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Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 3rd April 2013 Written Update

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Heart Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 3rd April 2013 Written Update
Bade Acche Lagte Hai - 3rd April Episode Written Update
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Starts at Neha and Vikram’s house. Both are sitting, while Vik says he is really proud and surprised that Neha behaved so maturely in handling Rahul, by neither beating, shouting nor screaming. Neha is feeling awkward that she had to look like this (a teenager wearing short dress, etc) to prove a point, says, she wanted to give 3 spanks, but, since Rahul is now a big boy, she had to think of new cool ways to deal with such problems. Vikram naughtily asks if there was anything new in her kitty to deal with her husband also ..heheh, but Neha retorts that ‘purani neha’ is enough for him. Vikram’s phone is buzzing, Neha sees that its Ram and yanks the phone and yells chirpily “hi fatty, how r u” but, we get to see the change is her tone and answers into the phone that Vikram is with her only and come to the Police Station immediately.

Its Bandra Police station RaYa are sitting in front of the inspector, while Priya is shouting at that inspector as to how they were trying to find him for the past 5 years, when they caught him red-handed and gave him in the Police care, they couldn’t’ keep him in check, this is ridiculous, she is frustrated and Ram tries to calm her. Neha and Vikram are standing behind RaYa. The inspector requests that he be given 12 hrs, all stations have been alerted and one team has gone to KM. Ram asks how come the police has sent the team to KM, as Sid is not a fool as he would be aware of how that will be the first place to be searched. But, anyways, Ram gives them clue that there is a basement in KM and asks his team to search there.

Scene shifts to KM where a police team is rushing inside to search the building, while Ayesha in and fear and mamaji are standing in the drawing room. A police guy comes forward to ask Ayesha the directions to the basement, both of them are stalling that its been locked for many years and nobody goes there. The Police officer gives dhamki to mamaji asking him to open the basement now, Ayesha is looking stupefied. Mamaji leads them to the basement and says, I told that there is no one in the basement, but, the Police searches anyway and there is drama when we audience are waiting for Sid to be caught, but, the team gives up saying that there is no body there, Mamaji heaves a sigh of relief.

Shifts to the police station RaYa, NeVik are standing, while Ram is attending a call with the police team there and keeps the phone and answers to the other 3 that he knew that Sid wouldn’t’ be there as he (sid) is too smart yaar with frustration writ on his face. Priya says that he would only go to familiar places and that Ayesha would know it better. Neha agrees, while Ram asks where Choti (Nutz) and Saumya are, Priya replies that she got a call from Natasha saying that they were going to Saudamini’s house as she is Ayesha’s friend and she would help Sid to hide.

Vikram says that they have to inform the police about this, but Neha says that they want confirmation that Sid is there, so she offers to go there and join Nutz & Saumya and keep calling RaYa, if Sid was there, they will and in turn can alert the police to catch him.

Meanwhile, Ayesha is calling Saudamini to confirm if Sid has reached her house safely. Sau affirms and asks Ayesha to trust her, but Ayesha asks her to be careful and not allow anybody else to know this as Sau becomes weak in front of mamaji, but Sau laughs saying that ‘men are like that’. Ayesha asks her to call from time to time and inform the latest. The door bell rings in Sau’s house and Ayesha gets tensed as to who could be coming in at this time, she is holding on the phone, when Sau goes to open the door, says OMG and cuts the call to a frustrated Ayesha. Nutz, Neha and Saumya are coming inside and sweet talking if they could come inside, but Sau smartly does not allow them inside at all. Nutz says they were going by its very hot outside and had come to her house to get some water. She calls her servant Shambu and directs to give them all 3 water. Saumya insists on coming inside and drinking, but Saudamini does not allow. Nutz is trying another plan, by asking her to give the dress that she bought at her boutique and that she did not save the dress design, so she asks Sau to bring it, of which she will take a picture and return the dress back. All 3 are asking please, just few minutes. Sau, makes her servant serving water to stand there and she goes in to bring the dress.

Neha while drinking water asks the servant who all are living in that house, he doesn’t’ answer. Sau comes with the dress and asks what they were asking her servant. Saumya says that her house is very quiet that’s why, while Nutz is trying to take a pic of the dress, complains there is no enough light on the door step, so all the 3 force their way inside, all 3 of them are looking around for clues, Sau panics a bit its getting late and she wanted to sleep. While Nutz is trying to adjust her pic for the light, Kush comes to the living room asking for water. 3 of the CIDs are stunned seeing the little boy there. Saumya asks why he was there, to which Kush replies, his mom sent him here for the night to see TV as the tv in KM is broken. The 3 ladies are shocked, but, Sau smartly handles Kush by asking him to go and sleep, she will send him water, turns and tells goodnight to them. The 3 CIDs turn and leave with lots of questions and doubts in their mind.

The scene is RaYa’s apartment – Ram is sitting on a chair near the table and looking out thru the window thinking hard, while Priya is trying to sleep, but gets up and switches on the light. Ram turns and comes to her and asks if she was also unable to sleep. Priya all worried, how could she sleep when the police had allowed Sid to easily escape custody, Ram tries pacifying that Sid is hiding somewhere and he has to come out one day anyway, he will be caught.

Priya: when will he be caught Mr. Kapoor, after 5 years, do you understand what all they had been thru all the 5 years because of him, cannot wait 5 more years now and I don’t’ have the energy to do that anymore.

Ram: (pats her hand) be strong, whatever happens, we have to be together.

Priya: No Mr. Kapoor, till Sid is caught…no… am afraid of that person, he can do anything.

Ram: (pacifying tone): okay…okay.. but listen to me, till he is not caught and is behind bars, I shall not give up, I will not allow anybody to come in between this time, neither Ayesha, not mamaji nor even his own emotions. Please try and relax, am also worried like you are, okay… but we have to relax.

Both are looking at eachother lovingly. Its way past into the night.

In the hall Rishabh and Saumya are sleeping on one side, while Pihu is sleeping between Daadi and KK. Pihu is shifting in her sleep and gets up, looks around, goes to the dining table, takes some paranthas kept in the hotpack, puts it in another lunch box, puts some pickles to go with it and creeps slowly out of the house and goes outside. A guy with a large kambal is sitting on the bench, whom Pihu goes and touches “uncle”. We are shocked to see that its none other than Sid. She gives the box lovingly to him to eat, while Sid takes it with a smile and sees that its paranthas and questions if her mom cook them well and that if her dad also loves it. She nods in the affirmative, while Sid eats and says he also loves them, he also feeds her a bit.

Sid is now calling Ayesha and tells her that mamaji is a bit ‘teda’ but his brain is brilliant, because, he was sitting in her sister’s (Priya) apartment complex as a guest and he was being treated very well. While he is telling this, Ram comes from behind, turns him around and gives one RESOUNDING SLAP ACROSS SID’S CHEEK WITH HIS LEFT HAND. Woah….

Sid is again playing innocent pleading with Ram to pardon him for his mistakes. But Ram goes, “I should have given this slap a few years back itself, very long back”. Priya says “ you should be ashamed Sidhhant, even animals helps human beings when men provide a helping hand when they (animals) are going thru tough times, but, you have become such a lowly guy and crossed all limits.”. Sid again pleads, ‘bhai… please padon me”.. but

Ram shouts “shut up… just shut, if you want to escape, just listen to me and do whatever I tell you to do.”

Priya: (shocked) what are you telling Mr. kapoor, you are trying to safeguard him

Ram: (firm voice): Priya…just listen to me, am taking him to the police station and give him bail.

Priya: (stunned and screaming mode) what has happened to you..Mr. kapoor, he is the same man coz of whom, innocent kids were killed, I went to jail, we were separated for 5 years coz of that and Pihu was away from you also, and you are talking about freeing him.

Sid is looking on at RaYa fighting.

Ram: (RB Mode) Hann, he is the same man who is also my brother, Priya, I want to give him another chance, everybody deserves a second chance.

Priya: So, you want to give another chance to a killer..? am being realistic Mr. kapoor, he is a criminal and he has to be punished.

Ram: Come on Priya, don’t’ be so dramatic, am taking him and my decision is final.

Priya: You have become insane Mr. kapoor.

Ram: haan.. I have become mad, but, am taking him with me, whatever you want to do, do.

So saying Ram pulls and takes Sid by hand to a flabbergasted Priya asking him to stop.

Now, Ram is taking Sid by his hand and tells in a hushed tone that he has to go to jail for now, but, he promises to bail him out, talks to the Inspector awaiting him with jeep and a troup that Sid was surrendering by himself to them and that in the next 5 to 10 minutes, he was making a bail for him and requests them to take him(sid) along. Ram turns to Sid and aske him to go and that he was there for him. The police are taking Sid in the jeep.

All are up from sleep, Daadi, KK, Nutz offers water to a worried and angry Priya, while Shipra is asking what happened. Ram comes inside the house with a fast pace, RB mode.

Ram: (finger pointing) Priya.. listen to me carefully, am ready to do anything to free my brother, okay, don’t’ confront me in this issue, am warning you.

All oldies are looking on, Rishabh and Saumya are coming from inside and looking on stunned.

Priya: really, you are warning me. (voice raising).. what warning are you giving me… what are you going to do… I want to hear ..?

Ram: I will leave you… chod doonga mein tumhe (looking on nastily)

Totally stunned while all the stunned faces of others Shipra and Sudhir, daadi, KK, Rishabh & Saumya are also shown one by one. KK tries to speak and yells Ram.

Priya: you are going to leave me, you are going to leave for the sake of Sidhhanth.

Ram: I will go to any length to free my brother, so do not test me.

Sudhir comes to ram to question him, but…

Ram: Sudhirji… please take your daughter back with you please, I don’t’ want her anymore, I came to you twice asking for her hand, but, now am asking you to please take her back., I don’t want this marriage, so please taker her back.

Sudhir: (shaken) what are you saying, why are you saying this..?

Ram: Why shouldn’t’ I, she is destroying my family… so why cant’ I do this..?

KK: Ram… what are you talking beta..

Ram: maa… I don’t’ like whatever Priya is doing to me, so I don’t want her anymore.

Priya: How dare you Mr. kapoor, how did this come out of your mouth that you want to leave me, I don’t’ believe this… you are telling all this for a man because of whom we were separated for 5 years, Pihu was away from you… !

All are looking on shocked at RaYa … me ..too…me too..!!!

Ram: It came out of my mouth, because that’s how I feel it, am telling you whatever I feel.

Priya: So, you mean to say, your family, your brother is more important to you than you wife, thank you… like really…

Shipra: Mr. Ram… what are you talking… why are you both fighting..? please… why don’t’ you relax.

KK: (smoothing Priya’s head and back with her hands) Priya beta… you are intelligent, why are you talking like this..?

Priya: Please… don’t’ try to come in between, this is a matter between husband and wife, please don’t’ interfere.

Ram: (angry) Watch it Priya… is this the way to talk to my mom

Priya: So, you can talk to my dad any which way you want..?

Ram: (turns to Sudhir) Sir.. please try to advice your daughter that this is not the way to talk to my mother, its not respectful.

Sudhir: (trying to hold Ram’s hand).. Ram.. please relax.. I will talk to Priya… (comes to Priya) Priya… what is this way of talking without respect beta… and especially, you have never talked like this to Krishnaji, you were never like this before.

Ram: Sudhirji.. please tell her that am not going to live with her any more (once in hindi too)

Priya: okay..teek hai… even I don’t’ want to live with you anymore, I can live without you, have lived without you for 5 years.

KK: Ram.. what is this all, why are talking like this.. even if there a few words which came out because of anger… so what.. Priya is my daughter-in-law, like my daughter, you cannot talk to her like this.

Priya: Nahi maa.. it was all my fault after all… I should not have talked to you like this. My parents havent’ given bad values to me to disrespect elders. (prays with folded hands to KK) please maa.. forgive me… I should not have talked like this to you. But, am asking forgiveness only from you… not from Mr. Kapoor. I can never forgive him for telling me that he was going to leave me. Whatever I told him is only for his own good, his family and his strength, now he is angry with just because I told him not to side with Sid. What was my mistake, maa.. for this, he turns to my dad asking him to take his daughter back, do you think, a son-in-law talks like this to his faither-in-law like this. ..maa.

Enoug… I have shared enough happiness and sadness with you, probably more of unhappiness with you, I don’t’ want to share this and live with you anymore… you wanted me to go away, I shall stay without you in my life. What can happen, maximum, myself and Pihu will live without you in our lives.. we shall start a new life without you then.

Ram: Whatever you did, was not doing any favour, all wives do it to their husbands.

Priya: You are not talking, in your voice, your brother is telling all this. He has so much effect on you that you have fallen down to his level. You know what Mr. Kapoor, you guys deserve each other, you know this brotherly love that you are showing, has opened my eyes, its was all my fault, I always kept your and my relatives as equal. But, you are trying to prove a point that your relatives are more important than others, but sacrificed all my relatives and relationship just for you, but I was wrong, enough Mr. kapoor, am not going to do these anymore.

All of them in the room are stunned and almost in tears, while Ram and Priya are looking on at others around. Ram starts with a slow and cute smile and asks Priya… what do you think..? is everybody believing this…? Priya looks around each one of them again and says with a smile “it does look like that only”. RaYa are laughing and say a round of sorry to all for the tease. Ram says “am also very sorry, but all this was our plan”. Shipra is giving a confused look, asking what kind of a drama is this, you both just gave us a panic attack.

Priya has her hands to her ears, while Ram tries telling “sudhirji, let me explain, ..am asking for the hand of your daughter for the third time and after this, am not going to leave your daughter for life.” Sudhir is totally confused whats happening and that he needs a drink for this.

Ram requests that he shall drink along with him, but, all have to listen to his story plan from now on. Rishabh is asking… in all this what the connection with Sid.

Priya opens up that, they were trying to work like how Sid’s brain will work, Ram continues “if we have to defeat the enemy, we have to think and act like one” now, priya’s turn to talk that “whenever there was a problem, enemies were able to take advantage and create more differences only when we had a problem in our relationships or when we had problems with our relatives,

Ram “I will do only those by which, Sid can trust me completely, then, after getting his trust, am going to end all this once and for all, and I promise that whatever we have lost, we shall get back all those”. Priya “defenitly, my family, my daadi, my maa, all have to get whatever is rightfully theirs”. Ram promises that whatever he does, will be done for the family, Priya also promises that she will do this for this family pointing to KK (hugging Priya) and Daadi.

Ram philosophically, “ if you see, I don’t’ have anything right now, but, I have everyone, my wife, my daughter, my family” Priya interjects “we all are with you Mr. Kapoor”

RaYa are smiling cutely eyeing each other , all others are smiling at eachother– while Priya hugs KK and Nutz joins in the hug while Priya gives a hand to Daadi and mouths a sorry, here Ram hugs Sudhir and Shipra, Rishabh and Saumya are hugging eachother.

Ram: Priya sorry, for talking about leaving you..

Priya: But whatever you said was not in anger, its was only for a serving a purpose..right… so its okay.

Ram: Haan… but, even then, I did say those words, so sorry. BTW, even if its not real, feels good to have a fight with you. – Tumse jagda karna bahuth achcha lagtha hai mujhe ..!!!

Priya: You know what… its been more than 5 years since we got married, so, it does feel good to fight. Now, please go and execute our plan of action. I need to quarrel with you more.

Ram: haan..haan am going.

Priya says best of luck freezes on their smiling faces.

Precap : Priya is explaining to Nutz and others – we have to first bail him out and then catch him (sid), so the first requirement is to get him bail, keep him in confusion. We see Ram signing bail papers and talking to Sid that, the relationship between him and Ayesha is the one which will work now and both hug, with Sid mouthing thank you.
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