be a bomb The man curses Ram for his thanklessness & himself for being a good samaritan & leaves there. Priya is highly amused at Ram being ticked off by a passerby

Sharma family arrive there & are pleasnatly surprised & happy at seeing PriAm having a night out on the town All greet each other & talk for little while.Priya begins to blabber & Ram gets tensed & begins to haul her off from there.They take leave but Shipra notices the box & stops them.The curious cat opens the box & sees the gift inside ,is all thrilled & shares it with the family teasing Priya.All happy wappy for PriAm & they leave. Sudhir notices Priya's weird behaviour.

Wow!Awesome! Saakshi just gave Keshto Mukherjee a humoungous challenge to his title of the Best Bewda by becoming the most famous Bewdi on Indian Screen with her sooperb performance.Muah! Too good. The husky voice thanks to the sore throat added icing on the cake Ram was his best Ram as always.

Junior chor raging in his room in front of his Nintendo remembering his humiliation at the hands of Priya. He calls someone to gather all the dirt on Priya from her previous life. He is baying for her blood.Vows revenge. (Okie! I guess this the cue for the whatisname lift man to make a reappearance in PriAm's heaven I remember he hadn't taken well Priya's rejection of his proposal to become his keep)

Precap: Sudhir all worried over Priya's behaviour.Shipra soothes him saying she might be preparing for her honeymoon & should be very happy

Priam all the way! Totally howlarious! Very well played & directed episode.Love you & will miss you loadz over the weekend,Priam

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