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Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 25th July 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 25th July 2011 Written Update within the Bade Acche Laggte Hai forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 25th July 2011 Written Update Episode begins with a very content looking Ram walking into ...

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Heart Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 25th July 2011 Written Update

Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 25th July 2011 Written Update

Episode begins with a very content looking Ram walking into his room with an equally happy Vikram following him.There is a spring in his step & he is looking very cute in his mustard kurta. Vikram expresses his approval & happiness at the way Ram handled Mr Sharma's dilemma. Vikram is very proud of the fact his friend is ready for a simple wedding as per his new family's wishes.He pointedly remarks that he is not sure what his family thinks of a middle class shaadi but he is very happy for his friend.Ram picks up on the comment yet smooths over it saying he is sure his family will be happy with whatever makes him happy. (Ram says this like he does not believe it himself )
He begins to look around for something & Vikram asks him what is he searching for.Ram is feeling hot & needs air conditioning.He is looking for the AC remote. Vikram says he feels fine to which Ram retorts that it is hot, it has rained so the humidity is up, he really hates the rain. Vikram informs him solemnly he feels hot because he is fat.
But he pacifies him saying all the fat will melt once he is married. Ram suddenly grabs his phone & makes a call to Priya.

Sharma Family still enjoying their kulfi party. Ships & Sudhir are trying to gauge their daughter's feelings for Ram. They want her to say it out loud that she is happy with Ram & she obliges.But she also admits in her heart of hearts that Ram is not all bad either. Just then her phone chirps & she attends Ram's call. Ram all shy-why informs her "Main bol rahaan hoon" (OMG! Where have I heard that before?
LTLians, yeh toh humaare Saab ka line hain na?)
Priya says she knows its him coz she has fed his number in her phone. Ram begins timidly that although he whole heartedly agreed to a simple wedding there is one thing that he absolutely must insist on.Priya is slightly tensed & asks him to explain. Ram is some more nervous but charges on saying that the wedding hall must be air conditioned as he sweats a lot & hence suffers shortness of breath. (Those still not fallen for this man will surely do so today such was the oozing cuteness of Ram. Truly the heart melts at his idiosyncrasies)

Priya promises to convey his message to her father. Ram bids her good night & asks her to get home safely (Awww... how cuter can you get Mr Ram)
All this while Priya's family anxiously looks on & begin to question her the moment she hangs up.With a barely concealed amusement she begins to convey Ram's predicament to her family.And bursts out into a loud laughter when she tells them about the air conditioning. The entire family erupts into amusement. Priya is back at her acidic self, comments."Vadde logon ke chonchle"
(Superbly enacted scene by Saakhshi!The amusement & then the laughter is a must watch.But there was some editing glitches.Poor Ayesha is shown glaring at her sister throughout.It was not meant to be so methinks)
Early morning at the Sharma home.Priya is looping a thread through the loose engagement ring so that it does not fall off her finger. Shipra serves the soon to be dulhan some hot tea. Just then the neighbours & Priya's frenemy ring the doorbell.Shipra does not open the security gate & enquires about their arrival at the doorstep itself. The neighbours ask her to open the door & Shipra reminds them of their previous spat. Frenemy tells her let bygones be bygones & barges inside the home. (What a besharam couple this is. How can Priya have a best friend like her?) She profusely congrats Priya & Priya welcomes everyone. The frenemy oggles at Priya's solitaire.Shipra grabs this opportunity to rub it in everyone of them that Priya has bagged a super rich husband. Priya gets embarassed & goes off to prepare tea/mithai for them.
Ram's business associates arrive in his office with flowers & wishes.Ram is extremely happy & accepts them.One guy then offers him a box of pedas from Mathura. Ram promptly digs in saying he loves that Mithai. He wants to order a few kilos of those for the wedding he informs Vikram.He gobbles up the entire box all while blabbering about the wedding & the mithai in turn. He then offers the empty box to the others.Vikram tells him acidly there isn't anything in the box to help themselves with . Ram is all shy.He then invites them all to both the weddings & they leave.
(Samjhauta shaadi ke liye itna excitement). Vikram too expresses astonishment at this demeanor.Ram tries to downplay it saying why should he be excited for a compromise marriage but his happiness & eagerness is there for all to see.

(Ram gobbling up all that mithai was a bit random but still could be allowed for his awesome child like expressions)
Nuts is being begged for a date by Karthick via phone & Niharika is listening in to the convo. (What sort of mother lurks forever outside her daughter's bedroom door listening her talk to her fiance!)
After some initial nakhras Nuts agrees to meet him that evening.Niharika is worried that Nuts-Kats will end this date too with each a couple of slaps from the other. She decides to sent PriAm along to maintain law & order.She goes to Ram & asks him to take Priya out for a date & Ram jumps up as if she gave him a free pass to a striptease club. He retorts that why should he take Priya for an outing. Niharika gives him some gyan about understanding his future wife so that they are more compatible.Ram replies that he has understood Priya adequately. Niharika asks him to tell her about Priya & this is how he describes her:

She is nice.Average to look at. (Sure!) Height is about 5 ft 3. Teaches at some class.Doesn't know to put proper bindi.Its always theda. Has a mastery over taunting. Loves to taunt all the time.That's it! (Wah!Ram Babu! Man mein laddoo phooting)

Niharika gives him an amused look & tells him its not enough.He should know all her likes & dislikes.She would have dreams about her future husband & her wedding. But poor thing has no clue as to the buddhuness of her new hubby. Even if Ram doesn't care about her her beloved Saasu Maa does.Niharika orders him to join Nuts-Kats for a double date with Priya & shooes him off to get ready. Ram walks off with the weight of the world on his shoulders. (Awesome acting chops by Ram here)
Niharika super pleased at her plan moving accordingly & thinks Nuts must be explained why she has two kabab mein haddis at her date
(A very sweet lady is made to act as a vamp of the show. Whenever she is explaining anything to Ram it seems so genuine & when she is all itchy bitchy it comes out like a school play act.)
Niharika calls up Priya to informs her that Ram is picking her up for date that evening & to be ready over Priya's protests of being tied up in classes. (What a control freak!Didn't even bother asking her if she was willing to go) Priya wonders what on earth are they going to talk about. They always end up arguing

Klepto Mama helping himself to some free daru & badam of the Kapoor house.Explains to his Switty that once Ram's Dadi gets here she'll pull the plug on all their ayaashis Switty pooh poohs his fear & waxes eloquent about her day's accomplishments to her dear brother.

Just then the house phone rings & Mama nervously picks up thinking it to be the Amritsar waali Dadi & greets her.But is shown frozen the moment he hears the voice on the other side.His sister looks enquiringly at him & he mouths,"Apeksha" (Haila!Ab yeh kaun hain?) Niharika marches to the phone & yells at the person that she can't talk to Ram as he is not home.She says even if he was she'd never let her speak to him.Ram is getting married & she wants her to stay away.She bangs the phone down & vows to her brother that she will never let Apeksha anywhere near Ram. Screen freezes on her worried but determined face.

(Yeah! ab bhaga rahi ho.Once Priya has some influence over your beloved son use laake baithaogi Priya ke sar par)

Precap: Aaja meri gaadi mein baith jaa! Ram arrives with Nuts-Kats to pick up Priya.Nuts insists she sit in the front with Ram.Priya all shy-why & nervous.


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