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Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th September 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th September 2011 Written Update within the Bade Acche Laggte Hai forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th September 2011 Written Update The episode starts with last scene Priya's thinking to herself ...

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Podcast Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th September 2011 Written Update

Bade Ache Lagte Hai - 13th September 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with last scene Priya's thinking to herself that she should keep the pen drive somewhere safe because she cannot afford to lose it She drops the pen drive on the floor and bends down to pick it up and she sees Ram's toys in the cupboard. . ball,remote control cars, painting and chocolate box. She takes out the ball and say Mr kapoor and Football.then she say but right know i feel that Mr kapoor twin brother is with me The she saw the painting which is a picture of a cat and mouse with the words "Best Friends Forever." She saw how sweet and say it explains Ram and Vikram's friendship.

Then she takes out the remote control car and say to herself that she can't believe that guy who travels in expensive cars,business tycoon 'Mr Ram Kapoor' used to play with a toy car. Priya then thinks that what kind of a person is Ram is, how he thinks, his likes and dislikes and if she will ever get to know the real Ram.

In meeting Ram telling that in 2-3 hours,he will give them all information.Then he thinks to himself that he ask Priya to open his cupboard but if she saw rest of the things also.Then he decide to call priya

On the other hand Priya saw chocolate box in cupboard and As she was about to open it, Ram call her and ask her if she has closed the drawer. Priya say that she's just about to. Ram gets irritated and say does it takes so long to close a drawer.You have problem to close it. The he say that have you touch anything in drawer? Priya No why would i touch your things? Ram say that's good i have some important things there.Priya yes i can see. Ram say what do mean? Priya then say i mean you are so business man so whatever will b in your drawer will b important. Ram say that's what i am saying. There is one chocolate box also Priya say yes it is there. Ram don't open that box. Priya say i am very far away from your things. Ram say good and stay as far as possible from my things. Then he sat it was important so that's why he let her open his drawer otherwise no one is allowed to go around his drawer Priya gets angry and say why is he saying this to her as she has no interest to see someone personal things she does this because he told her to do and next time he should tell his personal work to someone whom he trusts.

At the Sharma house Sudhir is standing at the window and Karthik comes. Karthik asks Sudhir if he's still angry with him. Sudhir says he won't lie, in the beginning he was a little angry but now he totally forget all He thinks that it was no one fault for whatever happened. He then say that from where Natasha comes from, party, dancing and staying up late is normal. He is sure that once she learns how their society rules, she will change. Karthik promise Sudhir that she will definitely change.

In New york (New York balaji office mein hai)Satnam tells Ram that everyone is going for shopping then why don't they also and buy something for there wife's. Ram says we will do it later and his wife doesn't expect anything from him so no need. Satnam say that have you ever seen fish without water? The he explain that as you have never seen fish without water same there is no women without women. and if wife say that don't bring anything for me so then they expect the most.Satnam says that a branded bag would be the safest choice because in clothes if you buy a size bigger so she will feel that they're fat and if a size is smaller then she will feel that they need to lose weight.(Wah bhai Satnam k pas to badi information hai)Ram agrees and he says he'll call Priya to find out her favorite color

Scene shift to Priya drying her hair (she is so beautiful) and put towel on bed but then she picks it up with expression like Yeh Ram ka room hai the her phone rings, she sees Ram's name and say now why is he calling? but then she answers saying kiya hai?Ram asks what her favorite color?(Love Ram style of asking.Full attitude) She asks why. He says what do you mean by Why? Then he say in world if people ask question they get answer. But i guess you answer a question with another question. Priya say very funny. Ram say then tell na what's your fav color? my office staffs are doing shopping for there wives so i thought i should buy bag for you.Priya say thank;s for being so nice but i have bags. Ram say why are you showing so much attitude. Tell me Priya say white but then she say no white get's dirty soon She then asks what color suit he's wearing and he says black. Ram ask why? Priya say you also answer a question with another question. Ram say very funnydon't tried to copy my line. Then he tell he is wearing black suit.She says get a black bag, it will be easy to match him. Ram say fine Bye. Priya say Bye!(Love the way both say bye)

Servent comes and gives Priya incense sticks and leaves. She looks at Ram's photo and says sorry without you here, I'm going to light the incense sticks now please don't shout from photo. Ram goes to a shop and asks the sales man to give most expensive handbag in black.

At Kapoor Villa, the fire alarm goes on Niharika and Mamaji gets angry (Dadi kahan hai)The servants tell that them that it's coming from Ram sir's room. Mama ji ask neharika to cool down as he is wife of Ram.(he use monkey word for Priya. Idiot mama)

In the room, Priya is confused. Niharika comes and Priya tells her that it's her first morning here so she was doing some prayer. Niharika explains that the nothing can be burnt on the second floor. Niharika then turns to the servants and asks who gave her incense sticks. Priya says that it wasn't their fault it was her fault as she ask them to bring. Niharika says No it' not your fault you are new in this house buy they are working here for so long. Then she tells the servants that Priya has come from a small house like them so she wouldn't know.Priya is shocked+sad with neharika words Niharika tells Priya next time she can do her prayer in the mandir downstairs.

Priya writes in her diary that this place is so different form her house Then she calls her father. Sudhir says that he's missing her. Priya asks if he is missing her then why didn't he call? Sudhir ask how is she?They all are missing her. Priya say she is also missing them.Priya ask how was party? Sudhir say it was fine. Sudhir asks about Ram and Priya says that he left for US for some work. Sudhir says even though Ram is not there, she can use this time to get herself familiar and comfortable with everything.Priya say ok i will talk to you later and then say to herself that she should get familiar with this house and say to herself that Miss Priya kapoor let's go and take a tour of kapoor Villa and smiles.

Episode End


Niharika and Sid standing. Niharika says whatever wrong things she has done, Ram didn't knew anything ever Sid replies that you should not give him advice so Niharika raises her hand to slap him when Priya comes

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