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Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 15th September 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 15th September 2011 Written Update within the Bade Acche Laggte Hai forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 15th September 2011 Written Update The episode starts with the last scene Neha and Priya ...

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Star Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 15th September 2011 Written Update

Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 15th September 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with the last scene Neha and Priya are sitting. Priya asks Neha if she cooked daily for Vikram. Neha says are you mad? I don't want to spoil my husband. then she say that if we make food sometime so there will b value of our food and our also (Wah bhai wah) Priya smiles. Neha then tell her that last time she had made food for Vikram was on their wedding anniversary which was previous month.(Wo b kiu banaya. Nae banati.)

Neha wonders that why Ram is late as his flight has landed 3 hour ago.Then she ask Priya to call him. Priya say he might b busy he will come. Neha starts her lecture and say we should not give so much freedom to our husband. We should know where he is? Why? and with whom? It is foolish to blind faith. (Yeh khud to pagal hai hi or Priya ko b kare gi ) Priya expression was like oh aisa b karti hai. Neha again ask her to call. Priya say No we should wait for a while and if still he didn't come then will call.

Scene shift to Ram and Vikram sitting in office. Ram is angry with Vikram and tells him that he doesn't want to talk to him as he has hurt Ram by putting the blame on Sid when the all fraud was done by Mallik Then he say if we didn't found Malik and if i have said something to siddhant or have slap him .Vikram say i am sorrry as he only accused Siddhant because of the proof.Ram says to hell with the proof. Siddhant is his brother how can he mistrust him. Then he say to Vikram that he should not talk, just sit there because he is angry with him.

Scene shifts to Neha and Priya. Daadi comes Neha tells her that Priya cooked the food for today. Daadi is happy and says smell is really good and if Gholu eats the food he will keep on eating. But then she say where is Ram? She gets angry that Ram is not back yet. She will punish him now and ask Priya to call him. Priya says that she did but Ram i busy and did not pick up the phone. Daadi says now she will definitely punish him.

Back to Office Ram takes his phone and sees that there are 15 missed. He call Priya. Neha tells Priya that she should answer the phone but not to say anything. She should be angry and ask her to pick the pick but don't say anything. Priya picks the phone and say Huh? Ram say Priya? Neha giving instruction say priya to ask When he is coming back? Priya ask Ghar kab aarahe ho tum? But then she say again say Ghar kab aarahe hai Aap? Ram all confuse ask who is talking? Priya is that you? Ram expression was like hai? abhi se hi hukam? mein ne tou suna tha shadi k thore time bad aisa hota hai. Nae nae yeh priya nae Priya say yes it's me. Ram say oh sorryI was busy so couldn't answer the phone. Priya on Neha's instructions tells Ram that she cannot wait all the time. Ram again tells her that he was busy and if she is hungry so she should eat and he had also eaten a little on the plane. Priya don't have any answer ask ram to hold a minute and tell Neha that Ram has eaten on the plane. Neha tell her to say that In future he should call her before leaving office otherwise she wouldn't keep food for himPriya say the same and hang up the phone Ram all confused say that Priya has gone mad Ram leaves and Vikram says that Ram has got scoldings from his wife for the first time, it was strange for him but later on Ram would get used to the scoldings (Han ap ko tou aadat hai)

Siddhant is on the phone with someone Ram comes and tries to apologies but Sid says that it is Ram's office and all rules and regulations are made by him he has listen to every decision of Ram so he will listen this also.(Fazul ka emotional blackmail) Ram all sadDaadi ask him why is he late? Ram say there was lot of work in the office.Daadi says that Priya had cooked for him but Ram leaves saying that he is not hungry. Daadi gets angry and say if you are not hungry then don't eat and ask Priya not to give him any food as if he will hungry for a day so he will not come home late anymore.

Priya tells Daadi that Ram has come late for the first since she has come in this house,so they should forgive him.(How sweet)Daadi gets happy.

Ram in his room standing sad. Priya brings the food and say that she can't believe that Mr Ram Kapoor has said no to food.Ram is all quiet She tells him that she had made food for him And he would get an opportunity to judge her cookingRam tells her he is not hungry. Priya doesn't stop so he shouts at her. and say what's wrong with everybody today? First in office there was a problem and if i give punish to malik then siddhant is getting angry. Vikram has some other tension and you also was gone mad in phone.Then he say what's the need of doing all this? Priya tries to tell him that she was bored so Neha told her to cooked.Ram say whatever. You should have made an excuse to Neha. Whether anyone knew or not but they know that their marriage as a compromise Priya tells him that he could have said all of that calmly too. She made food not done any mistake and how could she know what had happened to him today in fact she even didn't know that he was coming back from the US. Then she call Bansi kaka (Attitude) Ram all quiet.Priya tells him that if he doesn't want to eat then don't but not to shout at her. Bansi kaka come Priya ask him to keep the food in the fridge and donate the food to an NGO next day. This food is for 4 to 5 people here but it will help to feed 20 to 25 people there. Here is no value of anything and she leaves.(awesome acting by sakshi)

Ram in his white kurta and Priya in a pink nightgown are in their bedroom and nearly knock into each other. Ram give her a side and is hiding something in his hand and is going to wardrobe. Priya sees this and she also goes there and find out Ram is pasting a sticker that says Private on his undergarment drawer Priya is like but then she control and goes to the dressing table and comb her hair. Ram sees Priya's towel in bed and he was like Priya look at him and stuffs cotton into her ears Ram give her acha beta to yeh bat hai looks She walks to the bed takes a pillow to sleep on the couch. Ram gives her the towel and Priya snatches it from him and throws it on the couch. Ram comes and gives her some blankets.BALH song plays.

Mamoo and siddhant having drink. Mama ji giving him instructions Sid says that Ram did not suspect him and after today will never suspect him. Mama asks, what about Vikram. He would surely poison Ram's mind against Siddhant. Vikram would expose Siddhant's fraud to Ram. They decide to go to Niharika to get an idea of what to do about Vikram.

Ram is not able to sleep because he is hungry He says to himself that it would have been better if he had eaten. Dadi was right. Ram quietly gets up and goes near the couch where Priya is sleeping. He looks at her and says to himself how nice Priya looked when she is sleeping, eyes closed, mouth closed (Chalo achi to lagi na)He wished she would keep her mouth closed even when she is awake.(Aaj dant jo suni hai)Ram quietly leaves the room

Ram in kitchen opens the fridge. He takes out food and keeps them on the table. (OYE balle balle shava shava PUNJABI!!!)He is about to eat when the light is switched on Priya comes She takes his plate and say that it tasted better when its hot. BALH plays.Priya brings the food all hot and Ram eats. Priya stands there beside him.The title tune play is playing Ram tells Priya that she made good food Priya smiles.

Episode Ends


RaYa scene:Both having problem in sleep Ram gets up and walk towards the the couch, Priya takes her pillow and walks towards the bed and they both come face to face.

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